January 18, 2016

Alberta NDP forcing schools to let boys into girls change rooms (and worse). We're fighting back!

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Alberta's Minister of Education has ordered every school in the province — public or private, Catholic or Muslim or Jewish, from kindergarten to Grade 12 -- to follow transgender policies that would shock Caitlyn Jenner.

It's called Guidelines for best practices — Creating learning environments that respect diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions.

It sounds like it’s about not bullying gay kids. That’s fine. No-one wants to pick on gay kids. So what’s the big deal?

Watch and I’ll show you that in the name of “respect” and anti-bullying, the NDP bullies parents, and makes every single girl in the province a guinea pig for letting men into girl’s bathrooms, change rooms and possibly even hotel rooms during school field trips.

All a boy has to do is say he's a girl and they get to use the girls change room with the girls team.

This policy will result in sexual assaults.

I'll explain how, and tell you about the other insane, dangerous things in these new rules about school uniforms, sports teams, field trips and a lot more.

For example, schools have to stop using the words "mother" and "father"!

You can read all the crazy new rules here:

The NDP has threatened any school board that doesn’t implement these rules with dissolution.

(Say, do you think these rules will be applied in Muslim schools? Like Alberta’s biggest Muslim school, the Edmonton Islamic Academy that gets millions of dollars from the province? Do you think they'll be shut down if they don't obey?)

This is outrageous. We must stop this.

My first guest, lawyer John Carpay of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, will talk about how we can do that.

We will sue if we have to.

But the first part of the push back starts with our new petition:

VISIT ProtectOurGirls.ca to SIGN OUR PETITION to the Alberta NDP government, telling them call off this dangerous experiment.


Tonight's other guest, Derek Fildebrandt, MLA for Strathmore-Brooks and the Wildrose Party Shadow Minister of Finance, explains why Ontario's Liberals need to cut Alberta some slack when it comes to equalization payments.

And of course, we finish up with your viewer feedback. Remember to leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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The Alberta NDP is forcing schools to let boys into girls’ change rooms!
This new rule will lead to sexual assaults and rape.
SIGN THE PETITION against these insane rules at ProtectOurGirls.ca

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commented 2016-01-25 15:43:09 -0500
I’m so Angry, so sad, so disappointed and so scared of were this is all going. I’m usually so calm but this makes me want to kick some a$$ since it seems there is absolutely nothing we can do to get this government out. If this starts to affect our rural school I will remove me children and home school them. Joining the Hutterites seems like a option now adays.
commented 2016-01-23 00:56:09 -0500
I can’t believe that this topic is slowing down…
I cannot believe that we are not in the streets protesting this woman.
I absolutely cannot believe that this is going to happen.
commented 2016-01-21 18:12:24 -0500
I stand corrected.

I just remembered that, under McGuinty, Ontario whinned about paying into Canada’s transfer payment system, but not getting as much out of it, as Quebec. Seems to me the talk of a “transfer deficit” was being tossed around.

Ontario was correct about there being a ‘deficit’, but the real issue should have been how to get this province off the handouts.

Frankly, as an Ontario resident, I think other Canadian governments should be helping my province by pointing out how it could improve. Clearly, Ontario’s Liberals have not got a monopoly on good ideas!

I think the same should be done to Quebec.

Canada needs every provinces ‘firing on all cylinders’ and it’s not fair that some should have to enable the obviously-bad practices of others.

Sorry for the error.

- William F. Sheehan
Toronto, Ontario
commented 2016-01-21 16:16:35 -0500
I don’t believe anything Ezra says… He twists so many facts to suit his own agenda….
commented 2016-01-21 14:31:40 -0500
Pull your kids out of school. If parents don’t protect their kids from this gov’t overreach, they are not doing their job. Or, look your kid in the eye and tell them and yourself that you don’t have any choice but to go along with it and see what happens. Life is volitional.
commented 2016-01-20 23:27:17 -0500
I am a man who married a woman. Our children were boys, now they are men. The government, in no way, under any circumstances, has any business raising your children for you if you are capable of doing so yourself. Mine are adults, so the effect on my family is minimal, for now. I do, however, strongly disagree with the ridiculous assumption that every parent SHOULD get on the bus with this perverse notion that there is no distinction between male and female. Kicking the rights of straight families to the curb under the guise of tolerance in itself is hypocritical. I am a man who married a woman. It’s not a fashion statement, it’s normal.
commented 2016-01-20 12:51:29 -0500
Ezra wondered what Muslim’s might think about this bill. Well, since he quoted excerpts from The Lawful and the Prohibited in Islam, Yusuf al- Qaradawi with regard to Muslim women’s attire. I thought I’d take a look at what he has to say about attire with regard to females wearing males attire and vice versa. Here’s what Sheikh Yusuf al- Qaradawi has to say on the subject:
pg 83 The Lawful and the Prohibited in Islam, Yusuf al- Qaradawi
The prophet (pbuh) declared that a women should not wear a man’s clothing nor a man a woman’s. He cursed men who imitate women and women who imitate men. Aspects of such imitation include the manner of speaking, walking, dressing, moving, and so on.
The evil of such conduct, which affects both the life of the individual and of society, is that it constitutes a rebellion against the natural ordering of the things. According to the natural order, there are men and there are women, and each of these two sexes has its own distinctive characteristics. However, if men become effeminate and women masculinized, this natural oder will be reversed and will disintegrate.
Among those who are cursed by Allah and His angels both in the world and in the Hereafter, the Prophet (pbuh) mentioned the man who Allah has made a male but who comes effeminate by imitating women, and women whom Allah has made a female but who comes masculinised by imitating men.
For this reason the Prophet (pbuh) forbade men to wear fabric decorated with large, loud, or bold designs, In his Sahih, Muslim reported ‘Ali as saying “The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) forbade me the wearing of a gold ring, a silken garment, and clothing with bold designs.”It is also reported from Ibn ‘Umar, who said, “The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) saw me wearing two garments having bold designs, and he said, ‘These are among (things) that unbelievers wear, so do not wear such things.

For those in this thread who have the mental illness of pathological utopianism and who have also fallen prey to the virus of political correctness, particularly Mr. Warren McDougall (who seems to think he knows what is it to be a pubescent girl, and somehow thinks she is a progressive who is wiser than an adult. And if she doesn’t agree with him she’s 6 real old bigot. Sir, you are a ridiculous fool! Who should never be allowed in the company of a young female.) makes me wonder if they are sufficiently mentally ill both socially and politically to throw their ad hominem attacks at Muslims by referring to them as: cave men, bigots, transphobes, homophobes, morons, Christian, sexist, repugnant and primitive.
And to the man that is attempting to equate ridicule with sexual molestation, assault and rape, probably needs one of those sensitivity courses the idealists love to force on those who don’t share their world view.
For those of you who do not understand what a realist is:
Some may say you never expect good things to happen, but maybe you’re just a realist, a person who uses facts and past events, rather than hopeful feelings and wishes, to predict the future.
commented 2016-01-20 11:52:31 -0500
Our daughters are at risk…
We are being homogenized into
“Asexual” from distinct sexual gender. No matter how much we all say that we dislike these policies of the government… No matter how much we bitch and complain until we run out of steam or inspiration… If we do not mandate a plan to ourselves, if we do not unite somehow… We are doomed…!!!

Get to know your neighbors… Join or form social groups… Go back to church… Get people together by forming groups where you know everybody on a first name basis and you all share our United cause. Raise money and rent halls to expand the cause… Do this and we stand a chance do it not and we wallow in our own self-pity and defeat.
commented 2016-01-20 02:27:50 -0500
Another way this might harm people is that Michael Mann, Sean Penson, or ROn Christenson or Yannie might go use a womans washroom and see some lady parts and they would become horribly confused.
commented 2016-01-20 02:25:43 -0500
Michael Mann what facts has Ezra twisted? I can give you many examples of media party BS and especially CBC lies. Care to debate? LMAO! Of course you don’t , you know i am right , so you will just call me something like a good coward.
commented 2016-01-20 02:24:37 -0500
This sounds like a war on women to me, oh wait a left wing government enacted it, so it must be inclusive and equal LMAO!
commented 2016-01-20 00:14:37 -0500
Can’t wait for gen X to become pensioners.
commented 2016-01-20 00:07:47 -0500
Seems to be happening in both Canada and the USA. Our hospital has a few bathrooms for all genders but at least it is for one person only at a time with the door locked.
commented 2016-01-19 23:38:28 -0500
Michael Mann, look in the mirror next time you call out moron. I have been around the sun 60+ times and have more experience in my change pocket, obviously, than you. Your reply proves that. I would normally say “thanks for the reply” but once again Gordo Steele, you remove all doubt by opening your mouth.
You do not know what you are talking about, that is obvious. If you were to launch a petition that had an excellent purpose (this we know is impossible, but let’s just roll with it shall we,) I would sign your petition, and expect it to be looked at without prejudice based on who it came from. The fact you can not see that reinforces my first point, you are both naive and stupid, all traits of Gordo Steele. Go away now Gordon.
commented 2016-01-19 23:13:59 -0500
No matter how much we all say that we dislike these policies of the government… No matter how much we bitch and complain until we run out of steam or inspiration… If we do not mandate a plan to ourselves, if we do not unite somehow… We are doomed…!!!
Get to know your neighbors… Join or form social groups… Go back to church… Get people together by forming groups where you know everybody on a first name basis and you all share our United cause. Raise money and rent halls to expand the cause… Do this and we stand a chance do it not and we wallow in our own self-pity and defeat.
commented 2016-01-19 23:03:24 -0500
Contrary to Ezra’s guest, Alberta used to receive equalization payments and Ontario – as far as I know – never complained.

In fact, for many years, it was a matter of pride for Ontario to pay them.

According to a 2012 U of A report, for instance, “Alberta has not received equalization payments since the early 1960s”. [Source: https://business.ualberta.ca/Centres/~/media/business/Centres/WCER/Documents/Publications/155ElectronicApril2final.pdf ; p. 5.]

During Bill Davis’s reign, I recall that Ontario qualified for about 2 equalization payments, but, again, Bill took great pride in refusing the money.

That pride, though, evaporated, under the Liberals.

I do, however, understand Alberta’s position and, as a long-time Ontario resident, it irritates me that anyone is having to, essentially, subsidize/enable Ontario’s and Quebec’s obviously-bad decision-making; I would feel better, for instance, if those later provinces were actually taking reasonable steps to get their own fiscal house in order and economy working. Quebec, for example, could frack, etc. Ontario could stop with the unnecessary windmills and other forms of squandering cash.

I suspect, for instance, that, if Ontario’s Liberals ceased making excessive amounts of electricity, if the politicians dialed the generation back, then local cities, towns, etc., would have a market and, therefore, incentive for using their own waste (ie., the real “green” & renewable resource), for making electricity and then selling it to the grid.

Yet, Kathleen Wynne just keeps on installing inefficient windmills, etc. and charging taxpayers, for the surpluses – which often have to be sold, at a loss. [Eg.: http://www.torontosun.com/2015/08/12/ontario-taxpayers-spend-200-million-on-exported-electricity-in-june ].

At about the same time, the provincial government largely ignored development of Northern Ontario’s “Ring of Fire” – which was estimated to be worth $60 billion, if properly-exploited. [See: http://business.financialpost.com/news/mining/top-ring-of-fire-miner-threatens-to-halt-project-unless-ontario-first-nations-make-progress ].

Quebec has always been on the receiving end of transfer payments and I think there is no good excuse, for that nonsense. I believe transfer payment recipients should have to try to get off the dole. For me, they don’t to succeed, but, at least, give it an honest effort.

So, the guest was off a bit, but that’s okay. He plus Ezra raised a good point; that Canada’sequalization payments need to be a ‘hand-up’ instead of an inefficient ‘hand-out’.

I agree.

- William F. Sheehan
Toronto, Ontario
commented 2016-01-19 22:55:15 -0500
No matter how much we all say that we dislike these policies of the government… No matter how much we bitch and complain until we run out of steam or inspiration… If we do not mandate a plan to ourselves, if we do not unite somehow… We are doomed…!!!
Get to know your neighbors… Join or form social groups… Go back to church… Get people together by forming groups where you know everybody on a first name basis and you all share our United cause. Raise money and rent halls to expand the cause… Do this and we stand a chance do it not and we wallow in our own self-pity and defeat.
commented 2016-01-19 22:36:07 -0500
Government is not the solution to our problem government is the problem. Wise words from ronald reagan. All of this bs goes away if we force government back into its mandate and out of our homes schools businesses charities and daily lives
commented 2016-01-19 22:08:18 -0500
Unite and stop bitching at each other or we are doomed….!!!!!!!!!
commented 2016-01-19 20:51:01 -0500
Warren zoell i agree with you but you need to get involved at some level and make a real change.screaming kn the rebel is not enough. It is a grassroots party anyone can buy a membership so if enough of us do and engage in the process we can change it. We cannot hope someone else wil do it
commented 2016-01-19 20:45:30 -0500
D Mary,

You are clearly a moron since you don’t know how the real world works and think life is fair. Keep your head up your ass – you will do less damage that way.
commented 2016-01-19 20:35:05 -0500
And warren mcdouggooder proves my point. Not agreeing with this craziness makes me a bigot. Of course no one can debate on scientific grounds just call names but that is enough today. No public servant has the right or moral authority to raise my children. Socialists in our government have infringed on the rights of the family in the of social justice. Ever encroaching on our rights they take away our ability to raise our children or run our businesses or worship god in pur own way. When did the rights of .003 percent of the population make it ok for the government to tell communities how to run their schools and parents to raise their children. I know gay people and transgendered people and judge them only on their merit as human beings but because i refuse to give my rights as a parent or a christian i am a caveman.
commented 2016-01-19 20:18:31 -0500
Of course not all boys are perpetrators. That was not the point of this article. The point is that there are social deviants out there that will take advantage of this new rule, and that girls will not feel comfortable sharing a locker room or washroom with boys. Furthermore, who is there to make the new rules, and what input do individual parents and teachers have in this?
commented 2016-01-19 20:02:43 -0500
s This is the most sexist article I’ve ever read. The author is attacking our young boys and painting them to be monsters. This is not right. Girls are just as bad as boys when it comes to ridiculing the opposite sex. But is there any mention of this in the article? No just a blatant attack on boys.I have and will continue to raise my son to respect all people whether they be male or female does not make any difference, as I myself was raised! This author is making all boys seem like they are all pigs and rapist. I have more faith in this generation! And so should you!
commented 2016-01-19 19:41:47 -0500
Michael Mann aka Gordo Steele, you are the incredibly naive one. If you look at who started the petition and not what it is about, what the message is, then you are completely lost. It matters not who the message is from, it is the message that counts. How could you be so naive? Oh, forget I asked that, asked and answered just by the fact you made the stupid statement. If a student comes up with a great invention, should it be mocked because it came from a student? Further to that, if the greatest idea came out, and it was signed “annonymous” would you still not classify it as a great idea? I know you wouldn’t, but the fact would remain that it was a great idea. You sir are a fool.
commented 2016-01-19 18:49:43 -0500
I remember hearing as a kid that this country would be taken over without a single gun fired.
commented 2016-01-19 18:23:24 -0500
I suppose that eggen, that pervert. has no daughters; too bad for the rest of us that do.
commented 2016-01-19 18:20:38 -0500
…and if I decide (self-identify) that today I’m a doctor, will that work?
commented 2016-01-19 18:09:30 -0500
Professional malpractice. Are there laws against this? These politicians should be deposed, charged, in the docket and jailed.
commented 2016-01-19 17:53:34 -0500
Marxist? Liberal? You guys don’t need a conservative party, you need a caveman to represent your interests! How repugnant and primitive, to oppose policy that aims to reduce discrimination and bullying. The only thing confusing these kids is the backward thinking adults who refuse to evolve and grow with humanity. These Guidelines allow schools plenty of room to accommodate special needs while ensuring inclusion, respect, and safety for all – including access to segregated change rooms and washrooms for those who insist on remaining bigots.