May 31, 2017

Alberta NDP celebrates death of Trans Mountain Pipeline

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's show, I looked into the Media Party's coverage of the Alberta NDP's reaction to the BC Green-NDP coalition

The CBC was happy to report that the Alberta NDP planned to continue pushing for the extension of the Trans Mount Pipeline

They failed to mention how the Alberta NDP only voice support for the oil industry when they need the political support, especially in the face of a United Conservative Party.  

You never see Notley or Trudeau go to Montreal and Vancouver to sell the merits of pipelines. 

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commented 2017-06-01 11:24:16 -0400
Deborah Graupner nailed it. We need laws that will give Canadians tools to remove the zealots that lie through their teeth to get elected and promptly ramp up their own personal agenda. We’ve had enough between Wynne, Notley, Trudeau and now the BC nightmare.
commented 2017-05-31 22:31:59 -0400
After 16 yrs of the NDP in MB, they were finally booted out, the NDP next door is destroying Ab, yet those who voted NDP completely ignored all of this, what’s in the water for crying out loud. Who are these people to vote that way, makes no sense to me. BC will become another have not province unless another election is in the very near future. Imagine that, 3 huge projects to boost their economy, create many many good paying jobs & it may all fall apart because of the nut jobs voting NDP.
The Conservatives did gain some ground in the NS election, so hopefully that’s a good sign coming from the Maritimes.
commented 2017-05-31 21:00:58 -0400
Build it anyhow…or route it through the US. – time to ignore these obstructionist Luddites….Canada must pursue energy self sufficiency with the resources available now – we’d all live in unheated mud huts if these delusionals get their way.
commented 2017-05-31 15:29:21 -0400
I won’t believe the pipeline will be built until it is in operation.
commented 2017-05-31 14:20:42 -0400
Yesterday Trudeau said from Rome that the pipeline will be built because it is in the best interests of Canada and it passed all environmental concerns. For how long has Trudeau been babbling about ‘social license’ as the reason Harper “never got one pipeline built?” Which is a lie because he actually got 4 built. This is a federal issue so if it doesn’t happen it’s on Trudeau’s head. Even lefty politicians know that oil is money and politically they can’t afford to just keep racking up debt while screwing over the economy.
commented 2017-05-31 14:14:42 -0400
I hope that we get rid of these corrupt leeches in the next election. The flaws in our democratic processes need to be tightened, so that we the public can get rid of radicals, that are governing for an agenda, not for the people who are paying them.
commented 2017-05-31 13:41:19 -0400
commented 2017-05-31 13:09:27 -0400
Nicotine Notley, the former tramp of Fairview, piles on the bull shit. “Mark my words, that pipeline will be built”. If she had any sincerity and class at all Tezporah Berman would be gone. If Kinder Morgan and the Trans Mountain is delayed by one day the Alberta carbon tax should be scrapped and all proceeds should be returned retroactively. Trudeau blackmailed Alberta and BC will now blackmail Trudeau. Round and round we go and another 5 years goes by. Meanwhile the Alberta dippers will continue eroding our property rights and changing school curriculum to a sexed up climate lies indoctrination program. Fortunately I think LEV 2013 is on the right track. Next time around the Alberta ndp will be GONE.
commented 2017-05-31 12:09:54 -0400
Here in Alberta we will be celebrating the death of the NDP come next elections..!!
Nothing less than complete annihilation across the provinces will be acceptable. There cannot be one chair with an NDP asshole on top of it.