April 07, 2015

Alberta: Premier expected to call early election Tuesday, seeking "new mandate" after budget

Rebel Staff

The Globe & Mail reports that Alberta Premier Jim Prentice is expected to call an early election on Tuesday morning.

This comes less than two weeks after his Progressive Conservative government unveiled a budget that The Rebel's Ezra Levant called "the worst budget in Alberta's history":

"It spends the most, taxes the most and has the largest deficit."

The Globe speculates that the province's New Democratic Party could become the official opposition "for the first time in decades. Mr. Prentice’s PCs have held power for nearly 44 years."

The Wildrose Party, meanwhile, "has said it will have candidates ready for each of the province’s 87 ridings by the end of the week."

A recent poll put the PCs and the Wildrose "in a dead heat at 24% support."

Tell us what you think in the comments:

Who will win the next election in Alberta?


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commented 2015-04-07 15:40:48 -0400
I hope he’s going to be sorry. Kick ALL those RED Conservitives to the curb!
commented 2015-04-07 14:22:24 -0400
I hope the Wild Rose Party kicks his ass!!!
commented 2015-04-07 13:46:18 -0400
Consider the stats: Before the “defection”, the Alberta Conservatives were at a 42% approval, vs 24% for Wildrose. The Wildrose hasn’t gained; the Conservatives have plummeted to be tied with the Wildrose. That 18% drop is what the Wildrose needs to court. It’s do-able. The Conservatives (in title only) have blown our provincial savings account, and what do we have to show for it? They refuse to slash the bureaucracy (which is what needs to be done — try running a business the way government runs things… Can you say “bankruptcy”? I knew you could…) The big problem is the media — they have a hate-on for the Wildrose. Anything and EVERYTHING not politically-correct (as in, the TRUTH) is tarnished and slandered in print and on the airwaves. But the alternatives are much, much worse, and Albertans know this. This will be a close race, and if the Wildrose does not make the government, they likely WILL make the Opposition, and with a larger share than now…
commented 2015-04-07 13:17:00 -0400
Just shows that Prentice is a dirty player, and no real conservative.
commented 2015-04-07 12:50:20 -0400
I agree Valerie, a strong opposition is the only answer at the moment. I really hope Albertan’s don’t ruin the possibility of a strong opposition by splitting and watering down their vote.
Wildrose is the only chance Albertans have of a strong opposition.
The Prentice PC’S are turncoats, and a disgrace to the conservative party name.
Prentice belongs in Ontario where the left originated.
Vote Wildrose please. I don’t want the west to lose Alberta too.
commented 2015-04-07 11:52:58 -0400
Prentice plays the dirtiest politics I’ve ever seen. He temporarily stole Wildrose’s ideas to entice their leader and others over to the Dark Side, knowing full well that voters would reject them as candidates. Voila! No more Opposition.
Albertans need to show the dead and rotting Alberta PC Party that we are good people who, despite their abuse of us, will give that party a decent burial.
commented 2015-04-07 11:46:55 -0400
Mark Gray – The Alberta Party is so far left, I heard on the radio recently that it considered merging with the NDP.
Urban Albertans will vote PC; the PCs will win. I think the best choice for the rest of us is to elect a strong Opposition and the only party that can give us that is Wildrose.
commented 2015-04-07 11:24:27 -0400
I really hope the Alberta PC’s are taught a lesson this time. The Wildrose Party was dealt a massive blow by traitors and I know the Party will have a hard time being up to full speed in this election which is what the PC’s are hoping for. The Wildrose Party could not be as bad as the current PC Party so my hope is that Albertans will understand the uphill battle the Wildrose will be facing and give them a break. If elected, I believe the Wildrose Party will represent the people which is all we are looking for. Go Wildrose! And shame on Daniel Smith and Preston Manning and all their cohorts.
commented 2015-04-07 11:22:36 -0400
I fear the new Wildrose Leader Brian Jean has already proven to be a terrible and cowardly leader. The media corralled him into the progressive pen when he bowed to them by dumping Bill Jarvis, whose “gaffe” was simply to be honest about how the media will treat Conservatives. History shows that if a Conservative party has no brown people or they are placed in the back of the picture then you will be branded as racists. Bill, wishing to avoid the label, mentions putting the brown people up front and bingo, RACIST!! I’m tired of the accusation being accepted. Mr. Jean should have placed the blame where it belongs, on the bigoted and biased media, but he folded and will do so again when the lying media next attacks. Not looking good for Conservatives at the moment. I am going to look at the Alberta Party because I simply can’t ever vote for a reality challenged Progressive.
commented 2015-04-07 10:07:03 -0400
This is an illegal election, PC law, and like the floor crosser’s, they must pay. There has never been a more important vote.
commented 2015-04-07 09:00:04 -0400
I certainly hope Wildrose wins but I have my doubts given that the urban vote goes more to left like liberal aka PC.
commented 2015-04-07 08:57:36 -0400
It is really bad when the Progressive Conservative party out “liberals” the Liberals.
commented 2015-04-07 08:56:14 -0400
Laurel, it is more that the Liberal have the name Liberal. For myself I seethe hatred at the Liberal party because of Pierre Idiot Trudeau, and even I would rather vote Liberal that these PCs again.
commented 2015-04-07 08:48:33 -0400
I hope he gets the surprise of his life. With the worst budget in Alberta history, we need to vote him OUT. I hope he goes the way of Danielle Smith. They say the Liberals are having a hard time in Alberta. I guess it’s hard to be a Liberal alternative to a Liberal administration!
commented 2015-04-07 08:47:42 -0400
Prentice is pulling a chretien – call an election while the Wild Rose Party (Conservatives) is disorganized.
commented 2015-04-07 08:47:00 -0400
Well, I hope the Wildrose is ready because I would rather vote for Liberal if I cannot vote Wildrose. I do not want these PCs is for another 4 years. It has been 44 years now. Way too long! They need to be booted to third party for a couple of terms to think on their “sins”.

The mandate he wants is to implement his 59 new taxes and fees to feed an over-spending government. He taxes us more and cuts spending to everything BUT public sector. And his 5% reduction to the MPs pay is a laugh! 30% as a minimum.

Go WIldrose!