April 07, 2017

Alberta’s FOI crisis: Access to information gets harder under Notley NDP

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

Alberta’s Freedom of Information procedures are approaching crisis territory according to Jill Clayton, the Information and Privacy Commissioner for Alberta.  

Clayton says one of the main issues is the lack of respect for the procedure across the government.

This is critical because freedom of information allows people and organizations, to hold the government to account.

A report found wait times are too long and a lack of staff in an inefficient process. Also odd is that the head of the agency and the senior financial officer review every single request that comes through the door instead of just going through a co-ordinator.

These senior officials don’t actually have the authority to be involved in the access process, so this could actually be a violation of the rules in itself especially since some of those officials have the power to authorize requests be disregarded.

Not surprisingly, it seems some requests for certain groups are being pushed to the back burner.

Last year, investigations were ordered on Alberta Justice, Public Affairs and Executive council by requests from the Wildrose Party. The Wildrose say they want to fire some managers and move resources to frontline staff, transition to electronic records, end department interference and change the fee structure - the fee structure that allows the government to charge us thousands of dollars for information.

The more sensitive the information is, the more the NDP don’t want you to see it and the higher the price tag.

Freedom of access to information that reveals what the government you elected in is up to is a cornerstone of democracy and the NDP are making it harder for people to to so.

This demonstrates the lack of respect they have for the public and at the very least, should prompt questions about what the government has to hide.

Remember when the NDP claimed a mandate for transparency upon election? Well, so much for that.

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commented 2017-04-08 21:55:00 -0400
Lack of disrespect? Sounds like a blooper.
commented 2017-04-07 17:09:07 -0400
Good catch Peter.!!!
commented 2017-04-07 17:06:37 -0400
36/28 and counting.!!!
commented 2017-04-07 14:27:26 -0400
Imagine, the Non-Democratic Party being Non-Democratic. The unelected, regressive mercenaries from out of province are calling the shots in the bureaucracy and they, with their public service union buds, don’t want It known how much they have extorted from Alberta.

One can always ask their elected Non-Democratic Party MLA for information and it will be immediately forthcoming, because they are the elected representatives standing up for their constituents. Seriously, they are…you just have to haul one out from under their desk and they will tell you so.

36 months, 28 days to the next election.
commented 2017-04-07 14:14:04 -0400
Brain Dead Socialist Marxist, ndp morons. Go to Hell in a Basket, you are needed there and it is all you are good for.
commented 2017-04-07 13:57:27 -0400
Sarah Hoffman is sitting on all the information and they have to hire a crane to lift her up every time there is a request. That gets costly.
commented 2017-04-07 13:50:35 -0400
Secretive governments always have something to hide from the voter – notice I said voter, instead of media, because the MSM was co-opted into the deep state (the government you don’t see) decades ago and has no interest in digging to keep the government accountable, not in any meaningful way.

FOI was implemented, not as a means for public access to info or government transparency, but as an early warning device to alert government/bureaucrats that someone is nosing around in areas where their malfeasance is vulnerable to exposure – the request gives them time to paper shred incriminating docs and fabricate plausible deniability – and what you get for exorbitant costs is redacted so badly it is indecipherable and really proves nothing because of the blanks in the information.

This is how your banana republic junta operates – it’s genetic in degenerate socialists to become unaccountable and despotic – statist socialist corruption is inherent, it’s just a matter of degree and geography.
commented 2017-04-07 13:22:34 -0400
Its what communist union pigs do.
commented 2017-04-07 13:16:27 -0400
Global elitists always think that they are superior to the peasants. The actions of these Marxists says it all, that they do not have the backing of the people, so they will lie and distort the information, and will hide their trail, even when its against the law to do so. Their constant assault on the citizens of AB is coming to an end in the next election.
commented 2017-04-07 13:06:45 -0400
Holly, just a small correction.

You said at 3:31 on the video, “It shows the lack of disrespect they have for the public …”
Should be phrased, “It shows the lack of respect they have for the public …”

Good video, btw.
commented 2017-04-07 12:42:39 -0400
Every gov’t engages in this stonewalling. It’s time to clean the Canadian swamp and pick politicians who will actually work for US. I’m tired of the secrecy, backroom dealing, corruption, lies and . . . well, you get it.