December 04, 2015

Alfonzo Rachel DESTROYS the left for blaming everything from guns to climate change instead of fixing real problems

StaffRebel Columnist

In his latest edition of ZoNation, Alfonzo Rachel has taken on the left for blaming 'climate change' and 'guns' instead of the real problems the world is facing. 

“It's you Liberals who try to make everything out to be something that will kill you,” he says. “Lightbulbs are gonna kill you. High pressure toilets gonna kill you. Muslims just slaughtered a bunch of people. Christians are going to kill you. Large soft drinks are going to kill you. Cigarette smoke is going to kill you, but marijuana smoke won't,” he goes on.

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“The unborn child in the inner-city is gonna grow up to be a murderous thug and kill you. So give him the death penalty preemptively and without due process. Guns are going to kill you all by themselves, knives won't be used. Cars won't be used. Bombs won't be used. But guns – that's the only real problem,” he points out the fear-mongering used by the left.

“Leave it to Liberals to sucker people into thinking that bad weather is a new thing,” he says when he gets to 'climate change'.

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You have to watch this video. If you like what he has to say, check out his website.

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commented 2015-12-04 17:31:54 -0500
His points are interesting and valid but this video has been edited so badly you can tell someone has strung parts of sentences together from other sentences to change the meaning. Who ever did the editing is one who is trying to manipulate us.
commented 2015-12-04 15:34:31 -0500
Bruce Kirk, Robert Dick, just google ZoNation, he has lots of common sense video, he’s both stop on and funny.
commented 2015-12-04 14:40:24 -0500
When rappers find themselves compelled to speak out, you know you’ve gone too far!!
commented 2015-12-04 14:27:03 -0500
Sho nuff loved it!!!!!
commented 2015-12-04 13:53:12 -0500
no idea who this guy is but he has my vote!
commented 2015-12-04 13:45:08 -0500
I don’t normally care much for Rap…. if this is Rap. But this guy is AWSOME!!!
commented 2015-12-04 13:25:16 -0500
First time hearing about or from this guy – I want to hear more!
commented 2015-12-04 13:06:26 -0500
I’ll be the first to say it: ‘We need more voices like his, we need more people to stand up against the Lefty Liberals.’
I did not find anything wrong with anything he said. It was amazing how many times he hit the nail right on the head regarding the Liberals.