May 27, 2017

(FLASHBACK) Andrew Scheer: “Liberals are playing identity politics” with “Islamophobia” motion

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(Originally posted February 17, 2017) This week, Conservative Party leadership candidate Andrew Scheer joined me to explain why he opposes M-103, the motion before Parliament to "study" "Islamophobia" with an eye to eliminate it (without actually defining it.)


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commented 2017-05-29 00:25:17 -0400
Trudeau and his destroy Canada Islamic sharia program will have the full support of the “Cuckold Broadcasting Caliphite”
commented 2017-05-28 19:20:30 -0400
@ Jay Kelly who claimed, "Andrew Scheer is a product of Pierre Trudeau’s generation who saw national unity … "

Apparently leftie socialist trolls like Jay Kelly are also bad at math as well as a myriad of other things.

Andrew Sheer is 38. He way too young to be part of the Pierre Trudeau generation.
commented 2017-05-28 12:08:54 -0400
Well my choice was Brad Trost and he did not make it, but I will stand with Andrew Sheer and support him in every way.
He now needs everyone’s full support.
I’m also glad to see Rona gone, hopefully Andrew will be a strong leader and put the self serving Liberals in their rightful place which is at the very back of the bus along with the flip flop two faced NDP.
I will pray for Andrew every day.
God bless and guide you Andrew Sheer.
commented 2017-05-28 11:42:32 -0400
A few thoughts:

First, Sheer has the proper personality and mindset for a Canadian PM, whether he has the fortitude to do what must be done to restore freedom and prosperity to Canadians after this Globalist coup, remains to be seen. Canada will not continue in the future by plastering Band Aids over gaping wounds in our culture/economics/rule of law.

Secondly: Glen Graig et al; I was involved with separatist movements since Alberta elected Gord Kessler to the legislature because there were several deeply informed and intelligent separation movement leaders who had formulated workable post-separation strategies. These were very viable separation political/organizational strategies which would return the self-direction and wealth of Alberta to Albertans. Unfortunately the movements never produced a party organization capable of communicating these post-separation conditions to voters ( media stone walled the candidates) Separation has always loomed in the back of Albertan’s thinking since the first Liberal PM pooched us by Jerry-rigging the first election and making Edmonton the Capital – the depression, war, Papa Doc Trudeau, Chretien – Alberta has always been held in contempt by the Laurentian elite and screwed over worse than any other province, These days the rapacious Ottawa Laurentians have screwed the entire west over with regulating and taxing in exclusive Provincial jurisdiction that a western block political power alliance within Confederation is a viable answer to this constant Ottawa plundering and social engineering.

Lastly: rereading Jay Kelly’s shallow comments from the original posts, has underscored to me just how superficial and substance-vacant the thinking of “Trudeau generation” liberals is. Regrettably federal campaigns to win power must conform to appeal to this shallow, self-centered distortion of confederal cohesion and Canadian “values?”
commented 2017-05-28 11:05:30 -0400
Sask is busy being productive under Wall, but they care about Alberta, so does the Interior and Northern BC. I don’t know about anything east of Sask.
What is happening to Alberta has happened before. It was devastating then and it is devastating now. They are trying to take BC down as well, and now with a minority Christie gov. the NDP and Greens are going to do their best to help the Trudeau legacy.
Scheer is a Saskatchewan boy. Saskatchewan boys are a good bet for loyalty. First promise on his list is stop the carbon tax. I am hopeful and pleased that none of the laurention elite managed to slide in there.
commented 2017-05-28 10:44:56 -0400
I agree with Liza Rosie’s comment re: Andrew Scheer.
My first choice was Erin O’Toole, and I’m disappointed he lost…this feeling will pass & I will stand behind Andrew Scheer.
commented 2017-05-28 10:38:09 -0400
I love Albertans, it pains me to see what is happening there.
commented 2017-05-28 04:05:01 -0400
“This is the future for Canada, under the rule of Justin Trudeau. Don’t let it end this way.”
Stocking on ammo might be a bit insurane to make it go right way
commented 2017-05-28 03:04:59 -0400
I hope you’re right, Liza Rosie. Alberta can’t take any more tyranny of the majority from the Laurentian Elites. Many Albertans feel liked they’re trapped in an abusive relationship with the Federal government. Alberta pays massive transfer payments to Ottawa with no political representation, and Trudeau is apparently hellbent on destroying our economy like his father did. The Pierre Trudeau years were terrible years for Alberta, and we’re not interested in repeating them.

I will keep an extremely close eye on Andrew Scheer’s campaign donors come 2018. If any are anti-energy, that will be more bad news for Alberta.

Thanks, Leviticus 2013. Seems most Canadians don’t care about what happens to Albertans; but they sure love the money we send them.
commented 2017-05-28 01:17:11 -0400
I think a lot of people are being pretty hard on Scheer. I most certainly would not call him an ‘empty suit’. It serves no purpose to beat up the new leader of the conservative party before he even gets started. Scheer is who won. Lets stand behind him and steer him if necessary. I agree with Glenn, the party will keep Scheer honest. I also think he has strong values. Canada has not seen what he can do other than in his capacity as speaker of the House, and since Trudeau, as a member of the opposition. He has made some impressive attacks on Justin. He will make Justin’s head spin. I stand with him and want to cheer him on to election day when I believe he has a good chance to beat Justin. Because of what he can do and because of what Justin is incapable of doing. Justin will implode as his term crawls on. Scheer will have an easy job of it. Lets see what Scheer can do, before we start tearing him apart.
commented 2017-05-28 00:50:31 -0400
Rob Greeley… I guess I’m just sick of the endless dictatorships that come from the Laurentian elites… I am tired of having only colony status in
" club Canada"…
Maybe we should just have a trial separation and see if we like it.
commented 2017-05-27 23:56:51 -0400
At Keith Barnes..I know Brother..trudeau should be under arrest by now..and a few rcmp followers of trudeau.
commented 2017-05-27 23:50:29 -0400
Is everybody blind, MUSLIMS COME TO CANADA FOR ONE REASON ONLY,IT IS CALLED JIHAD. They will follow the Quran and cut the throat of anybody unwilling to convert to the dogma of Islam. Once they have enough manpower here, there will be a big change in their attitude and the violence will become commonplace. The police will ignore it because the PM will have told them to look the other way.

This is the future for Canada, under the rule of Justin Trudeau. Don’t let it end this way.
commented 2017-05-27 23:20:40 -0400
C’mon Leviticus..there is more of us real Canadian’s than trudeau, wynne or notley and their followers. There is a lot of Canadians who are not in touch of current events because of the main stream media(B@$terds). Mr. President Trump tapped into Everyday People..and now he is their voice.
commented 2017-05-27 23:05:11 -0400
“their goofball idiot’s!” typo :)
commented 2017-05-27 23:04:07 -0400
Rob Greeley… I would consider staying together if our western provinces had a voice through the people whether or not they wanted to pay transfer payments to the east that fuels a lop sided voting system and provides corporate welfare for various corporations in Quebec and Ontario… I see no economic advantage of staying together without the ability to protect our economic situation and keep corporate corruption vote buying at a minimum and a greater political force representing the economic engines of Canada i.e. the west.

Or we could just separate.!!
commented 2017-05-27 23:00:27 -0400
Why should Canada split up Leviticus 2013..trudeau, wynne and notley should split from Canada!!! Force them out!!! and all of there goofball idiot’s!
commented 2017-05-27 22:57:59 -0400
So what are we gonna call ourselves…? The united provinces of Canada… LOL
commented 2017-05-27 22:56:29 -0400
Hey Laura… Don’t let anybody dissuade you that separation is not a viable option as there are all a lot of disgruntled people in the west and the only ones that don’t want us to separate are the ones who have a vested interest in everything east of the Manitoba border and can still milk something out of us..
Anytime from this moment forward would be a good time for separation and the more Justin Trudeau invites terrorist from around the world and settles them where he sees fit like some would be dictator that’s all the more reason for us to leave, any fools that don’t support separation can go live under JT’s regime in the east and be happy while her kids are raped while the churches and schools are bombed and you got illegals praying in the streets during rush hour traffic….
Keep separation alive Laura… And God bless you.
commented 2017-05-27 22:55:00 -0400
I’m with Glenn Craig on staying together..For example our neighbors/cousins on the southern Border.

United States of America..Key word “United”
commented 2017-05-27 22:51:01 -0400
If Andrew Scheer cannot turn this country around with a winning election in the next federal go around I think we should have like minded people meet en-mass and discuss the terms of the west separation..
I see no reason to let the entire body die when the malignancy can be trimmed away like a bad appendage.
I wish Quebec would’ve separated when they threaten to but they counted on all the bleeding hearts across Canada and guess what they were right and now we subsidize the hell out of that province with Western money.
I would consider no separation if making transfer payments to the criminals in the east was voluntary pending the outcome of a referendum.!!
Well for that matter all decisions affecting the west from Ottawa or call back should be done by referendum to those being affected, but seeing that will never happen fuck…!! Let’s just separate.!!
commented 2017-05-27 22:29:43 -0400
@Laura Lacey…I think not…the others who were nearly there will sand bag him in place and keep him honest.

And as for the west separating I for one have become as sick and tired of that as the Quebec divorce threat….fact is the Czechs don’t miss the Slovaks and if you want to live in a land locked Balkan state that cannot get your oil transported anywhere without paying an extorion rate toll then you and the other western separatists are as big a bunch of fools as the Rene Levesque crowd….BTW…that hope died with Rene Levesque….and your hope died with Doug Christie.
commented 2017-05-27 22:22:10 -0400
I think Andrew Scheer will prove himself to be a worthy leader. Looking forward to the coming days and weeks.
commented 2017-05-27 22:21:05 -0400
Time for the West to separate. Scheer is the equivalent of Paul Ryan in the US; vacuous, empty suit, no backbone, and a politician who caters to whatever social justice warrior or trend screams the loudest. Scheer is blown about by every wind, and will capitulate to every minority, special interest or Liberal bully he encounters. The future will teach Conservatives about the grave mistake they have made. Scheer knows NOTHING about economics. Max Bernier is an economist, and Trudeau will leave us with a financial disaster.
commented 2017-05-27 21:55:33 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,406 Attacks, 215,037 Killed, 296,183 Injured that we know of
commented 2017-02-18 21:58:43 -0500
Andrew Scheer is a product of Pierre Trudeau’s generation who saw national unity and our distinct heritage as key to a brilliant future. Thus he did an excellent job as Speaker of the House — perfectly bi-lingual, diplomatic, good-humoured, aware of all regions of the nation.

With the voting system as it is in the Conservative Party race, he may well take the compromise ribbon.

If he wins he would be the first Conservative leader to be a product of the P. Trudeau generation.
commented 2017-02-18 17:47:47 -0500
M-103 will also have the effect of standing down police and security agents who have terrorism suspects under surveillence as it will be deemed “islamophobic” profiling as it was in the USA under Obama. Several terrorist incidents that were preventable occurred because of this misguided political correctness.
commented 2017-02-17 22:48:27 -0500
Allan, I think there one huge difference between Harper and Andrew Scheer. Harper was completely transparent, in that he didn’t play politics. He stood on principle and conviction, and you always knew exactly where he stood on every issue. That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t negotiate and make compromises, but he would never compromise on issues of integrity and principle. When I listen to Andrew Scheer, I have no idea whether he’s sincere, or he’s just saying what he’s saying because he thinks it’s what we want to hear. And does he say the same things and take the same stand when he’s talking to a liberal audience? I don’t know. Harper spoke clearly and concisely; Scheer fumbles and stutters…. which makes me feel he’s just trying say what he thinks we want to hear, or at best he’s very indecisive and unsure of himself.
commented 2017-02-17 22:26:55 -0500
Allan Peterson: For Justin, pretty well so far. For the rest of us Canadians, not worth a damn.
commented 2017-02-17 21:28:44 -0500
Possibly, Maurice, but they said Harper had no personality but he got elected. Twice!