November 26, 2015

Alberta NDP's war on family farms PLUS MP Michelle Rempel on refugees & more

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

The NDP seems to hate Alberta. Or at least, anybody in Alberta who doesn't have a white collar job.

Does that seem harsh? An exaggeration?

First came their war on Alberta's energy and resource industries, but now they've launched a bizarre stealth attack on the province's family farms of all things.

Bill 6 is designed to unionize family farms. It makes no sense on so many levels.

The only explanation is that the NDP wants to destroy Alberta culture itself. And that could impact the whole country.

But we're fighting back, with your help...

Tonight, my guests are:

Immigration Critic Michelle Rempel: Is she really prepared to ask tough, necessary questions about the Liberal's Syrian refugee plan?

Watch and see -- You might be surprised...

PLUS: Toronto Sun columnist and Generation Screwed author Candice Malcolm provides a valuable perspective on the refugee issue.

The Liberals are obsessed with permanent resettlement, but what about those refugees who want to return to their homelands?

Is Canada prepared to help them, too? And if so, how?

And of course, I finish with your viewer mail, good and bad. Remember to leave your comments, too!


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Bill 6: Alberta's NDP wants to unionize family farms!

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commented 2015-11-28 12:49:29 -0500
Michelle Rempel wants to run for the Conservative leader’s job? Unless she can actually take a stance on any issue other than offering platitudes she’s toast.
commented 2015-11-28 06:53:31 -0500
Ezra I was disappointed with Michelle Rempel , impaling herself by siting on the PC fence.
We need a true conservative voice in opposition to keep the liberal’s feet to fire.
This conservative spirit of generosity would never be reciprocated if the tables were turned .
Keep up your yeoman’s work Ezra , I feel so energized watching your principled stands , thank you.
Will Quest
commented 2015-11-27 23:30:08 -0500
Keith, to be called a Muslim, all you have to be is born into a Muslim family. That does not necessarily mean that they believe in and follow the Koran.

Take for example that there is a reported 2.2 billion Christians, most Catholic. But that number is derived from people born into a Catholic family. But that does not mean they believe the Bible nor follow its teachings, so therefore they are not Catholic/Christian.

So I have to disagree with you that all Muslims are radicals because not all of them follow the Koran. Now I would say that all Islamists are radicals, because following Islam is a choice and the Koran teaches hatred and death to all infidels.

I could be wrong, but that is the way I see it.
commented 2015-11-27 22:51:23 -0500
Good show Ezra. Have one thing to say. I realize that in your position that you have to be a little careful in what you say, but I had a little problem with your constant use of ‘Radical’.
All Muslims are radical, if they were not, they would not believe in thr Quran. The Quran is a radical book and it teaches Muslims to be radical.

Muslims are migrating, all over the world, for one reason and that is Jihad or world domination, that is why they are coming here, to Canada. All it takes is one word from their local Imam and any Muslim will take up arms, against Canadians. It is a pity that with the Liberal Government, Canadian tax payers are footing the bill, for the importation of their future killers.

On another subject. Kathleen Wynne has just taken 3.7 Billion from the Education fund to pay for her Union friends expenses. This, from an email sent by my local PC MPP.
commented 2015-11-27 20:00:36 -0500
@ Mark David Johnson.
I’ll grant that if Trudeau actually only takes displaced Syrian families (unlike the assorted young men pouring into Europe), then these refugee’s quality will be much higher than in Europe. I’ll also grant that most of them who are willing to come to Canada as opposed to Europe (which has far fewer compatriots, is much less generous towards them, and has terrible weather to boot) will probably be interested in building a life here, in stark contrast to what’s happening in Europe.

However, I disagree on a number of points.

First, the $1.1 billion is a projection by the liberal government themselves, and it does not include any ancillary costs (ongoing healthcare, education, immigration services, policing etc.). The real costs are nebulous and difficult to calculate without insider knowledge, but they will be much higher than this, that’s for certain.

Second, your understanding of economics is wrong. The vast majority of these refugees will be a drain on our economy. If you can somehow delude yourself into thinking that 25,000 people, the majority with no skills or education, can come to Canada and somehow pay more in taxes than they will withdraw in their lifetime then I commend you on your impressive pretzel-like logic. It is incredibly artistic. However, no matter how you twist it, you’re still objectively wrong.

Consider that an average refugee family settles in Edmonton. First, it’s likely that only the husband will work, but let’s assume the wife works too. The husband makes $40k/year (a generous assumption, I know, but I’ll play ball) and the also wife makes $40k/year (jackpot). This family will pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $13k/year. But wait, we’re forgetting some relevant factors. The average Syrian family has 4 children.
-After deductions, they will be paying no tax.
-The family will cost an average of $35k/year in health care costs (assuming they’re as healthy as other Canadians).
-The 4 children will cost an average of $30k/year in primary schooling.
-I won’t bother to speculate as to other ancillary costs (increased policing, infrastructure, administrative services)
-Now consider when they begin the process to reunite their families by bringing granny and granddad over etc.

Anyways you get the point. If you can square this circle then you’re a wizard (and a liar).

The Fraser Institute claims that the average immigrant (allegedly vetted to fill job niches, allegedly vetted to benefit the economy) costs us 6k/year. Imagine how expensive refugees will be relative to the “cream of the crop”. Don’t feed me lies and propaganda, I don’t believe anything without vetting the information myself.

Third, I hold that Canada is a nation, and nations put their own citizens above others, it’s their purpose. The government shouldn’t be paying to help Syrians when there are Canadians who live in squalor and despair. This is just an axiomatic fact, unless you don’t believe Canada is a nation, or that nations don’t owe a duty to their citizens.

Fourth, if we are going to take Syrian refugees, then we should only take those who are in immediate danger of being killed. If all refugees lives are equally threatened, then we should help them all equally, and thus help the most number possible, and thus help them abroad. However, if we admit some refugees are in more danger than others, and we should take only those most in danger, then I would put it to you that we should only accept Christian (or Jewish etc.) refugees into Canada, for these religious minorities are being butchered, even in camps.

Nevertheless, if we want to help as many as possible, we do it abroad; if we want to help the most vulnerable, we only accept Christians.
commented 2015-11-27 18:54:57 -0500
Great show today, Ezra.
Man those were tough questions for a politician. I was disappointed by her non-answers.
commented 2015-11-27 18:17:45 -0500
Mark why is it a bad thing to keep Canadians safe by doing the needed checks and balances on the refugees? Even with those they will still get fanatics in.
commented 2015-11-27 18:15:48 -0500
Oh Spencer, that’s a funny argument you have there.
The answer to refugees isn’t to keep them fed in a camp. We don’t want to house people in a camp. That’s just keeping them breathing.
What we’re doing by bringing refugees into our country is we’re bringing in people who want to make new lives for themselves and to work and be part of the economy. Refugees aren’t a drain on the economy. And the 1.1 Billion dollar figure is incorrect. It’s just over half of that. Further a large chunk of that has to be paid back by the refugees once they’re resettled (starting at 6 months after arrival or when they start work, whichever comes first).

And we do help our own. But helping the homeless and veterans is a complicated issue. No one is stopping you from sponsoring a homeless person or veteran. Go for it.
commented 2015-11-27 18:15:26 -0500
Mark this is more than that, and sorry but crops do not wait for socialist rules. What makes you think regulated industries do any better? And stick your government run farms , they do not need to control everything like dictators.
commented 2015-11-27 18:08:32 -0500
Hahaha, so it’s a bad thing to make sure farm workers are safe?
Right now, there are no standards and when people get hurt it’s at least partially because people aren’t trained or don’t have the right safety equipment.
Did you know Alberta is largely just copying the laws from Saskatchewan and Manitoba? Alberta is the only province where the agriculture industry is not subjected to normal health and safety laws. The other provinces seem to be fine.
Stop making a mountain of nothing. It’s not even a mole hill. What a crock.
commented 2015-11-27 16:54:49 -0500
AB PATRIOT – Great comment!! This is what happens when you don’t lobotomize and sterilize the mentally ill. You get offspring like Rachel Notley and Justin Trudeau. They are too insane to understand reason, logic and common sense. Who let the crazies out of the asylum? And why are they running (ruining) our great province and country?
commented 2015-11-27 14:55:40 -0500
KELVIN GRABOWSKY commented 8 hours ago, “KEEP ALBERTA RAT FREE AND RUN OUT THE N-D-P”. Great sign and appropriate for Albertan that has long waged a war against rats.
commented 2015-11-27 12:15:03 -0500
The ideologically driven are no more than members in a cult. Free of Reason and accountability, they seek to impose their twisted logic and will upon others. They are mentally ill and dangerous to others. Progressives are the worst. They will squeeze every last bit out of everyone, leaving nothing but husk, to finance their insanity. Like heroin addicts, they are in constant need of a fix and someone to pay for it. Delirious in their mind-numbing haze, they fear reality and defy logic. In time, once all the wealth has been sucked up, initiative killed, and those receiving the handouts are the only ones left, what will they do? Progressives will, like the addict, begin selling everything and anything. Without a single shred of decency, they will strip everything and everyone down to the last. Like rats, they will eat themselves alive, leaving nothing but destruction in their wake.
commented 2015-11-27 11:12:27 -0500
“I would put money on the fact that Alberta farmers/ranchers are primarily conservative (small “c”). "

Maybe they are, PETER. But if the farmers are indeed “small c” conservative, it looks like their representatives are already suckin’ up to the green slime and the alfalfa eaters. That’s how it started in Ontario too….
commented 2015-11-27 10:33:51 -0500
Don’T you which her plane would ….. You should have seen her talking on Don Martin’s CTV program! Don Martin, a lefties liberal almost kissed her face! She was taking in lefties circles. To even think that a carbon tax will help the economy!! Only Notley could comprehend that kind of thinking. It is the same thinking as her leader, Thomas Muclair. Her leader didn’T even think, we as a country, had any terrorist attacks. There is a bible scripture that states, "WHEN the wicked are in power, the people mourn; BUT when the righteous are in power, the people rejoice; Psalm 29:2.
commented 2015-11-27 10:29:20 -0500
Well said Spencer, that is something you should send to your local MP, MLA, and newspaper. You did your homework, it obviously shows that our progressive government agencies cannot do theirs.
commented 2015-11-27 10:26:49 -0500
There is little doubt that Notley and her fellow globalist-collectivist fellow travellers in the NDP/public sector union syndicates are UN Agenda 21 proponents. Agenda 21 set forth a frame work to tightly control private farming and the small producer. Two of those elements target farm workers (including owner’s children are to be regulated, tested, licences insured and monitored by the state for “fitness” to farm) and the regulation and control of farm equipment (for fuel use and carbon output and use and operational “fitness”). There are other provisions concerning the regulation of crop type and animal use of pasture, we will see them regulate there if they get away with unionizing and state licencing of farmers.

If these Agenda 21 directives are allowed to take effect, it will place significant regulatory pressure on small farms and family farms all across North America — costing them 10s of thousands of dollars and possibly forcing many of them out of business.
But we all know what redundant socialist “regulation and control” has done to other industries. Unfortunately for farmers, they cannot relocate off shore to escape regulatory persecution. Unfortunately for consumer’s food production is a vital resource in which ANY government regulating or fiscal stress causes a dramatic increase in costs and shortages. But isn’t that the goal of the Agenda 21 – attempt at global over-regulation and critical dependency on the state for vital resources which it has defacto reverted ownership from private to state hands through regulation.

We see the Agenda 21 movement against the family farm and private land ownership which Notley is pursuing. It is a carbon copy of what has been done at a state level in the US Agenda 21 models of Wisconsin and Illinois – in those states the Agenda 21 governments have regulated the age and qualification of farm equipment operation, have emission limits for farm equipment and require farmers to ensure all workers for accidents – massive cost increases for small family operations are causing many to face bankruptcy – when they do who do you suppose holds the land in trust for the debtors> – Yup the Agenda 21 state.

Notley and Wynn are on track in their Agenda 21 harassment of small agricultural producers – you can see that in the two recent stories the Rebel is running here –In Ontario swat raids and police harassment for private milk production –what is next for Alberta with all this regulation? – why obviously the creation of”farm police” like we saw gooning Michael Schmidt in Ont.

I you must eat to survive, you should be concerned when globalist fascists try to control your food supply.
commented 2015-11-27 10:22:35 -0500
@ Jamie MacMaster – No, Jamie, I would put money on the fact that Alberta farmers/ranchers are primarily conservative (small “c”).
commented 2015-11-27 10:19:54 -0500
@ Spence Morrison – Well stated. That is the most efficient and caring way to help the refugees and to help our own people too. However, the federal government is determined to go ahead with their ill-conceived plan. When have you ever known a federal government of any political stripe to spend the tax payer money using the well thought out logical plan you proposed?
commented 2015-11-27 10:12:26 -0500
Ezra your interview with Michelle Rempel was hard to watch. I was begging for the shepherd’s crook to come out from behind the curtains and yank her off the screen.
commented 2015-11-27 09:34:59 -0500
Jeanine i agree,and she has it on backwards, a disgrace to the poeple of cowboy country rural Alberta
commented 2015-11-27 09:18:40 -0500
UN Agenda 21 being exercised by NDP, Alberta is going to be the template…
commented 2015-11-27 07:42:06 -0500
Well, if the farm organizations in Alberta are anything like their Ontario counterparts, they’ve got their noses buried deep in the crack of Notley’s arse and they’re cuddling with the eco-parasites and the animal rights idiots.
commented 2015-11-27 06:49:46 -0500
Thank you Spencer Morrison, very well put.
commented 2015-11-27 06:36:48 -0500






commented 2015-11-27 03:58:50 -0500
Somebody knock off Calgary stampede hat that Nutley has on her stupid head, she is the last person who deserves to be wearing such a proud symbol of Calgary. Shame on you nutley, and someone can knock that awful grin as well, you traiteress evil monster.
commented 2015-11-27 03:46:52 -0500
I am so damn mad at listening to Rempel, a do nothing, say nothing. She doesn’t care about the fact we have thousands of homeless people named Canadians who we can’t seem to help, and now bring in more refugees unvetted, diseased, potential terrorists at horrendous costs. Our seniors get $1,100.00 from their pensions and they worked 45 or more years. No help for them. Young families never get much help with the huge costs of raising a family. What in hell in wrong with all these moron politicians, I am so sick of all their pure BS, Rempel is an idiot.
commented 2015-11-27 02:57:33 -0500
A foolish ndp and money will soon be parting
commented 2015-11-27 02:42:35 -0500
Very disappointed with Michelle Rempel, I don’t want any refugee from Syria and all she did was seem wishy washy. We need a real hard opposition to stand up for Canadians and Rempel just came across as a Liberal.

This whole stupid refugee mess is one of the reasons the Conservatives got defeated, because they couldn’t make a real stand and call the despicable Fin Donnelly out for his traitorous lies.

I want a real opposition who points out what a complete and moron Trudeau is and to tell him to just go screw.