March 29, 2019

After Andrew Coyne's “embarrassing” video on the Mueller Report, “maybe the National Post should just shut down”

Rebel Staff

I was on the National Post's editorial board for two years, back in the early days of that company, almost 20 years ago now.

It was a great time to be there — it was before the Internet killed newspapers; and it was an explicitly conservative newspaper.

Since I left the Post in 2001, a lot has changed. Conrad Black doesn’t own it anymore. A lot of the content is just recycled left-wing wire copy from the U.S.

They’re gone full global warming truther. They’ve gone weird on Islamic terrorism, too. 

I guess I’m used to this, but I’m a bit sad about it all, because it really used to be my favourite newspaper in the world.

But I came across a video — the National Post makes those now — about Robert Mueller’s report into allegations of Russian collusion with Donald Trump to interfere in the 2016 election.

As you no doubt know, after two years, Mueller's team found nothing.

So far, only a four-page summary of the larger report has been released, by U.S. Attorney General William Barr, because there are strict rules about just dumping a bunch of legally confidential material into the public domain without redacting some parts first.

One line in Barr's letter is copied word-for-word from Mueller’s full report:

“[T]he investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”

That’s really all you need to know. That’s from Mueller himself. That was the headline in the New York Times and the Washington Post, right?

It's over. Except for National Post's "star columnist," Andrew Coyne...

Tonight I'll take you through Coyne's embarrassing video reaction to the Mueller findings.

There's so much spin. Coyne says Mueller doesn’t exonerate Trump on collusion. Did Coyne even read the memo?

Why is Coyne misleading his viewers?

I truly don’t know if he’s lying, or if he himself is clueless, or, actually my working theory, is that he’s just such a Trump-hater, he can’t bring himself to accept the truth.

It's as if Coyne is just repeating world salad garbage he heard on MSNBC or the Young Turks or

But the National Post holds him out as an expert.

The National Post has fallen far. They are an embarrassment every day. And their tired, washed-up columnist who comes across as an expert — really knows nothing, and just makes it up.

That is fake news. That is a conspiracy theory.

And I’m so sorry to say, that is a newspaper that was once Canada's finest, in fact, once one of the finest in the world.

NEXT: Today was supposed to be the day that the UK left the European Union. That's not what happened, though...

Our correspondent, MEP Janice Atkinson, was at a huge Brexit rally in London this morning. She joins me to talk about the mood of the crowd to this massive blow to democracy, and what will happen next.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2019-04-02 14:20:28 -0400
I cancelled my NP subscription, sadly, after receiving it on my doorstep for nearly 20 years. I wrote their staff explaining my position, that I could no longer tolerate the constant torrent of anti-Trump rhetoric. That was January 2017.
commented 2019-04-02 04:47:25 -0400
Muta Ween… Well said!… There is a profound “arrogance” in the ranks of Canadian journalism now that rather than reporting the “facts” they are going to to tell us “what facts are best for us simpletons”… Andrew Coyne and too, too many at the National Post have been allowed to get away with this “spinning” for years now… It became very transparent going into the last federal election and has not ceased… Hey! Anne Marie Owens – I though our old managing editor Larry Smith at The Standard taught you better!
commented 2019-04-01 12:43:48 -0400
Great job Ezra. You demonstrated that Coyne is a dishonest fool. Your description of him as a Collusion Truther is perfect. He obviously suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome. I gave up on the National Post when it supported Trudeau in 2015. It is nothing but a thinner copy of the Globe & Mail.
commented 2019-04-01 09:01:48 -0400
They call themselves journalists but when exactly did these not so well educated people suddenly elevate themselves above the fray , above us commoners.
When did they take on the task of deciding what was good for us to see and hear? When did they decide that they were the judges and only they could decide who was worthy and who was not regarding our politics and culture?
Coyne is endemic of the impartiality and abject bias which is the propaganda that we are fed each day by the organs of the state.
The media and Coyne are the enemy of the TRUTH. Without truth there can be no Democracy and at this point in our history I don’t trust the media to provide us with any truth.
commented 2019-03-31 13:04:44 -0400
Coyne is Canada’s Shiftless Adam Schiff . . . certifiable moron ! ! !

Barr = Trump loyalist . . . stupid comment by a bankrupt so-called journalist!
Barr likely said to his friend Mueller . . . “Time to wrap it up man”!

When did Mueller know there was no “there there”? Likely over 2 years ago !

Tower Meeting with Jr. . . . set up by Fusion GPS & the DNC . . . one Russian was connected to the Klinton Foundation and the other was given a Visa by Lynch !

Coyne is so out of the loop . . . just another Dumb Canook !
commented 2019-03-31 02:09:38 -0400
That’s a valid observation Dan Mancuso… When I was still in “journalism” in the 60s and 70s there were enough “real” journalists around who could keep their “more opinionated” colleagues in check with some heated debates after work at the local pub or the press club… THAT “honesty” factor has obviously fled entirely…
commented 2019-03-30 11:49:34 -0400
We should coin a term for what Coyne is doing.
He’s lying.
But he’s lying for a reason. The reason is because for the left, in their fevered and irrational delusions, the end will always justify the means, or they will rationalize it to…as Coyne does here in his Trump Derangement Syndrome hysteria.
It’s an unhealthy and destructive obsession these lefties have!
Good luck fixing that!

Personally, I think the real reason Coyne hates Trump so much is because Donald Trump has an actual chin…
Ezra, you say the $1500.00 (per person) pay-to-play-fee, paid by the Grassy Narrows activists, was ‘well spent’.
Yes, but only if they get exposure!
Would there have been any exposure if THEREBEL hadn’t exposed it?
It seems obvious to me the FNMP (Fake News Media Party) are seriously eyeballing THEREBEL, not for news tips and leads so much, but to know what they can get away with lying about, how much they can lie, and how much they can leave out!
That’s some pretty funny irony.
commented 2019-03-30 11:06:18 -0400
Good government in Canada would involve the firing of 99.9 percent of the people in our educational system. They have to be replaced with people who would teach the joys of Left, Right and Center, they would also teach children on how to make their own decisions and choose for themselves who the want to Lead them.
In addition, the Pulp and Electronic MSM would have to be dug up and thoroughly weeded to ensure that all the Marxism has been eradicated from their filthy Maws.

Just a thought.
commented 2019-03-30 10:00:26 -0400
Maybe Coyne is suffering from the same brain aneurysm, that Adam Schiff is, where all cognitive reasoning has flown the coop.
commented 2019-03-30 03:32:04 -0400
But, minor miracle!… have you seen the latest front page of Maclean’s?? Have they really stopped smoking pakalolo in the newsrooms of our nation?
commented 2019-03-30 03:28:45 -0400
The National Post “lost” Conrad Black’s intent of a national news voice to counter the CBC crowd’s “Berlin Wall” of typical leftie Canadian news almost as soon as he gave up ownership… That “descent” into leftie thought became very apparent months before going into the last federal election… And Andrew Coyne, day after day, is a prime example of that trend… One can only thank God that the occasional posting from Rex Murphy still exists!…
commented 2019-03-30 00:04:27 -0400
Andrew Coyne is like a Chef who has lost his passion for his menu and food. Serving expired french fries from a dirty cooler is good enough for his guests. He still gets a cheque so he doesn’t care. Its fun to see Ezra “Gordon Ramsay” Coyne’s disgusting fridge.
commented 2019-03-29 23:16:30 -0400
Coyne can’t be very intelligent if he got the whole story wrong.
He’s cunning, not intelligent.
commented 2019-03-29 23:11:52 -0400
Ezra, please stop putting so much focus on the msm. They are dead corpses anyway.
commented 2019-03-29 23:08:50 -0400
Good show. Hundreds of kangaroo courts shut down in one day. Truth is stranger than fiction and you couldn’t write a script this unbelievable. God is in control. God love you
commented 2019-03-29 22:35:01 -0400
“Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry” is a book well worth reading.
commented 2019-03-29 22:30:20 -0400
Andrew Coyne. Is the early onset of dementia a possibility?
I never liked Coyne’s writing style but years ago you could see a glimmer of conservatism in his opinions. Now, not so much .
commented 2019-03-29 22:20:22 -0400
Ezra likely guessed correctly that the UK will again ask the EU for an extension in 2 weeks. (Some say maybe a long extension of a year or even 2, so the Brexitors will forget about Brexit.)
This next extension will need approval of all 27 EU Countries and at least 2 of them apparently may vote no extension. (Italy and Hungary)
If this plan takes place, the UK will be out of the EU on April 14.

The French President Macron says that he may also vote no extension as he does not want to see British people like Nigel Farage in the EU Parliament.
commented 2019-03-29 21:58:55 -0400
Wendy Lynne,

The business model for Rebel is Outrage journalism. They always need an enemy, so today’s MSM obsession is Andrew Coyne.

There is an article by Keean Bexte today where his schtick is to make the Alberta election about him and Rebel. I think Rebel will be really sad when if Notley goes down, or Junior.

No problem with outrage journalism for entertainment, and Rebel is honest about it. But I certainly preferred Rebel before the 2017 melt down when they had the outrage but also the moderate journalists: Chris Wilson, Brian Lilley, Holly Nichols. It was more like Fox North then, or Daily Wire.
commented 2019-03-29 21:46:16 -0400
Despite your warning the National Post more than a decade ago to not become another Globe & Mail, they are now clearly there.

Coyne talks with such authority (he’s not a lawyer), but comes across as a pompous idiot. He wasn’t qualified to answer any questions.
commented 2019-03-29 21:44:09 -0400
Don’t know what the problem is with Britain, your natural ally the US is waiting for you with open arms. The sooner you leave the Islamic republic of the EUSSR the better ….deal or no deal
That cesspool is done anyways
commented 2019-03-29 21:30:18 -0400
What is happening in the British Parliament is the creation of confusion by the NWO Marxst’s who have invaded all the Political party’s, as individuals they label themselves ‘Remainers’ and work, either directly for the UN or the EU. PM MAY is one of them. They have created confusion among normal MP’s and the general public with their demands and parliamentary votes. I am sure that some of them are not certain themselves, of what is going to happen next. To add to this, it has been said that the British Armed Forces have been given to the EU, where they will remain regardless of weather the UK leaves the EU or not. I am not certain if there is any truth in this but Nigel Farage mentioned this on his daily Radio Show but he did not say much and has not mentioned it since (???).

The people of Britain are the subjects of ‘ORGANIZED AND ORDERLY CHAOS’.
commented 2019-03-29 21:29:48 -0400
Remember when Steve Bannon pulled Andrew’s sweater.👍
commented 2019-03-29 21:04:32 -0400
will never ever shock someone living in the west. the media slime in toronto care little about freedom of expression, and going after the truth in ottawa because they can’t and never will when their party is in power and paying for their bias and love.
commented 2019-03-29 20:57:10 -0400
So tired of Ezra’s obsession with MSM (3 monologues/ last 5 shows).
I hunger for some actual news from Rebel Media. Please!!!!
commented 2019-03-29 20:53:46 -0400
Thanks for documenting a blatant example of fake news. How true it is that left wing experts are has-been drips under pressure.
commented 2019-03-29 20:48:15 -0400
So that’s where Larysa Harapyn ended up.
commented 2019-03-29 20:46:20 -0400
I still find it worthwhile to read Coyne for perspective. He is intelligent and writes well. Sometimes I see his perspective.

However, I never lose sight that he is the son of the Bank of Canada Governor appointed by a Liberal PM then fired by a Conservative PM for political interference.

Nor that his first cousin once removed is the half sister of PM Junior.

Stereotypical Laurentien elite? YES.

Once that is understood, then one can read his opinions.
commented 2019-03-29 20:24:36 -0400
There is still some quality at the Post such as Blatchford , Kay and the occasional Black piece but I tuned the elitist globalist Coyne out years ago …..he should be working at the fake news CBC ……oh wait a minute what a surprise ..he does ! That should disqualify his opinions from all validity right there