June 11, 2015

Analyst: Obama's latest ISIS strategy is "unserious"

Marissa SemkiwArchive

I talk about America's failing fight against ISIS with Tom Rogan, a strategist and columnist for National Review.

He says Obama is reluctant to do anything militarily that would seriously impact ISIS. Sending 450 troops just isn't enough to make a difference.

Rogan offers an alternative strategy, and also points out that with America's withdrawal from the region, locals have no choice but to throw in their lot with nations like Iran.


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commented 2015-06-13 23:55:32 -0400
Obama is a Muslim and he really wants ISIS to win. He hates the USA.
commented 2015-06-12 22:06:11 -0400
I don’t disagree with you Fraser M. Coming back with bombs is a good point. There is no proper intel on the ground to hit targets efficiently, without taking down civilians. Bombing is hyper PC these days. That is what Obambie neglects to do anything about, and all the planes in the air won’t do a thing until that is addressed. It is all pretty much a joke so far for sure.
I agree Canada needs to spit up for military dollars.
commented 2015-06-12 16:20:24 -0400
reply to Liza Rosie
All tough we only have 8 planes over there in the last time we used our air force in Libya. Our six CF-18s completed more than 10 % of the bombing sorties and the planes were in the air daily. Surely you have heard that the 80% of the U.S planes come back with bombs attached Obama’s war on Isis is a joke but what could you expect from the Manchurian president.
commented 2015-06-12 14:26:11 -0400
Maurice. Thanks for the video. A parody, but oh so true…… Obama unserious? If he were actually interested in anything beyond golf, it would infuriate the Muslim Brotherhood in his Administration. WWIII will start early in the 21st century, in the Middle East provocated by a Nation that uses a bird as a symbol. This was predicted by Edgar Cayce, a seer, back in 1935. All of his predictions have come true since. WWII, The Korean War, Viet Nam, the California earthquake of 1989, and the list goes on. Batten down the Hatches! Rough Seas Ahead!
commented 2015-06-12 00:06:34 -0400
Geeze— I wasn’t expecting that— sorry and thanks—-Liza.
I think that I would rather that you hate me. It is more fun that way.
commented 2015-06-12 00:01:42 -0400
My comment was directed to Fraser Mcburney, sorry for the confusion.
commented 2015-06-11 23:58:18 -0400
Wasn’t referring to you at all Rae. My post was sans you.
commented 2015-06-11 23:15:27 -0400
Liza ,dear liza—- don’t ever attempt to predict my mind. .. Even I can’t do that.
commented 2015-06-11 22:38:32 -0400
If he hadn’t grandstanded when he first got in , we wouldn’t be having this conversation. ISIS, wouldn’t even be the force they are now. Waste of time now, oBAMA is tres joke.

Joan , I agree, the financial stuff is the least Obama could be doing if he were serious. He clearly is not.

Fraser, Harper isn’t taking orders from ObAMA the loser, Canada doesn’t have the war machine that the U.S. possesses. We can’t work independently of the U.S. unfortunately. We can however make our own stand on things, as with standing with Israel, since that is always what the west has done, until Obambie.
commented 2015-06-11 21:54:05 -0400
To tell you the truth—- I don’t see much difference between ALL the wars., The war on Drugs. The war on Terrorism. The war on Global Warming. Just a bunch of ‘make work’ projects on a global scale.
commented 2015-06-11 21:54:05 -0400
To tell you the truth—- I don’t see much difference between ALL the wars., The war on Drugs. The war on Terrorism. The war on Global Warming. Just a bunch of ‘make work’ projects on a global scale.
commented 2015-06-11 21:50:43 -0400
Fraser – All good questions. Also, why haven’t we cut off their income? Hacked their bank accounts? Why are we bombing refineries when they sell the oil unrefined?

When we talk of moderate Islamists in the western Iraqi tribes, we mean relative to ISIS. That is how we now talk about any Islamists who don’t burn captives alive.
commented 2015-06-11 21:09:15 -0400
Today on THE REBEL we learned that Canadian CF-18s had their third sortie since being stationed there over 6 months ago. Third air strike THE THIRD AIR STRIKE? Who is commanding our war efforts. Are our planes not air worthy? Are we waiting for parts? Who is commanding our air force? If we only had three bombing runs why are we there? Are we there to watch peoples heads cut off? Are we there to defeat Isis?
We’ve been watching Isis fighters parade up and down streets. Why have we not bombed the living hell out of them? Is our Prime Minister taking orders from Obama the looser?
Knowing we have surveillance aircraft and refueling aircraft there, why are we not using them? War is hell collateral damage is un avoidable they know it that is why they parade their captured equipment through the streets. All we have to do is bomb one convoy and the next time we bomb a convoy they wouldn’t have a crowd . Or better yet lets wait until they are all in their knees paying for our destruction four 2000 lbs. would do the job nicely. Tell me how come they have electricity? You don’t have to blow up the dam just the transmission lines. The best way to defeat an army is starve them, remember who said an army travels on it’s stomach……….NAPOLEON. WHY DO THEY HAVE FOOD.
commented 2015-06-11 20:05:26 -0400
These commentators still refer to moderate Islam, indicating they have not a clue, of Islam or the Koran. Yes there are Muslims, that just want to live their lives, but they are not full Islamist, I think the term that confuses me, Secular Muslims!

A moderate Christian accepting abortion, individual choice, not the teaching of Christianity, as the “Moderate” Muslims, are not following the teachings of Islam.
commented 2015-06-11 19:55:34 -0400
450 extra troops. Bottom line: Obama has no interest on re-engaging in the Middle East, unless of course he’s cozying up to pariah state Iran. The US needs to get its shit together soon domestically and internationally or they are doomed. A wasted 6 1/2 years in office with another 1 1/2 years of stalling and dithering to come. Time for a change of vision. The Republicans have a great crop of presidential candidates. Looking forward to their election process to begin in earnest.
commented 2015-06-11 19:36:28 -0400
There are NO moderate tribes in the mid east. There are no friends in the mid east.

They will be nice to us as long as the ammunition, firearms and cash flows. Otherwise we are trash to them all.

Not one group has any time for the western folks – and not one group respects us.

They have had thousands of years to accomplish what was accomplished in North America in about 350 years.

The mid east is a cesspool and we will simply sink to their level – then they will beat us with their experience.

I lived in many of those countries for quite some time. Anyone thinks differently really needs to go there and see for themselves. And if you are a woman – you will not enjoy it – even while visiting the Christians and the “pretend to be” moderate tribes.

Build a wall and let them fight. Do not bring any here. We have enough – and even those so called moderates we have here support the mosques that support the terror.

Close the door.
commented 2015-06-11 18:47:41 -0400
Yes, arm the Kurds and moderate Iraqi tribes. Some say IS got Mosul not because the Iraqis didn’t fight but because they lacked the anti-carrier equpment needed to counter the vehicle-based suicide jihadis IS was using to make incursion.

But there is another problem for Obama to send ground troops. Iran’s Red Guard fighting IS on the ground has made it clear it will consider any American-led ground offensive to be an invasion and will retaliate accordingly. So if Obama sends in ground troops they could end up fighting not only IS but also Iran. And we all know how badly Obama wants to get on with Iran.