January 15, 2016

Alberta NDP mandates LGBTQ guidelines for schools. Media asks Catholic bishop to comment -- but not an imam

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Is there a problem with Google Maps? Why can't mainstream media reporters ever find their way to a mosque?

This week, in Alberta our Education Minister, David Eggen, has mandated that schools - including Catholic schools - adopt the NDP's new LGBTQ guidelines by March.

Have you noticed that any time the media reports on a story about gender and sexuality, they can find their way to a Catholic church or the Archbishop's office?

In this case, the media had no problem finding comment from Bishop Henry of Calgary. He called the Education Minister’s new rules "totalitarian” and “anti-Catholic" and he expressed concerns about the lack of consultation with the Catholic community. But you know who the media couldn’t find yesterday? An Imam or an administrator at an Islamic school.

I wonder why the media couldn’t find their way to Edmonton Islamic Academy?

The Academy, in 2013, brought in a local Imam, Mustafa Khattab, who gave a lunchtime talk comparing homosexual people to "someone who has diabetes or someone who has cancer or AIDS."

The Edmonton Islamic Academy receives $4 million dollars in government funding each and every year. But I bet it receives none of the gender policing that Catholic educators get.

I guess it's true. Some animals are more equal than others.


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commented 2016-01-15 23:51:35 -0500

Look at Eggen and you cannot help but think “limp wristed”.

As for him being “limp dicked”, that’s up to the sodomites to decide. But I suspect that calling him limp wristed betrays that which is really important about his character; that is he’s a cowardly, two-faced liar.
commented 2016-01-15 23:44:57 -0500
This needs to get out to the people surely in rural alberta this will galvanize everyone against these fascist bastards. Absolutely no coverage on the msm. Are there no people in the education system who do not buy into this? Do we let them corrupt our children steal our basic human rights? Does no one in urban alberta see what this is
commented 2016-01-15 22:51:18 -0500
and seriously,how is that reconciled with Muslims? Really good question Kim.
commented 2016-01-15 22:48:58 -0500
Rachel has been lunching with Kathleen again. Birds of a feather. The provincial gov’t has no business dictating to schools. Individual school boards don’t mean much any more do they.
commented 2016-01-15 22:14:25 -0500
DIETER CUNTH commented
" As for that imam, Eggen is just too cowardly to apply the same enforcement to the Muslims. I guess he’s too limp wristed to really be interested in equality."

I think you meant limp dicked, didn’t you?
commented 2016-01-15 21:37:30 -0500
God protects drunks and retards applies here.
commented 2016-01-15 21:10:05 -0500
And when we protest we will be narrow minded bigots embarrasing country cousins.
commented 2016-01-15 20:39:44 -0500
Rather two-faced, aren’t they? These sodomites will PILE ON a Catholic bishop, who’s asking a perfectly good question about how he can maintain his religious independence, when the imam is completely ignored. Oh, yes. Muslims get a pass, even at their most vicious. As for Eggen, he is just filled with giggles, isn’t he? I mean he’s practically prancing about with joy at the prospect that the sodomites will triumph. Over the Catholics, anyway. As for that imam, Eggen is just too cowardly to apply the same enforcement to the Muslims. I guess he’s too limp wristed to really be interested in equality.
commented 2016-01-15 20:36:26 -0500
This is what happens when we elect a nazi government
commented 2016-01-15 20:09:57 -0500
David Eggen and the rest of the NDP and School Boards across the province will not be able to handle this problem. It’s like a pot of boiling water with the lid on and when it spills over someone is going to get scalded. Eggen, like the true coward he is, will conveniently be out of town when this happens.
commented 2016-01-15 20:01:35 -0500
Kim Hanson commented 1 hour ago
Okay Sheila, will you go ask an imam how he feels about this? This is not a put down. I would really like you to do it and report back.
Kim, in case you haven’t heard, an Imam or any other male muslim, have little or no respect for women, especially one who does not wear a body bag and all of the other accoutrements assigned to women. The vast majority of muslim men are full fledged sodomites when they are separated from females yet they hate gay men. Why? They simply hate a gay man who chooses to play the ‘female’ role in sex.
These mosques will not tolerate lesbians, gays, bi-sexual people, yet pedophilia is just fine with them. The local Imam’s in Canada will not support special arrangements for LGBTQ people. Muslim men are psychotic and that’s probably the nicest thing I can say about them.
commented 2016-01-15 19:56:19 -0500
Man, lefties are creepy.
What’s their infatuation with young children all about.
They make my skin crawl.
commented 2016-01-15 19:10:50 -0500
Would an imam talk to a lowly woman? I think he would not recognize her as a person. Maybe thats why the left never interview them
commented 2016-01-15 18:39:29 -0500
The Catholic Church needs to defy this BS. Religious freedom is guaranteed in our charter.
commented 2016-01-15 18:30:35 -0500
Good point Kim
commented 2016-01-15 18:23:43 -0500
Okay Sheila, will you go ask an imam how he feels about this? This is not a put down. I would really like you to do it and report back.
commented 2016-01-15 17:58:07 -0500
Great article Sheila :-)