September 27, 2015

Alberta NDP compares oil sands to... a pasta machine? WATCH Notley say "the dumbest thing I've ever heard about oil and gas"

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Let's continue my look at some of NDP Alberta Premier Rachel Notley's recent promises.

She tries to sound pro-business in this particular speech, but at the end of the day, her actions speak louder than words.

For instance, Notley says the oil and gas reserves "will remain wide open to investment."

But so far on her watch -- to cite just one example -- Teck cancelled their $20B project, because Notley's NDP created an unfriendly business environment from the moment they took power.

Notley also seems to be pushing for the construction of refineries in Alberta.

Besides being economically unfeasible, that stance implies that existing companies that export crude oil abroad are going to be less of a priority for her government. That doesn't make any sense -- unless your real agenda is destroying the oil and gas industry all together.

Notley says so many ridiculous things that show she and her staff of out-of-town anti-oil activists really don't understand the province's most important industry.


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commented 2015-10-06 14:20:28 -0400
Kenneth, we are well aware of the diabolical plan Motleys crew has for Alberta. Now she’s colluding with Wynne to help stop coal fired electricity without any alternative in place which will cause more Unemployment and higher cost of living. If Daniele Smith hadn’t taken the bait we would be under a wild rose conservative gov’t now. We tried to stop the train wreck from happening but all our protests went unheeded. Now we need to devise a plan to stop this snowball from becoming an avalanche. Hopefully Putins action will drive oil prices back up but we still need to leash Motley
commented 2015-10-02 21:28:50 -0400
Notley says the oilsand are wide open for investment, but what she doesn’t say is that she has made sure that nobody will invest in the oilsands by raising corporate taxes to the point that companies can’t make a profit. Her real agenda is to shut down oilsands production while deceiving the public as to her real intentions. By the time the NDP gets finished with Alberta in four years time, there won’t be enough left to scrape up off the sidewalk. Canadians, don’t make the dreadful mistake federally that many Albertans made provincially in electing an anti-business, anti-industry, anti-jobs NDP hackministration. If you do, by the end of four years, there won’t be enough of Canada left to scrape up off the sidewalk.
commented 2015-09-29 14:58:00 -0400
Jimmy you claimed you are a doctor. You really are a twisted fuck
commented 2015-09-29 14:26:29 -0400

Well you confirmed that you are a liar with your direct quote – so I am only stating a fact in addition to you being a bigot and homophobe.

Thanks for proving me right about you.
commented 2015-09-29 14:15:10 -0400
BTW. You’re not hurting my feelings with your infantile name calling. Being called a liar by you is like a compliment since you’re the King Liar, “Dr. Jimmy”. Typical sociopath, only take what suits you and twists or dismisses everything else. You can add islamophobe to that list if it makes you feel better.
commented 2015-09-29 13:12:00 -0400
Here is your own quote Babitch:

“Jimmy, I just thought you might appreciate someone lying to you”.

Can’t afford real toilet paper eh? That’s unfortunate.
commented 2015-09-29 12:52:55 -0400
No I didn’t admit anything. Toronto star reputable? I wipe my ass with that rag
commented 2015-09-29 12:49:38 -0400
Wa,wa ,wa. someone needs a diaper change
commented 2015-09-29 12:16:36 -0400

You just admitted to lying on purpose to “give me a dose of my own medicine”, but now you claim you may have just been mistaken? You lied and you know you lied even as you were typing it out.

When did I jump on Catherine Porter’s band wagon? The Toronto Star overall is a reputable media source with real journalists – The Rebel isn’t.

I think your problem is that you are a proven liar, bigot and homophobe.
commented 2015-09-29 12:04:05 -0400
Thanks for the compliments Jimmy. It’s ironic that you would chastise me for lying if I am in fact mistaken. I swear I believe you formerly posted as Adam Christie since you both speak the same vulgar idiocies. The irony is that you jump on Catherine Porters band wagon even after she’s proven to be lying and defend the Toronto Star when their stories are proven false. I think your problem is you think lies are truth and truths are lies. You’re pretty fucked up
commented 2015-09-29 01:14:43 -0400
Brian Cameron great point to add to my own. They have little idea how toxic those are either. They think any alternative must be clean
commented 2015-09-29 01:14:42 -0400

Thank you for undeniably proving that you are homophobic and a bigot, which is certainly no surprise.

I proved that you an absolute liar. Go prove that I lied about anything Babitch.
commented 2015-09-29 00:50:52 -0400
And when Harper steps down he’ll find a high school dropout to replace him that will be leagues above these other two candidates
commented 2015-09-29 00:41:03 -0400
What apology narcissist? I gave you a taste of your own medicine. Do you apologize for your lies? Lick my balls faggot. As far as the same shit for the last 10 years is concerned under Harper, it’s been the best time of my life. Get out of the closet already you fudge packing, ball licking, transmorph wanna be
commented 2015-09-29 00:13:57 -0400

If Harper wins again – it will be the same bullshit as usual for the last 10 years.

Unlike you, I don’t view this election as the be all and end all for Canada’s future…like the doomsday scenarios that you conservatives have imagined if Trudeau or Mulcair wins. There will be other elections and it’s inevitable that conservatives will eventually lose. I am fine waiting for that day.
commented 2015-09-29 00:08:31 -0400

Thank you for admitting that you lied about me posting as someone else and that posts could be deleted, once you changed your name.

Apology accepted.
commented 2015-09-29 00:06:20 -0400

You don’t have any clue what you are talking about – mind your own business. I am not trying to cover my tracks – this was between Babich and myself. I proved him wrong.
commented 2015-09-28 23:51:03 -0400
Jimmy, I just thought you might appreciate someone lying to you and wasting your time since that is your Motive Operandi. Did you watch the movie “Lucy” where she explains how we only exist because of time. If you eliminate time, we would cease to exist because everything is relative to a space time continuum. If you could see the value in that you would stop wasting it
commented 2015-09-28 22:15:43 -0400
Born and raised in Sudbury. As goofy as Wynne is, would she really dictate that no nickel, iron ore, copper be allowed to leave the province in a raw mineral state ? That it must be upgraded before being shipped. Manitoba and Saskatchewan farmers would have to turn their wheat into bread or pasta less they export jobs. This group of communists are really off the rails. Thanks Edmonton and Calgary urban know nothings. Enjoy your lattes and overpriced LRT ride to work. It will bite you you as well, give it time.
commented 2015-09-28 21:58:13 -0400
Jimmy….just to make one point about my previous post very clear……while the Liberals were in power….pricks like you could get away with rattling the chains of such as us…..but right now….you weild no whip to do your bidding nor “make it so”

All threads you and your “petty officers” have participated in are dependant on the outcome of the mutiny scheduled for October 19

If you win….we go back to rowing and grumbling about not being appreciated….if we win….you and the petty officers walk the fucking plank.
commented 2015-09-28 21:39:46 -0400
So Jimmy da tarnished silva….what the administrators of this site have said is….you have no special elite status here….you do not have the option of covering your tracks….and the Kharma of what you have already said is sort of like a tattoo ….like it or not.

It is almost like we are an experiment….supposing a gauleiter of political corrections enforcing……like an overseer on a Roman war galloon…got thrown down into the hull of the ship with the crew stuck on the oars….with no special protection from the captain….other than mobbing him and throwing him overboard is frowned on….


If after all I have said to you I have not received some officious notice from your lawyer or the human rights commission….I am prepared to take back the terrible things I have said about you….even the ones that were true…..but I do wish you would give up your abuse of gerbils for the sake of all concerned……:-)
commented 2015-09-28 20:28:34 -0400
Peter Babich,

So here I am proving you wrong per your claim that I was posting as someone else before and those posts getting automatically deleted once I changed my account info (which never happened) as you had stated:

From The Rebel:

Hello Jimmy,

If you were to edit your account, so for example editing your name, our system would retroactively rename all your previous posts.

You specifically have quite a few posts and that process may actually take some time for the system to correct though.

It would not however delete your previous posts. Those should stay there forever.

Thank you,

Eitan Gilboord
Community Manager
commented 2015-09-28 19:53:40 -0400
So your saying there’s no account link I’m missing some where with a comment history or we cant access it through Disqus?
commented 2015-09-28 18:48:13 -0400
Brian, I am able to go all the way back with my iMac. Just click on which forum ( news, videos, etc.) scroll to the bottom and click on a number or next page. Continue as needed
commented 2015-09-28 17:38:20 -0400
Does anyone know if there is a way to view our old comments on this site from months ago?
commented 2015-09-28 17:30:24 -0400
Is it Richard or Doug today? Maybe you should change it again. Im thinking you could go with Richard Duh Brinkman you know like your comrade Jimmy. You should both have Duh as a middle name. Its just so fitting.
commented 2015-09-28 17:28:04 -0400
""Drew Wakariuk commented 5 mins ago
Funny how hypocrite lefties hate the oilsands yet love wind turbine magnets and computer and smartphones that come from the filthy rare earth mines. I will stand next to a tailings pond in Ft Mac if any of you lefties will stand next to a tailings pond in the Rare Earth Mines. Then i will drink the water downstream the oilsands if you drink the water downstream the rare earth mines. Since you seem to attack only one of these places , put your money where your mouth is. By the way a ship full of electronics will destroy more of the ocean than a ship full of oil if they spill. ""
Drew I also find this hilarious, the process behind making NiCad and lithium batteries which the lefties falsy think will be one of the things that saves us from evil oil is one of the most dirty processes in the world. there are dead zones around the factories that make them all over the world. There is one in Sudbury that is part of making NiCad batteries and the area is so dead around it that NASA uses the area to test its rovers and various other space exploration stuff because it is very similar to the moon in that way.
Lefties are generally to stupid to grasp these kind of things or they ignore it because dirty manufacturing processes are behind most of all our favorite toys. Making computers and computer chips is also full of a whole lot of very toxic manufacturing processes.
commented 2015-09-28 17:18:19 -0400
Ahahahahaha Brinkman Im so happy someone is finally taking down your spam. Try not advertising your commie rag here and they wont. Its called spam you moron and no forum or comment section on any site allows that. Woo hoo no more of Brinkmans commie advertisements! Woo hoo!
commented 2015-09-28 17:14:15 -0400
Doug Brinkman , lefties insult Harper our PM, do you scold them over that???
commented 2015-09-28 17:13:37 -0400
Doug Brinkman she insulted us ALbertans , why should i repsect her?