July 27, 2017

All the ways left wing policies are killing Canadian jobs (and how to fix them)

Brian LilleyArchive

The left likes to claim that they stand up for working men and women, so why do left wing policies kill jobs?

While the overall economic pictures looks good in Canada right now, a series of policy decisions by left leaning governments at the federal and provincial level could change all that as they choke off growth, drive up costs and leave millions of Canadians searching for work.

The solution? Take back the agenda — starting with provincial legislatures.

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commented 2017-07-28 02:09:27 -0400
Brian, according to our Fearless Leader, Baby Doc Trudeau, budgets take care of themselves. Why worry? Remember, if you pull a pension you are rich according to PET Jr.
commented 2017-07-27 18:08:58 -0400
The regressives do not have the concepts of revenue and expense. Revenue for a business will fluctuate up and down with the market, and is generally finite. Expenses should fluctuate as well, so a profit margin remains. However, government interference, through taxes and regulations, ensure that expenses are not fluctuating with the market, but always increasing. Hence you have finite revenue and infinite expenses…the math means no economy.
commented 2017-07-27 17:54:52 -0400
Hopefully Notley, Horgan, and Wynne suffer the same as did the Bob Rae and Clark/Dosanjh NDP gov’ts and be all-but-wiped-out in the next elections.

Trudeau and his leftist premiers never let a silly thing like facts and statistics get in the way of the narrative.
Quote: “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” — A. Hitler
commented 2017-07-27 17:14:34 -0400
Brian Lilley, great report. I’m in for joining a march.
Wynne is not going to be happy until she turns Ontario into Venezuela!