April 29, 2015

Alberta NDP "fetus" candidate Michael Connolly doesn't like Ezra's jokes about his age -- so here come some more!

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Yesterday I had some fun, joking about the very young candidates the NDP have fielded in the Alberta election -- presumably because the party didn't think most of them had a chance of actually winning.

(Now that the NDP are leading in some polls, some of them might really win, though.)

Anyway, one of those youngsters -- or as I call them, "fetuses" -- took exception to my jokes:

I think his mom sent that tweet.

If Michael Connolly wants to be treated like a serious candidate, I'm game.

Let's ask him ten super-dooper serious questions he'll probably be asked by regular voters while he's campaigning!

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commented 2015-05-01 09:52:55 -0400
“….so here come some more”. Still makes me LMFAO!!! Connolly is a wet marshmallow.
commented 2015-04-30 15:10:28 -0400
What tax rate do you think is required to meet your parties campaign promises? (Personal / Corporate)
How would you keep companies and people in Alberta paying tax, not leaving for the better jurisdictions to invest and work? See Ontario Automotive industry for an example… best argument Mexico ever had ;-)
We could start with the easy ones. -)
commented 2015-04-30 14:45:44 -0400
HRC will be visiting you again Ezra.
commented 2015-04-30 12:00:42 -0400
For a moment there, Ezra, I thought that these were questions that the mainstream media have been directing to Just-done Trudeau! Certainly are age and intellect appropriate for him.
commented 2015-04-29 22:59:28 -0400
Who knows, you could be right Glenn. Lets see what he’s got if he can give it. The ball is in his court. no doubt about it. To the point that this is war, and the Wildrose must get in, the gloves are off. Suck it up.
commented 2015-04-29 21:17:02 -0400
Wisdom is what a person learns … after they know everything … this punk has a long way to go before he gains any wisdom.
commented 2015-04-29 19:46:17 -0400
Sometimes they make it too easy, eh Ezra. lol
commented 2015-04-29 19:10:39 -0400
Ezra fights PC and NDP producing videos to help WildRose to win. This is the goal; the rest is secondary until May 05. BTW, it is nothing wrong with that.
commented 2015-04-29 19:02:09 -0400
Besides Vlad…I thought Ezra’s point was that younger men should defer to the wisdom of their elders.
commented 2015-04-29 18:50:50 -0400
Vlad Johnson…I’m not going anywhere…if you don’t agree with me say something persuasive.
commented 2015-04-29 18:49:56 -0400
Please, Rebels, don’t use any more laugh tracks in videos. They are VERY annoying.
commented 2015-04-29 18:44:46 -0400
There is something else that made me disagree with Ezra on this one….I worked for years on a book project I was going to call..“The Children’s Crusade” on the subject of child soldiers…I started out adamantly condemning the practice. Then…more and more…the stories of valour started to make me re-think it…and you might find this strange or silly…that scene in Mel Gibson’s THE PATRIOT “aim small miss small” made me change my mind and abandon the project altogether.

Among the winners of the Victoria Cross was Thomas Ricketts….as King George was pinning the Victoria Cross on him he said in his ear in a tone too low to be overheard “I understand you told a fib to the recruiting officer…(as Ricketts squirmed with embarassment the King said) …it’s alright son…I KNOW you will never do anything so foolish again…the King then turned to his own son and said…THIS IS MY YOUNGEST HERO”…Ricketts was taken into custody by provost officers when he stepped down from the podium and taken directly to his mother’s door.

I had many clients at Veteran’s Affairs who had age qualifying problems when they applied for benefits because the age on their birth certificates…or noted in the fly leaf of a Bible before such things were taken as seriously as they are today… did not match their apparent age on their service records….whenever one of them hummed and hawed or squirmed with embarrassment I would say…“it’s alright sir…I KNOW you will never do anything so foolish again”…..:-)
commented 2015-04-29 18:26:15 -0400
@glenn Craig – pack up your walker and move onto some other site. Torstar needs stunted comments such as yours.
commented 2015-04-29 17:57:18 -0400
To be young and true conservative is to be smart to know history and to be able to see reality of life in young age. All true conservative (regardless of age) have heart and love for country they do not want to see destroyed.
commented 2015-04-29 17:53:57 -0400
Why did I bother to speak up in defence of this young man? Why did I feel empathy for him as Ezra took his (let’s face it cheap) shots at him…. I thought about that and looking at his picture it suddenly struck me….its probably a manifestation of the Celtic gene pool….that young man looks like me when I was his age….and I remember how irritating it was to be scorned for my youth by those who…truth be known…envied it.
commented 2015-04-29 17:43:01 -0400
Gary Marshall…what I am saying is that it is fool hearty to underestimate ANYONE by virtue of their youth…

Actually I see the brilliance of the NDP strategy in doing this….if the voters have become jaded and cynical…offer them lambs without blemish that nobody will be able to did up dirt on….the voters have proven to take that bait in the past.
commented 2015-04-29 17:38:56 -0400
Thomas Beyer..I cannot remember which movie it was but Jack Nicholson made a brilliant expansion of that..“If you are not a socialist by the time you are 20 that proves you have no heart…if you are still a socialist by the time you are 30 that proves you have no brain…and if you can still get it up by the time you are 40 that proves you have no conscience”
commented 2015-04-29 17:37:12 -0400
So Glenn, you are saying that Michael Connelly is going to be a great man, that he shall lead nations and champion great causes. That he is a young David or Macedonian King? And that being a young candidate for the NDP will assure his path to glory and exaltation? And your evidence for this is what? What are the signs of his impending majesty?

A youthful candidate for a party of which the ideology and doctrines has been verified repeatedly as being worthless and perilous.

Good God!
commented 2015-04-29 17:32:24 -0400
When you’re 20 and not a socialist you have no heart.
When you’re 40 and still a socialist you have no brain.
commented 2015-04-29 16:34:56 -0400
What isn’t funny is the fact that candidates who are old enough to know better have killed their credibility to the point that many of the voters who have not become so jaded as to stay home and not vote…just might vote for this young innocent as a protest vote.

Apparently among the entourage of the very young Alexander the Great was an old officer who had served with his father. Much of Alexander’s motivation sprung from this man’s age insults and comparisons with his father. Being called “Sandy the Mediocre” got his goat and motivated him to more and more conquest.

Kinky Friedman ran for governor of Texas on the platform…“look who’s done it before…just how hard can it be?” …….:-)

The Khymer Rouge commander who took Phnom Penh was 17 years old. The twins Robert and Luther Thoo took command of the Karen Army of God in Myanmar at age 12.

David ben Jesse defeated the giant Goliath at the battle of Waddy Elah after Goliath insulted him for his youth.

But put a teenaged boy out in the middle of nowhere with the boring task of tending sheep with nothing to pass his time but a musical instrument and a sling to fend off the lions and wolves who come for the sheep and he is bound to get good at both…such is the nature of teenaged boys.

You didn’t pick a winner between Brazeau and Trudeau…and your pre fight analysis was faulty…I used to coach karate…it isn’t the guy from the tough and relatively deprived background who has the fighting spirit…it is the one who knows how good life can be who fights the hardest for it.

Ezra…this young whipper snapper Mickey Connolly is of Irish stock…need I say more..he just might feed you some crow and humble pie. Never underestimate the motivational power of an insult….military NCOs never have…….:-)
commented 2015-04-29 16:08:30 -0400
Wake up Albertans! Look no further than MB to see how the NDP crazies, with their lunatic policies can ruin a Province and tax its citizens into oblivion, with no end in sight. Stop for a moment to imagine the carnage that would be created if Provincial NDP Govt’s were given the opportunity to tag-team it with a Federal Govt led from behind by “The Hair”, and his terrorist loving advisors.
commented 2015-04-29 15:37:16 -0400
Has Michael ever had a full-time job where he has had to pay taxes?? Good for Michael wanting to get involved in politics and one day when he has had enough of his hard earned taxes being wasted, I’m sure he will leave the socialist/communist party and become conservative. Isn’t there another young man running who also has very limited life experience (8 months as a drama supply teacher) and the rest of his life spent travelling and spending his daddy’s trust fund? hmmmm…
Just-Visiting-Middle Class Justin (crowned prince leader of Canada Libranos Party)
commented 2015-04-29 15:35:35 -0400
Guys, it is more serious than some people would think. NDP put these kids as candidates in order to win kids (18-25 years old group) votes. Emotionally but not logically it was right move from NDP as they target emotions of people against common sense.
commented 2015-04-29 15:17:30 -0400
Mommy Ezra hurt my felling’s.
commented 2015-04-29 15:09:45 -0400
could every albertan have suddenly become insane?
commented 2015-04-29 14:38:50 -0400
Gotta grow some balls if you want to be in politics, especially in the NDP. They’re not a serious party, so how can anyone take them seriously?
commented 2015-04-29 14:37:01 -0400
A few more years please. It may be considered mean, but he just isn’t old enough to have gleaned enough experience to represent any political party, or people. I wish him good luck in the future, though. Way in the future.
commented 2015-04-29 14:35:21 -0400
LMFAO!!!!!!!!!! Michael Connolly – you douche bag – welcome to politics you man-child suckhole!!!
commented 2015-04-29 14:28:52 -0400
We are DIPs – no fetus can defeat us!! Yaaaaa us!