March 11, 2016

Alberta’s spring session opens under cloud of confusion: legitimacy of key vote questioned

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

The first day back at the Legislature was a total catastrophe yesterday, when a vote by members of the house to pick a new deputy chair of legislature committees went sideways.

NDP MLA Heather Sweet was up against Wildrose MLA Prasad Panda for the spot and since the NDP have a majority with 54 MLA’s, it should have been an easy win. However, according to Wildrose house leader Nathan Cooper, it looked like it was going to be a tight vote since only about 30 NDP members showed up in the chamber to cast a ballot.

The calamity ensued when Brian Mason pushed his way past 2 pages after rushing from a meeting upon discovering the chamber had been barred, which is tradition when voting has commenced. These are the rules, but Mason and several NDP members flooded into the chamber to take their seats anyways. Speaker Bob Wanner then ordered the results of the first vote nullified without announcing the winner, which could have been Panda. He then requested that the late arriving MLA’s leave voluntarily, so that another vote could take place - and of course, Sweet ended up winning the second time around.

Brian Mason currently has 16 years of experience as an MLA and he’s the longest standing member in the Legislature. In fact, he was once leader of the NDP party before stepping down prior to this last election. And he blamed the gong show that he led on a misunderstanding of rules and being unprepared, which simply doesn’t add up.

It seems that the NDP will stop at nothing to get their way, when even long standing members are willing to break the rules.

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commented 2016-03-15 02:24:29 -0400
Past my time, I was reading somewhat in the same category and I to come across this site which I found it good. It looked interesting and I decided to scrutinize every contents and I read yours. It was absolutely worth it and I liked it loads.
commented 2016-03-12 02:59:16 -0500
Nothing that comes out of Alberta surprises me any more.
commented 2016-03-11 17:16:06 -0500
NDP = liars and deceivers
commented 2016-03-11 14:47:52 -0500
16 years as an MLA is not enough for an NDP member to understand the rules of the house? He obviously is unqualified.
commented 2016-03-11 14:06:02 -0500
Mason looks like a prime candidate for a massive heart attack, overweight with the red face. I would not be unhappy if that were to occur. Notley’s most recent photograph is showing an increasing ugliness that seems directly correlated to voluminous amounts of alcohol consumption. Good, that means the pressure is working.
commented 2016-03-11 12:37:36 -0500
Special rules for marxists . . . the NDP have proven time and time again all over the country from the Maritimes to BC that they are clueless, incompetent and create economic destruction and poverty.
Yet there are still many citizens that want to “Believe” their 19th Century nonsense.
commented 2016-03-11 12:36:35 -0500
Boycott all big box stores and little box stores,fast food,boutiques,every possible business in the riding a that voted these destroyers in , -there are big box stores in adjacent risings if not in your riding, --so what ?? Go for a little drive—help them out!!! JUST DO IT !!!!!
commented 2016-03-11 12:21:28 -0500
When I look at the AB riding map to see who elected these jar-head destroyers, allI can say is that’s the day you wanks went to war against rural Alberta and the province’s resource sector – F U dummies, you got the government you deserve and your gonna get it good and hard till your blind little metrosexual eyeballs bleed.
commented 2016-03-11 12:04:26 -0500
Consider supporting the recall legislation (Mark Smith’s Bill 201) by signing the WildRose petition.
commented 2016-03-11 11:35:52 -0500
Green jobs for everyone! Eating grass clippings popular in Middle East thxs to UN political puppets! Governance by oligarchs must be reduced down to accountable levels, Better get out and vote local elections because the tyrants main support is via infestation of 30 years of multiculturalism with 0.00 plan of integration compatible Canadian values, undermined by dual citizenship holding elite class special interest groups/agencies!
commented 2016-03-11 10:43:14 -0500
What? We have to show up for work?
commented 2016-03-11 10:38:46 -0500
This summer is gonna heat up in Alberta.
How could you , if not you ,your friends, relatives , and you stupid cityots vote these destroyers in , because you were sick and tired ect., Well now your gonna be sick and tired and poor, very poor.
commented 2016-03-11 10:24:32 -0500
The financial collapse of Alberta is the only real issue – it’s only a matter of time.
commented 2016-03-11 10:22:35 -0500
A trick from the old Marxist Saul Alinskys book Rules for Radicals .
commented 2016-03-11 10:19:16 -0500
These individuals prove daily that they are unfit to govern. I’ve said it before and will keep saying it. Come on “Rach”, do the right thing not only for Alberta but for Canada,,, call an election now so we can rebuild before you leave us nothing to work with.
commented 2016-03-11 10:11:24 -0500
The only surprise is that it took a few months for the dippers to make this rookie mistake. Amateur hour.
commented 2016-03-11 10:08:55 -0500
they couldn’t even show up , or at least be ontime, complete incompetence.
commented 2016-03-11 10:00:33 -0500
rules are for suckers. the political class makes them and breaks them at their own leisure . they have broken so many rules for so long now that they must convince me as to why I should follow them also.