December 08, 2017

Andrew McCarthy Reveals Disturbing Truth About Mueller's Investigation Into Trump

Rebel Staff

During his show last night, Ezra Levant spoke with the National Review's Andrew McCarthy about what's really going on with White House Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into President Donald Trump. What McCarthy had to say about what Mueller is doing is downright disturbing...

McCarthy explained to Levant that he believes the goal of Mueller's investigation is not to simply find evidence that Trump colluded with Russia to win the election. Rather, he thinks Mueller is looking for any evidence that could be used to get Trump impeached. 

"The end game is the removal of Trump, either by impeachment or by publicly discrediting him and making his reelection politically impossible," McCarthy said. 

The American Constitution dictates that the House of Representatives only needs a simple majority to impeach a sitting U.S. president. This means that if Democrats are able to flip the House next year, they will easily be able to impeach Trump if Mueller finds even small piece of evidence that they can use against the president. 

Levant points out that in recent days, Mueller has fired multiple members of his team who were exposed as having an anti-Trump bias. While Levant saw this as an encouraging sign that Mueller may not be on a witch hunt against Trump, McCarthy believes that the special counsel had no choice but to fire these team members. It's already known that some of the lawyers Mueller hired for his investigation are Democrat operatives, so for the sake of public perception of his investigation, he can't afford to have others be exposed as being anti-Trump. The fact that Mueller got read of these anti-Trump investigators does not change McCarthy's belief that he is still trying to have the president removed from power. 

If you want to see more of what McCarthy had to say, check out the rest of Ezra Levant's interview with him here!

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commented 2017-12-08 22:42:30 -0500
Uh-Huh Yup; Mueller will build a Phony Impeachment case & announce it during the Mid-Term Campaign, flip the House Majority to Democrat & infect the Good Work of Dr. DJ Trump; POTUS.