March 15, 2017

Alt-right and fake news media BOTH wrong: Here’s what won Trump the presidency

Christopher WilsonRebel Commentator

The alt-right claims they’re the ones who got Trump into office, but is that true?

There’s no doubt the election of Donald Trump saw an alternative movement on the right propel him to the Presidency. But I don’t believe the movement that put him over the top was the alt-right, the Pepe memes, or a revival of white nationalists who came out of the woodwork to elect him.

I’ll leave that conspiracy theory to the mainstream media.

I believe the true movement that pushed Trump over the top was active and in front of our eyes for years and that was the Tea Party.

Watch as I explain why I believe this and provide some facts to back it up.

In the end, the reason so many principled conservatives and evangelicals were willing to vote for Trump, despite all his personal controversy, was because of the authenticity of his promises to them.

Also, let's not forget, the grassroots of the Republican party and middle America had been looking for a candidate who would get tough on illegal immigration, and only Donald Trump brought that to the table during the primary.

And, the biggest reason he won white working class voters across the rust-belt was jobs, jobs and more jobs - and the promise of bringing back manufacturing big league.

Despite best efforts of the dishonest fake news media to convince us that Trump’s election was due to his campaign sending dog-whistles to racists and white supremacists, he was in fact appealing to the Tea Party and the Evangelical base of the country.

But the alt-right and David Duke seem to believe the fake news media and think Trump’s victory was made possible due to a wave of White Nationalism.

I call BS on this because the evidence just doesn’t add up.

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commented 2017-03-16 15:49:24 -0400
I also don’t understand this nonsense that Trump has instigated anti-semitism when he is totally pro-Israel.
commented 2017-03-16 14:55:01 -0400
Liza said, “Canada is experiencing the first stages of the disemboweling process.”

Maybe that explains why my stomach hurts.
commented 2017-03-16 11:18:55 -0400
Canada is experiencing the first stages of the disemboweling process.
commented 2017-03-16 11:16:19 -0400
Art Vandelay, hearing of Wilder’s defeat was a blow. I am sad for the Dutch and all of Europe. His victory would have been an inspiration for other countries in the E.U. to be strong against the onslaught of Islam. Let’s all hope Le Pen can win back France.
commented 2017-03-16 11:12:45 -0400
‘Alt-right’ is a term that has been co opted and should never be used by anyone who cares about their reputation. It has been twisted to mean something we’re not. The term ‘white nationalist’ should also never be used. Its bullsht. and an insult to all the brown, black, yellow and red nationalists who care deeply about retaining the identity of their country. The identity of a nation has not one thing to do with colour. To even utter those two phrases only cements them as valid in the minds of the globalists who would use them against anyone who does not agree with selling out their country.
Trump won because people see what is coming down the turnpike and it terrifies them. Globalism is way worse than cancer, it’s more like being slowly disembowelled and then beheaded.
Love of country got that man in.
commented 2017-03-16 10:18:32 -0400
Space Moose said, “The leftists will never get it.”

It is hard for reality to penetrate the think skull of the average leftist, especially when he desperately does not want to allow reality to bust his utopian bubble.
commented 2017-03-16 10:16:29 -0400
Ron Joseph said, “Trump can’t even protect his Country from Islamic Terrorists without some failed small State judge telling him he can’t do it.”

Yes, there seem to be a few socialist judges who think they can overturn an Executive order from the President. But if I am not mistaken (and I very well could be) the judge in Hawaii that put a stay on Trumps order only applies to Hawaii because that is the only jurisdiction that judge is responsible for.

But the fact that the judge even feels that he can stop a Presidential Executive order is chutzpah or delusional thinking. As Trump said in his Nashville speech last night that the judge is overstepping his judicial mandate and Trump vowed to put an end to this type of behavior. I hope he is successful.
commented 2017-03-16 04:48:12 -0400
Let’s put it this way, until the Dutch sacrifice any of their own children’s blood and treasure liberating others from tyranny, if they get any notion to virtue signal: they should STFU.
commented 2017-03-16 04:08:10 -0400
I still maintain that the worst crime against humanity will be the hundreds of thousands (millions) that died from 1939 to 1945, all so it could be pissed away by a couple of generations (including my own) of selfish assholes. Lesson: Fck off politician, I will not sacrifice my own, or my children’s blood for your BS crusade. F you Holland, thanks for wasting Canadian blood and treasure.
commented 2017-03-16 03:57:07 -0400
Trump won because of desperation. As in the poor working class had no other hope left. While applauding his victory, I still maintain only a complete Roman collapse awaits us. Like the Roman one, the rich and entitled will keep lying to themselves (and us) that it is even happening. Lets just hope we go out in a whimper and not a nuclear bang. But hey, like Holland, who gives a shit, we have (like Holland) no children and no future.
commented 2017-03-16 02:58:30 -0400
The leftists will never get it.
commented 2017-03-16 01:18:49 -0400
Peter Netterville—“The Republicans owning the Congress and the Senate is a source for rejoicing”
Yes, he has all this going for him but the local Dog-Catcher seems to have more power than the President. Trump can’t even protect his Country from Islamic Terrorists without some failed small State judge telling him he can’t do it.
Then we have Obama who made laws and decisions like stopping the Keystone XL, without even asking Congress or the Senate. I hope Trump gets mad and by-passes these small-time judges, so he can do his job.
commented 2017-03-15 23:52:23 -0400
Lots of theories here as to why and how Trump won. Who knows for sure. All I know is that I am glad he is President and not Killery “the liar and thief” Clinton. Also, the Republicans owning the Congress and the Senate is a source of rejoicing.
commented 2017-03-15 23:19:06 -0400
Muta Ween-well said. Let’s also not forget the blacks who see through the Dems bs every four years that claim to have their backs so vote for us but never deliver.
commented 2017-03-15 21:29:53 -0400
A Boeing 757 and aircraft hangars won the Presidency for Trump. He went to everyplace where the Democrats had abandoned their base of manufacturing workers, miners, heavy equipment operators , you name it, he attracted them. Farmers sick of the EPA and FDA and all the horrific regulations that were stifling business and commerce. Out in rural Michigan you could see Trump signs everywhere. And no. Not on properties with shacks and broken down abandoned cars. Nice homes on acreages. People that work their tails off every day were sick of the democrat bull crap.
Trump won because he played an excellent chess match. Hillary was old, tired and carrying more baggage than a 747 loaded with vacationers. LOSER .
So what are the Democrats going to offer workers in Michigan in four years? Hey, we’ll put you out of work and give you a welfare cheque, for for us?? Ohio? Pennsylvania? Miners, truck drivers , all the people that make the country work are going to vote their new jobs away. We will see.
commented 2017-03-15 20:54:51 -0400
Trump won. End of story. Now all he has to do is fight the Obama appointed left wing judicial system on every Bill he wants to pass through Congress.
commented 2017-03-15 20:52:25 -0400
I’m with you on that. I think average people are just sick of being lied to and can uncover the truth without the msm. I haven’t believed the news for 30 years
commented 2017-03-15 19:39:30 -0400
I believe the biggest reason Trump won was because he was running against Hillary. Trump was an unknown (in reference to his political acumen, that is), Hillary was known: she was known as a liar, back stabber and criminal. A rock, a tree, a fence post, or any inanimate object would make for a better, more trust-worthy President than Hillary Clinton. At least an inanimate object would do no harm, nor would it stab anyone in the back nor throw anyone under the bus. As far as Donald Trump is concerned, he’s actually surprised me thus far. Trump wasn’t my first choice, but he’s done a damned good job so far as it’s been possible, in spite of all the road blocks that MSM and the judiciary have thrown in his path.
commented 2017-03-15 19:36:51 -0400
I agree Mr. Wilson. Recently, I have been more and more considering the alt-right as tiresome as the regressive left. Both enamoured with their respective ideologies and not the everyday concerns of joe average. Trump conveyed consideration for those concerns. He must have researched Klein’s career.
commented 2017-03-15 18:55:57 -0400
A white BACKLASH is what one would normally expect in response to LASHING OUT at whites. Not all whites are mascochists or particularly guilt ridden. Christopher Wilson…you seem to feel a need to “whitesplain” being white…I think the indoctrination got to you. Loose the white male shame on you guilt…it is simply bullshit.
commented 2017-03-15 18:33:13 -0400
Of course the MSM would say “white nationalism” got Trump elected. As I see it, in somewhat agreement with you Christopher, is Trump won because of:
1. Hillary corruption
2. Hillary globalist/immigration policies
3. Hillary establishment and economic status quo
It was simply Hillary’s election to lose, and she did it gloriously.
commented 2017-03-15 18:25:20 -0400
I agree, Chris. It is obvious that Trump’s win was not because of a wave of white nationalism, but even if it was, so what?

There is nothing wrong with being white.
There is nothing wrong with nationalism.