February 26, 2016

Alberta NDP and the deficit that dares not speak its name

Josh FisherRebel Blogger

In the eyes of the NDP, the concept of "money" is about as abstract as the science behind "climate change."

To any socialist, what’s the difference between a $5 billion and a $10 billion deficit? Why not run a $20 billion deficit? It’s just red ink on a balance sheet, right?

Enter Joe Ceci, the head of the profligate snake itself. On Wednesday, he repeatedly refused to even say how big the Alberta government deficit will be when directly asked by journalists. Apparently not talking about a problem will make it go away. Now that’s some rock solid logic!

To Notley and her merry band of progressives, priority #1 must be ensuring that the government employs more people than anyone else. To even suggest that there are inefficiencies in government is equated with committing sacrilege against the socialist tenet of government’s innate goodness.

In reality, the biggest mistake any government can make today is to assume that it has a limitless pit of money to draw from that will never run out.

I hate to shed some light on a slight defect in Notley’s ideology, but this limitless pit of money is far from limitless, and is more accurately described as "the taxpayers," you know, the people who are actually paying for "free" health care and other "free" government services?

This exposes a central flaw in the modern conception of the welfare state. The emerging generation of easily-offended-sensibilities are more concerned with what the government gives them, and not what they do for themselves. They believe the government is the benevolent baby-sitter that will breast feed and nurture them, while crapping out $100 bills on demand.

How else will you be able to pursue an intellectual career with a bachelor of arts in basket weaving?

To the present university class, capitalism and incentive to create wealth is evil, and extending a hand to the government coffers with demands like, "Where’s my free education?" is completely in vogue.

There’s a little rain cloud looming in the distance, however. The taxpayer base isn’t limitless, and this debt will eventually have to be repaid. Who will foot the bill then? Unfortunately, it is the taxpayers of tomorrow who will. This means the shrillest voices demanding the most free stuff will be the very ones saddled with the bill from propping up the bloated welfare state of today.

Cognitive dissonance anyone?

By the time my current generation become functional taxpayers (something hard to conceive, I know), most of our tax money will be getting dumped into interest payments on the principle of billions of dollars of debt racked up while we were still breast feeding (from our mothers, or the government). Every Ponzi scheme eventually collapses.

But, as is often the case, the rhetoric doesn’t match the reality.

The most laughable aspect of this is the NDP’s insistence on "sustainability." Notley has said this word so much I honestly wonder if it’s tattooed on her back. Her definition of sustainability centers on saving the world from climate change, especially by achieving the mysterious "social license," whose existence is defended about as well as that of the unicorn. The only problem here is that the real concept of sustainability deals with government debt, not social license unicorns.

The single most unsustainable action a government can take is to plunge itself deeper into debt to pay for today’s expenses at the cost of tomorrow’s taxpayers. Yet we have our morally righteous betters in the Premier’s office mindlessly spitting talking points about our transition to a "knowledge based economy," which is newspeak for "destroy the oil industry because it makes Alberta too dirty."

On that note, I’m truly surprised the NDP government didn’t tweet a photo of the thousands of Albertans lined up for the Edmonton job fair this past Wednesday with a caption reading, “Look at all the carbon dioxide not being emitted with thousands of lost jobs in the oil sector! #glorioussocialistprogress”

But, apparently the NDP is more concerned about shutting up this website and its journalists for daring to speak common sense about demonstrably disastrous government policies than doing something of substance to achieving real sustainability.

The government gravy train that Albertans have enjoyed for too long is rapidly running out of track, and the only thing the NDP are doing about it is speeding up the train while assuring us that end of the line is a mirage.

Oh, and also cracking open champagne at the $10,000-per-plate meeting in the executive dining car.

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commented 2016-02-27 13:36:14 -0500
we are expecting a grandchild in the fall
Thanks for throwing a $ 3000.00 debt on the babies shoulder Mr. Cici
By the time the baby can walk this will likely be $ 6000.00
All to support BS i do not agree with
Do you run your household like this Mr. Cici?
Why don’t you answer my emails?
commented 2016-02-26 23:26:00 -0500
At some point in our lives, we are forced to stand up for ourselves. For us in Alberta, that time is now! I urge you to go to our page www.albertansfirst.org and truly understand what we’re about. George Clark has not jumped ship (LOL for those that are wondering) and become NDP BUT thousands upon thousands of us have infiltrated their ranks and become NDP members (Trojan Horse premise) for ONE DOLLAR. The processing fees it costs them are crippling. We/You only have approximately a week to purchase your membership for this reason….. Notley has moved the 2016 convention up to June 10th as she knows for us to vote in a new leader, we need to be members for 90 days. Yep, we all threw up a little when we did it but we’ll be able to vote in a new leader of OUR choice. Sign the plebiscites, buy the NDP membership and join us at the Legislature on March 8th (buses are running from all over the province) and whine no longer! Let’s take back our province people!!! Go to our site and all info is there. Trevor Marr, Leah Hahn Tracy Osborne Chris Leinweber, Colin Douglas Gunn, Colleen McLeod, Carrissa Weber-Richards, Chris Flaman-Haley ……. I❤❤❤ALBERTA!!! DO YOU?
commented 2016-02-26 16:04:12 -0500
EXCELLENT summary of the lunacy of socialist Lieberalism!! Only the Elite “deserve” to live or succeed.
Must be the reason Nutley is the most “threatened” politician in Canadian history – and desperate people do desperate things. Just saying
…and the Utopian fantasy goes on
commented 2016-02-26 14:32:13 -0500
The Main Stream Media, a.k.a the Media Party, is all too happy to ignore the damage the NDP are doing to Alberta. Thank whomever you want to thank for TheRebel.Media … a voice of truth in an otherwise sea of biased socialist media hellbent on destroying Canada with their communist ideology.
commented 2016-02-26 14:27:20 -0500
Excellent article, Josh Fisher.

I wonder if any of the NDP will grasp reality before it is too late.

How long can they live in their fantasy world where unicorns romp and play and money grows on trees and our energy needs are supplied by pixie dust trees while Alberta collapses all around them?
commented 2016-02-26 14:27:02 -0500
I found Ceci’s conduct and outright refusal the say the actual numbers childish to say the least.
Interesting how the MSM is bent on suggesting and promoting the implementation of a PST. Had to laugh, CTV trying to convince everyone its such a great idea.