November 26, 2015

Alberta NDP's war on family farms PLUS MP Michelle Rempel on refugees & more

Rebel Staff

The NDP seems to hate Alberta. Or at least, anybody in Alberta who doesn't have a white collar job.

Does that seem harsh? An exaggeration?

First came their war on Alberta's energy and resource industries, but now they've launched a bizarre stealth attack on the province's family farms of all things.

Bill 6 is designed to unionize family farms. It makes no sense on so many levels.

The only explanation is that the NDP wants to destroy Alberta culture itself. And that could impact the whole country.

But we're fighting back, with your help...

Tonight, my guests are:

Immigration Critic Michelle Rempel: Is she really prepared to ask tough, necessary questions about the Liberal's Syrian refugee plan?

Watch and see -- You might be surprised...

PLUS: Toronto Sun columnist and Generation Screwed author Candice Malcolm provides a valuable perspective on the refugee issue.

The Liberals are obsessed with permanent resettlement, but what about those refugees who want to return to their homelands?

Is Canada prepared to help them, too? And if so, how?

And of course, I finish with your viewer mail, good and bad. Remember to leave your comments, too!


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Bill 6: Alberta's NDP wants to unionize family farms!

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