May 05, 2016

Alberta: Notley IGNORED warnings from NDP forestry minister, cut firefighting budget anyway

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Our Alberta Bureau Chief Sheila Gunn Reid is the perfect person to give us updates on the tragic fires forcing the evacuation of Fort McMurray -- and a look back at who is responsible for this situation. NDP Premier dismissed warnings from opposition leader Brian Jean, but also from her own Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Oneil Carlier.

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commented 2016-05-07 10:48:36 -0400
ACCUNA you asked “is Notley working for the people of Alberta or not?” which anyway seeing what the socialist NDP has been doing to destroy oil and gas and coal industry as well as ranchers and farmers would know that the clear answer is NOT. Notley is Not working for the people of Alberta but for her ideological socialist utopian dream!
commented 2016-05-07 10:42:45 -0400
Notley should be charged with criminal negligence or worse!
commented 2016-05-06 12:41:23 -0400
What are you talking about with regards to Highway 63, John Macleod?
All but 3 kms of the 240 km section north of Grassland has been twinned. And those 3 kms will be done this fall.
That doesn’t sound like the “PCs couldn’t be bothered to expand that road”…get your facts straight man. I do agree with some of your other statements. I’d like to see the proof of the cuts to the firefighting budget.
commented 2016-05-06 12:04:24 -0400
What is with talking about blowing Notleys head off or setting her house on fire, Andrew? You sound like a terrorist and if a Syrian Refugee said that, it would be the end of the world.

And forcing Notley out, coups or assassinating her??? We live in a civilized democratic society at the top of developed countries of the world. This isn’t the Congo, we don’t over throw our government. She was fairly elected on a platform of carbon taxes, royalty reviews, corporate tax increases and workers comp benefits extended to farms. None of this was a secret agenda, it was all very public. All bills passed in the legislature, none of them were even omnibus bills like the conservatives were famous for to pass their shady bills.

As far as these remove Notley movements, good luck with that. Even if you have 100,000 legit signatures on a petition, that’s less than 3% of the population. Any referendum on any issue would require at least 50%. Even if the double it to 200,000 signatures, that still puts people wanting to push her out in a very tiny minority. And the laughable thing, is that its this type of talk thats created the “unite the right” movement which is surely going to end with 3 right wing parties to split the vote and increase her chances of being elected again with a majority.
commented 2016-05-06 11:21:42 -0400
So where are these numbers coming from, does anybody have an idea what they’re saying in these comments? Cut budget by 80% or Cut 400 million leaving 88 million? Nobody would make a cut like that, that’s ridiculous.

The ND’s cut just shy of 15 million, leaving 100 million in the budget. But that has nothing to do with actual fire fighting because its impossible to budget the costs of fighting a wildfire. That’s why last year they spent 375 million over and above the budgeted amount of over 100 million.

This is just another spun story to allow the ND haters to continue hating. Yes Brian Jean is a fear mongerer, that’s his job. As leader of the opposition its all fire and brimstone, apocalyptic everything. This guy moans about everything, but has no better plan for any of AB’s problems. I don’t doubt for one second, that the PCs would’ve made the same cuts or worse, cause that’s the only play they know.

And take a look at the sad state of highway 63. Been 15 years since things ramped up in Mac and that road still isn’t twinned. Countless billions poured out of Mac and the PCs couldn’t be bothered to expand that road, even with dozens of deaths every year on it.
commented 2016-05-05 18:07:47 -0400
Daniel Hunt, I do agree that it may have not made a big difference, but, had communities been allowed to build a sufficient fire guard as was proposed after the slave lake fire, much of the damage could have been a lot less. All this falls on the last conservative government for being led by the nose from the green activists. I blame them for not using common sense. The short sightedness of these baffoons that we elect is mortifying and the billions spent on the most ridiculous endeavours are increasingly getting worse. Stand up for common sense, start in your community and say a resounding no to stupid!!!!!
commented 2016-05-05 17:46:11 -0400
Alberta Buck, you are replying to the famous paid troll Gordon Steele. Aka Sean penson, jay Kelly possibly. He used many aliases on the sun comments before it was brought down “so they could upgrade it”. Ring a bell?
commented 2016-05-05 17:36:26 -0400
Notley takes about $400million out of Fire Management budget leaving about $88million. Her own people tell her this is not good. It is public knowledge this could be a very dry year. On Tuesday? morning in Question Period … as per a more extended video I watched…Brain Jean quizzes her on this, asking about the budget cut, less and smaller active fire fighting resources, and cancelled contracts. Even though Brian Jean is quite accurate, she insinuates he is a liar, and calls him a fear monger. She goes on to state that the needed resources will be brought in as they are needed. She also told him, among other things, he should learn to understand a budget. That same afternoon, Brian Jeans home, along with many hundreds of others burned to their foundations—- So, my questions are these. First, since the $400million fire resource cut was the only major cut in the budget, while pretty much every thing else was bloated, was this just an attempt to make an already ridiculous deficit budget look just a bit less ugly then it was? After all she knew she could just use “emergency funding” for fire management if the need arose. Which brings me to question two. Is it possible that the less funding, weaker and cancelled fire fighting and suppression contracts, would have affected initial responses to this fires very aggressive build. It is all well and good to try and acquire the resources as need becomes apparent, but what real effect would those resources that at the ready, or not, have had on beginning outcomes of this massive tragic Fort McMurray wildfire?
commented 2016-05-05 15:11:42 -0400
Jeremy Williamson: I read your on line rant and feel like crying. You had your heart on your sleeve and I for one sense your sorrow and genuine feelings about this whole situation. I said 6 months ago,and I still had a job at that time, just watch the crime rates soar. The windmill/ feather farm scam coupled with Mad Cow’s pin headed war on coal should tell all. In fact the" science is settled"Obama just upped the quota on bald eagles by double, over 4000 per year can now be negated at one of their alternate energy scam sites. As for STD’s running rampant, look no further than the NDP cabinet. They all seem to be infected with some kind of disgusting ailment. Hope there is a cure. I wish ultra socialist idiocy was only available to read about in a book, not be the norm and ruination of our society.
commented 2016-05-05 14:43:04 -0400
Fear is the appropriate response to Notley and her irresponsible anti-Alberta NDP government. Fear of losing your livelihood, fear of losing your home, fear of losing your whole town, and fear of losing your freedoms, i.e. freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Notley: Do the right thing and resign, along with your incompetent and destructive anti-Alberta government. NOTLEY OUT!!! NDP OUT!!!
commented 2016-05-05 14:33:16 -0400
So Rachel Notley and her NDP government slashed the Alberta firefighting budget by 80% after the entire town of Slave Lake was recently burned to the ground in a forest fire. Was she actually unaware that Fort McMurray was at risk of a similar catastrophe, or not(ley)? Either way, what will it take for this unprecedented screwup of a Premier to do the right thing and resign, along with her government, and call an election, before there is nothing left of Alberta? NOTLEY OUT!!! NDP OUT!!!
commented 2016-05-05 14:31:09 -0400
I don’t understand why someone hasn’t blown Notley’s fucking head off.

Hasn’t this piece of shit NDP pig Notley done enough damage????

Perhaps it’s time to set fire to Notely’s home.
commented 2016-05-05 13:28:24 -0400
Holding my breath, waiting for Suzuki to demand that Notley be imprisoned for willful blindness.
. . waiting
. . holding breath
. . waiting
. .
commented 2016-05-05 13:15:50 -0400
Acuuna – Notley is only serving the unions, not the rest of us in the private sector. It’s only been a year since her disastrous win, and it feels like a life time already. I can’t wait to see her and her lying caucus kicked to the curb. Everyday we get closer to removing her from office!
commented 2016-05-05 13:11:05 -0400
is Notley working for the people of Alberta or not?
these people are supposed to be serving you, the taxpayer.
the only thing they care about is keeping their cushy jobs with all the perks.