February 04, 2018

Andrew McCarthy: FISA abuse memo reveals Democrat misinformation

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On Friday's show, Andrew McCarthy of the National Review joined me for an analysis of the newly released memo about Trump, Russia and the FBI.

The memo reveals that the FBI relied on information gathered by Christopher Steele, a Fusion GPS political operative who was working for the Democrats.

The information wasn't verified and came from a source with partisan political interests, yet it was used to justify the surveillance of members of Trump's campaign.

WATCH my interview with Andy to see why he thinks the FBI's system of corroborating evidence is "broken".

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commented 2018-02-05 01:39:23 -0500
Keith Barnes i was having a snack when i read that, now i cannot finish it. Even the thought of that smell makes me ill.
commented 2018-02-04 19:30:42 -0500
Keith Barnes commented: “Smell of Clinton here.”

And a foul smell it is……………………….!
commented 2018-02-04 14:10:33 -0500
Smell of Clinton here.