August 29, 2016

Alberta NDP “hiding behind a herd of caribou” in war against oil industry

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

The Alberta NDP are using the caribou as their latest club to beat the embattled oil and gas industry with.

The NDP have plans to protect another 1.8 million hectares of Alberta wilderness from development, in order to preserve woodland caribou habitat.

The Caribou Communities of Alberta say they weren’t consulted when the NDP accepted the plans to protect the caribou habitat. (This may sound familiar to farmers…) 

But part of this newly protected area would include a tract of land, nearly 400,000 hectares, that isn’t critical for the caribou.

The Caribou Communities worry that making this huge chunk of land off limits to development — with no real benefit to the caribou — would cost their already struggling communities precious jobs. 

But you know who is helping the caribou? Oil companies.

Caribou migration is built into their business plans and project considerations.

The Algar Project saw oil companies plant 161,700 trees to recover 340km of seismic exploration lines in the region, to reclaim the habitat for the caribou.

The NDP don’t care about the caribou the way the towns and the people who live within the caribou habitat do.

The NDP only care about using caribou as the new polar bear, as just another mascot in the fight against fossil fuels.

Aren't the NDP all about “social license” and local buy in? Isn’t that how they think pipelines are supposed to happen?

Well, these locals aren’t buying what the NDP are selling.  

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commented 2016-08-31 14:48:01 -0400
Yawn. They have been fighting for them since 1960’s and now your posting about it? What a lame thing to post about. Even the conservatives have put land aside for them and even used them as an issue. So rebel fails again. Sigh
commented 2016-08-30 13:21:06 -0400
This is standard Modus Operandi for the Left. Similarly, they don’t care about ppl either, including the various fringe groups. They simply use them, like the caribou, as a means to an end. I read a while back, some black activist here in TO that disowned the Libs n NDP for doing nothing the last 20yrs. Yet, I still don’t think he gets it. So for any Lefty’s perusing the pages here today – THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU!!, or the environment, or the caribou, or anything or anybody else. You’re all just a means to an end!
commented 2016-08-30 11:38:21 -0400
Are Canadians brain-dead, or are our politicians?
The politician’s deception and belief that the Cdn public is so gullible astounds me. Put the words “climate change” or some other “feel good” language into a sentence and those with deficient IQs just lap it up.
Notley is milking the stupid and gullible like a pro. I wouldn’t sell her short before the next election. I doubt the NDP will win, but salvaging a large number of seats is achievable.
commented 2016-08-30 08:48:47 -0400
The Caribou are not dying their being slaughtered by indigenous hunting. When you’re hunting with night lights, high power rifles and filling reefer trucks you’re not hunting you’re slaughtering the herd.
commented 2016-08-29 23:20:03 -0400
Well, well – I work in the northern Alberta oil fields – caribou & bison country and by planting trees in the cut-lines is pissing off the caribou! That’s the only place you ever see them or on leases & lease roads … they love open country. You see, caribou are plagued by wolves, cougars and coyotes – and in the open they have a much greater chance of surviving – but how would a globalist, tyrannical person like Nutley ever know this – she may believe it’s her way or the hi-way – but to all you NDPiggers out there – you had better be looking for a hi-way escape – as your continual trampling of Albertans’ rights & freedoms & livelihoods is gonna get your treasonous & tyrannical asses chased so far down the hi-way only dust will ever be noticed – and I hope it’s as dead-ended as the hi-way you think you are running us Albertans down.
commented 2016-08-29 22:50:47 -0400
This globalist sock puppet has been promised a lot by her elitist masters but in a few years, very few years she will be too old to enjoy what she considers her life’s work… Age and ruination and sickness will follow this woman making her unable to enjoy the efforts of her destruction..
She may even fall victim to herself as a consequence.
commented 2016-08-29 22:30:22 -0400
Drew W. said, “So tired of the elites making things worse and then blaming others for problems they created in the first place.”
It doesn’t even matter if they know its not true or believe it, it’s the new narrative now, most politicians on all sides are buying into it. It is going to be hard as hell to fight. It’s depressing.
commented 2016-08-29 22:28:08 -0400
I spent years working in Canada’s north and have been in more Indian and Inuit settlements than 99.9 % of people including the FN people.
The old people talk of days when caribou herds would run by their settlements in the thousands. But that was in the days before snowmobiles and ATV’s. In the old days they would go out to hunt on foot and be back in 3-4 days. When snow mobiles and ATV’s showed up they could go out and be back in 3-4 hours. Last time I was up in Nunavut I asked some of the old people what caused the caribou to thin out and they said " helicopters". Their mechanized hunting and their method of killing females and young ones had nothing to do with the herds thinning – it was helicopters.
It’s sad that they think that and it’s criminal that ideologues like the NDP would blame others rather than face the real problem.
commented 2016-08-29 22:13:39 -0400
The dippers hide behind , women , children , animals , and Indians
commented 2016-08-29 22:12:03 -0400
Oh and Coderre, come on up to oil patch country to enjoy some real outdoor beauty.
We actually treat our sewage before releasing it.
commented 2016-08-29 22:03:36 -0400
@ Bravo Zulu
Live and work in the oil patch in cold lake.
This site pulls over a 150k barrels a day.
I brake more for deer, coyotes, mother bear with a cub the other day, moose (they are so spastic), beaver in the middle of the road and on and on.
This in the middle of a major oil producing area.
These urban Eco nuts don’t know anything except what they’re fed from CBC while enjoying their lattes at the local coffee shop.
Sad actually.
commented 2016-08-29 21:36:20 -0400
Once again the NDP plunge ahead blindly following the idiotic UN Agenda 21/2030 without DUE DILIGENCE or PUBLIC CONSULTATION!! It is mind boggling the NDP can be so stupid so often – they never learn!! Alberta can not wait until 2019 for a general election – we need it NOW even if it calls for civil disobedience (non-violent) to achieve it. And for the sake of your kids THINK when you go to the polls!!!
commented 2016-08-29 20:51:47 -0400
What you won’t hear is anything from the PC’s or WR. They’re in there filling their pockets and they couldn’t care less if you starve to death. They’ll down and lick Edmonton and tell the rest to FO.
commented 2016-08-29 20:47:38 -0400
This is just another way the NDP have devised to curb the oil and gas industry from in-behind the scenes … surreptitiously. The NDP are the true definition of creeps.
commented 2016-08-29 20:19:37 -0400
This move is no surprise given the other moves the NDP have been making and smacks of Agenda 21/2030.

The NDP have a long standing relationship with Socialist International and the UN is a tool of the SI. Last year the UN rebranded their New World Order depopulation plan Agenda 21 to Agenda 2030. The whole things sounds nutty but the implementation of this garbage is happening right before our eyes here in Alberta.

Notley’s hero Chavez IMHO was a ground breaker for the UN with their Agenda 21. He brought in Agenda 21 to Venezuela and look at it now – it’s literally on fire. Tens of thousands of people crossing the border every day to just get basic food stuffs and women are sterilizing themselves to stop having more mouths to feed. A number of the things he did to gain power and keep power look very similar to the steps that Notley’s government are taking.

I can only hope that more people wake up to what is really going on. 2019 can’t come fast enough with these crazies in power.

In September 2015, Agenda 21 Will Be Transformed Into The 2030 Agenda

The Sustainable Development Agenda –

Behind the Green Mask – Agenda 21 – Rosa Koire
commented 2016-08-29 20:06:50 -0400
This is right out of barrack insane obamies playbook, the seizure of crown land to shut down the economy for globalist control of the working class. Period.
commented 2016-08-29 19:56:21 -0400
Time to trow all the anti-oil fools into volcanoes to eliminate their use of resources and allow the rest of us sane people to carry on being sensible with our resource usage. =P
commented 2016-08-29 19:28:10 -0400
The Cold Lake air Weapons Range consists of 4000 sq miles of wilderness, oil development and Woodland Caribou.

As a military officer I was once in charge of it all.

The biggest killer of those animals?

The local natives poaching them.

All military ranges are wildlife preserves.

Oil companies do a stellar job of not hurting wildlife.

In fact they helped improve buffalo and caribou habitat on the range.

This ndp action is a joke. A sick joke.
commented 2016-08-29 19:02:40 -0400
This sock puppet has been promised a lot by her globalist masters but in a few years, very few years she will be too old to enjoy what she considers her life’s work… Age and ruination and sickness will follow this woman making her unable to enjoy the efforts of her destruction..
She may even fall victim to herself as a consequence.
commented 2016-08-29 19:01:41 -0400
Just one more thing on the “UN-do” list for the next government.
commented 2016-08-29 18:55:58 -0400
So tired of the elites making things worse and then blaming others for problems they created in the first place.
commented 2016-08-29 18:54:01 -0400
Civil disobedience may be required to bring equilibrium back to our province..
commented 2016-08-29 18:50:39 -0400
Sounds a lot like UN Bill 21 in play. Next anyone who lives within the “Habitat” will be evicted.
commented 2016-08-29 18:50:05 -0400
What a joke of an article.
commented 2016-08-29 18:49:09 -0400
Three more years of tyranny and the NDP will be pushed to political oblivion in the polls..
The wild Rose will amend every stupid thing that the NDP ever did and Alberta will go back to normal in a few years along with jobs returning and financial responsibility in our government.