May 30, 2016

Alise Mills of Conservative Voice: How to battle the “shadowy groups” on the left

Brian LilleyArchive

Alise Mills is the Executive Director of Conservative Voice, a third party activist group working for the cause of spreading conservative ideas. 

I spoke with Alise at the Conservative Party Convention and asked her to tell us more about her group and what they try to accomplish as an activist group on the right.

Watch as Alise explains why conservative political action groups and advocacy groups need to be in on discussions about where the party will go in the future and why it’s so important for us to demand more honesty in our election system so that voices on the right can compete fairly with the many “shadowy groups” on the left.

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commented 2016-06-01 02:48:42 -0400
KENNETH LAWRENCE commented 10 hours ago
“…If someone has a formula to save this country from the moral depravity it is sliding into, please let me know…”
Ya, there’s this great book out, it takes a while to get through, but it’s got all the answers – either way, and it has been in disrepute of late…it’s called the BIBLE.
commented 2016-05-31 17:00:42 -0400
I fear Canada is slipping irrevocably into bigoted anti-Christian liberal-progressive fascism, of the sort that was on display in Nanaimo City Council before the last election there, and that is now in power in Ottawa, i.e. the Liberal Party. If this is the case, we can only expect it to get worse, and seek our solace in God our Father, and His risen Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, as civilization collapses around us and is replaced by amoral barbarism.

This process has been going on for some time now and shows no signs of reversing (it even progressed steadily under the former Conservative government in Ottawa), so it may be time to stop hoping for the salvation of our country, and to focus instead on saving as many individual souls as possible, as the inevitable collapse nears.

I’m not yet committed to giving up on Canada as a viable society, but as the left takes more and more control and corrupts all aspects of our country with its amorality and outright immorality, I’m getting closer to it.

If someone has a formula to save this country from the moral depravity it is sliding into, please let me know.
commented 2016-05-31 15:01:06 -0400
It looks like this lurch to the left of the CPC, in order to capture the popular vote, with this ‘support’ for the tiny homosexual/gender-confused demographic, and it’s further destruction of the Christian moral principles this country was founded on, and it’s documented destructive effect on our entire country, way of life and sovereignty, is being ‘pushed through’, anyway…genie-stuffing notwithstanding Brian!
Right is right and wrong is wrong. Moral relativism and nihilism does not change those moral absolutes, therefore political expediency certainly does not change these moral absolutes either! Throwing away the social conservative vote for your ‘greener’ pastures will only split the vote.
Liberalism is a mental disorder – and it’s catching!
commented 2016-05-31 12:39:41 -0400
dear ron christensen

You can’t name a single social conservative cause that was successfully pushed in the past ten years because there were none. You are a liar and you need to put down the bong
commented 2016-05-31 08:50:46 -0400
The answer is and no one dares to do it because it will be the death of the con movementL Go join the Christian Heretage Party and sit in the political wilderness forever.
commented 2016-05-31 08:47:52 -0400
How about the shadowy extremist christian right wing bigots who hijacked the Progrsssive Conservative Party and turned it into a shit show?
commented 2016-05-31 00:56:29 -0400
“How about that shadowy group of CINOs that infiltrated the CPC and caused the whole shit show to drive to the left?”
That is a good point Deiter.
Not too impressed with Alise Mills.
commented 2016-05-31 00:13:23 -0400
How about that shadowy group of CINOs that infiltrated the CPC and caused the whole shit show to drive to the left?

All this is just more spin to justify the abandonment of true conservative principles in favour of kiosk liberalism for the sake of political careers.
commented 2016-05-30 22:36:21 -0400
The biggest obstacle that will still be there is no discernible media which will give the CPC the time. This past election if you followed them various outlets, one thing stuck out was although there very few political ads of the liberals (still more then the CPC’s), news flashes and reports had the form of liberal talking points without any substantive “response” being reported by the “target” of the talking point.
commented 2016-05-30 22:35:32 -0400
Sounded really good. Unrealistic drivel in reality. Principles are not named so for fluidity or convenience unfortunately. Mr. Harper was a principled conservative and Canada is paying a tremendous price for the constituents lack of comprehension of the word. We will pay the price for generations.
commented 2016-05-30 22:35:06 -0400
Michael Mann, Why bother changing it at all if it is going to change continuously? It represents nothing.
commented 2016-05-30 21:44:00 -0400

Where is it written that we don’t have the right to redefine anything that we want as society and culture changes over the decades? Laws are changed – even the constitution get altered.

NOTHING is written in stone.
commented 2016-05-30 21:06:31 -0400
Kevin Hampson: “The Tories should be guided by reason and truth, not fashion.”


It’s depressing how many are not, though.
commented 2016-05-30 20:39:32 -0400
I would suggest a clove of garlic hanging around your neck.
commented 2016-05-30 20:31:44 -0400
What a load of B.S. Individual liberty means being left alone; it’s nonsensical to say that somehow, in the name of liberty, people have the right to redefine a centuries-old institution in a way that suits them. Of course we lost this battle, but that doesn’t mean the party has to endorse the new definition of marriage. The traditional definition is still, and always will be, better for society – so the party should continue to endorse it in principle.

The Tories should be guided by reason and truth, not fashion.
commented 2016-05-30 19:57:18 -0400
Alise is correct about aggressive cultural marxism hiding its presence and intent behind a litany of shadowy pressure groups masquerading as rights and charity activism. This subterfuge is right out of the Alinski playbook for radicals.

Then she makes a false equivalence between gay rights and civilian firearms owners legal oppression. Gays are NOT legally oppressed or discriminated against and actually have special protection which neither property owners or heterosexuals do in the Charter.

There was a time when gays were oppressed – and it was done the same way as lawful firearms owners are being oppressed – through the criminal code criminalization of their chosen consensual peaceful preferences. That has long since vanished and gays for 1/2 a century they enjoy oppression-free extra equity in law, where as non criminal peaceful firearms users are being oppressed with more CCC statute criminalization which continues to escalate into property confiscation as well as criminal liability with denial of compensative remedy in the courts.

Apples and Oranges Alise.
commented 2016-05-30 16:15:08 -0400
She hasn’t a clue as to what conservative ideas are except for what she determines what they are. With ‘conservative’ friends like this who needs enemies.
commented 2016-05-30 15:56:56 -0400
Here’s a conservative idea for you, Alise Mills. It’s from MAC CUMMING on the “reinstate Derek Fildebrandt” thread:

Personally I have decided that I will not vote for any candidate that continues to not tell the truth about the colossal hoax of Climate Change. This pack of untruths is killing off any hope of prosperity.