October 12, 2018

Alberta NDP declare Biblical teachings "unwelcome, uncaring, & disrespectful"

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

On this week's episode of The Gunn ShowDonna Trimble from Parents for Choice in Education, joined me to discuss the Alberta NDP and The Ministry of Education threatening several religious schools with defunding if they fail to strip their faith-messaging from their anti-bullying protocols.

The threat came from a deputy minister named Curtis Clark, in a memo now known as the “rainbow reprimand,” wherein he directed independent schools to remove references to God and biblical teaching from government mandated “welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environments” policies.

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commented 2018-10-13 18:15:36 -0400
These schools and parents should be filing a class action lawsuit against the communist ndp for violating their Charter Rights of, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Thought, Freedom of Association, Etc.!

Bankrupt these lunatics back to the stone-age where they come from!
commented 2018-10-13 16:58:59 -0400
I’m an Albertan living in Saskatchewan now because of Notley socialist crap. She drove out so much business it is a wonder the province is still standing.

Even though I live in the province next door, I cannot wait until that hag is kicked to the curb.

Sure, Jason Kenny is more red than most Conservatives on this website would like him to be (including me), but he is infinitely better than Notley and her communist crew.

Kenny will reverse all this harassment legislation from the NDP. Doug Ford repealed the sex ed curriculum in Ontario, and I am confident Kenny will do the same thing in Alberta.
commented 2018-10-13 12:45:10 -0400
The NDP prefer to doctrine of Karl Marx . . . . and his followers like Engels and Lenin !

“The goal of socialism is communism.” – Vladimir Lenin

@Andrew . . . Izzzlam is a Political movement and has NOTHING to do with Abraham . . . they made it up !
commented 2018-10-13 10:35:46 -0400
You cannot have one without the other idiot anti semetic NPD-ers.

The Abrahamic religions, also referred to collectively as Abrahamism, are a group of Semitic-originated religious communities of faith that claim descent from the Judaism of the ancient Israelites and the worship of the God of Abraham. The term derives from a figure from the Bible known as Abraham.

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are sometimes called Abrahamic religions because they all accept the tradition of a god, Yahweh, that revealed himself to the prophet Abraham.
commented 2018-10-13 01:20:05 -0400
I declare the NDP unwelcome uncaring , and disrespectful. I look forward to their utter decimation.
commented 2018-10-13 01:19:12 -0400
People make the choice which one to support on their taxes, the NDP should not be deciding for us. They are bigoted scum. Communism is a hate filled and evil ideology , remove all teachings of that. There is no bigger bully than a damn Commie.
commented 2018-10-13 00:04:27 -0400
Communism is evil, The NDP are Communists and so are evil…What’s to understand?
commented 2018-10-12 23:46:48 -0400
They are like Hitler
commented 2018-10-12 23:05:24 -0400
Hey NDP , where are your comments on the Koran ? ….Oops cat got your tongue ?? Stating at your shoes again in deathly silence ???
No comment ????
Yep I thought so
commented 2018-10-12 21:28:20 -0400
Biblical Bulwark of Western Civilization doesn’t accept this Tripe & the Church stands above all Branches of Government. Multiculturalism is Retrograde.
commented 2018-10-12 21:23:28 -0400
I can’t help but notice that this is what the NDP are. What they call Christians is 100% true of them. This is no schoolboy taunt either that I’m making. I’ve seen this happen more times than I can count. They project their bad actions on us so they can feel morally superior. But normal folks aren’t buying their big lie.
commented 2018-10-12 19:32:31 -0400
… Socialists always fear anything that stands in the way of their indoctrination.
commented 2018-10-12 19:29:54 -0400
Unconstitutional interference .But that"s only if we actually had a constitution ,which we don’t have!
commented 2018-10-12 19:06:27 -0400
I wonder if the Alberta NDP would dare call the Korans teachings unwelcome, uncaring and disrespectful………………………………………? I am guessing not !
commented 2018-10-12 18:57:16 -0400
Ron, with the NDP I think their motto is more sinister than that. Socialism does suck!
commented 2018-10-12 18:39:24 -0400
NDP motto , If it works let’s change it ! Socialism SUCKS !!