June 25, 2016

Andrew C. McCarthy: What keeps America from protecting itself from radical Islam

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

This is an excellent primer on Islam as a threat doctrine, and how political correctness -- as a weapon of cultural Marxism -- prevents the West from protecting itself.

Watch it here on YouTube.

For those who wish to pursue the subject of "CVE," which Andrew McCarthy speaks of in this lecture, please see these Rebel posts of interviews with former military intel officer, Stephen Coughlin. 

The complete text is available here.



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commented 2016-06-27 02:51:23 -0400
Jay Kelly are you saying they did not happen? Oh yeah you are in denial and hate facing the truth.
commented 2016-06-27 00:45:36 -0400
There is no Radical Islam. Just Islam.
commented 2016-06-26 22:07:10 -0400
It will take a Paris or Brussels incident to change the scolding tone of Islam apologists. As always people must be sacrificed to leftist stupidity before the majority of sheeple they have been fleeced and led to the slaughter house – Islamists know there is not the resolve to remain free left in this apathetic decadent culture to stop them – there will be no Gates of Vienna victory in modern America.
commented 2016-06-26 17:12:30 -0400
I bet the whole campaign on fear of Muslims. Canadians are just not buying it. I blame Obama for kicking ISIS’s ass. All that money I wasted on the F-35 should have been rolled into false flags to fire up the PC base. With Premier Notley really fixing up Alberta we are in for a long hard fight. As the vast majority of Canadians will simply not accept Shariah Law I believe we need change up our plan. I have repeatedly prayed to our GOD to have couple of these dirty Muslims swim a couple of thousands miles across the North Atlantic. No answer yet.
commented 2016-06-26 15:25:09 -0400
To Jay Kelly:

Koolaid, Koolaid, tastes great!
Koolaid, Koolaid, can’t wait!
commented 2016-06-26 14:55:53 -0400
Jay Kelly has no brain to transplant – just another demonic Zombie babbling bullshit.
commented 2016-06-26 14:47:02 -0400
Not sure where you’re coming from Jay K. That comment had troll written all over it.
You and Andrew McCarthy one on one, HA, he would be pooping you out after his morning Java. Nice try though.
commented 2016-06-26 14:41:35 -0400
My head is going to blow up. Way to much truth and common sense for one video.
Have to go to my safe place……..
commented 2016-06-26 14:30:11 -0400
Regan Jonny, that was a great summary. We see this now in Manitoba with the Hanover School Division being taken to the HRC to force them to force acceptance, demanding the local MP, Ted Falk (and others) to take part in Steinbach’s first pride parade. The HRC is the attempt to use the coercive power of the state to force participation in the agenda. If the Division does not knuckle under then the last of the 5 points will be enacted, “punishment of all dissenters”. Yo hit the nail on the head. Just as Islam has 5 pillars so, too, does political correctness.

Here is a link to the School Division agitation: http://www.steinbachonline.com/local/hanover-asked-to-respond-to-human-rights-complaint

And to demands made of Ted Flak and other politicians to march in the Pride parade: http://www.steinbachonline.com/local/falk-not-attending-steinbach-pride-march

Blessing on all those who have not bowed the knee to Baal.
commented 2016-06-26 13:17:24 -0400
Jay, hopefully karma finds you and yours. I for one would not lift a finger to help you useless pieces of trash.
commented 2016-06-26 12:38:49 -0400
What does Jay Kelly gain by posting comment, “The truth is that there is no threat.”, when clearly that is a blatant lie?
commented 2016-06-26 11:56:22 -0400
Regan Jonny, well said. Fact!
commented 2016-06-26 11:50:48 -0400
Obama – arsehole and islamic lover.

Trudoh! – same
commented 2016-06-26 11:31:25 -0400
Trudeau and Obama keep telling us not give in to fear of Islamic terrorism because then they win. I would say they win every time they kill another innocent person and somebody says we shouldn’t give in to fear. Trudeau, Obama and the rest of the appeasers are giving in to their fear of being called racist. Who is the pathetic ones?
commented 2016-06-26 11:03:09 -0400
The same thing that keeps Canada from protecting themselves political correctness.
The five stages of political correctness:
1. Tolerance
2. Acceptance
3. Celebration
4. Forced participation
5. Punishment of all dissenters
commented 2016-06-26 08:19:37 -0400
Jay Kelly Feel free to be a good little liberal and go ahead and be a victim if you like. Just do not expect the rest of us to be like you. Crime ,Islamic terrorism, sharia law, already has been suggested to be implemented in Ontario, Go live your life as you see fit, just don’t expect any help from those who choose to be prepared. No doubt you would not even survive a power outage without gov intervention or someone telling you what to do. Islam is literally a death cult proven over and over again every day with more killings, Did you even read Maurice Potvin s comment.
commented 2016-06-26 03:00:48 -0400
Jay Kelly, Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,199 Attacks, 197,663 Killed, 277,537 Injured. But YOU can probably sleep well…… for now!
commented 2016-06-26 02:30:05 -0400
Drew, it sounds like you will need some strong locks on your house. Most of us will get along fine, but you have to deal with plots of all sorts. Sleep well.
commented 2016-06-26 02:13:03 -0400
The CN Tower and the Toronto Stock Exchange were also targets of a muslim plot.

Jay Kelly needs a brain transplant.
commented 2016-06-26 02:09:23 -0400
Jay for some crazy reason my gut says to believe the jihadists instead of you. Just to be on the safe side.
commented 2016-06-26 02:02:29 -0400
Jay for sure, no threat, no VIA plot, no Pressure cooker plot, no lone wolf attacks, no plot to kill the PM. And of course you will be in extreme denial until you make some excuse for the coming Sharia patrols.
commented 2016-06-26 01:16:00 -0400
A dire warning from Ezra Levant and the whole Muslim/Jewish consortium that we should beware of the threat.

The truth is that there is no threat.

We can sleep easy, but should call out these alarmists.