March 23, 2016

(VIDEO) Andrew McCarthy: “Islam is not a religion of peace”

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

With this video, former assistant U.S. attorney Andrew McCarthy becomes a much-needed ambassador to the obvious.

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commented 2016-03-24 14:48:59 -0400
Sean Penson said, "Religion is a disease that must be treated before it affects anyone else. "

What an arrogant thing to say since more than 95% of the population of the planet is one religion or another.

To believe that you have the answer over the other 95% of the planet is extreme an hubris, arrogance and contempt on an order that is second to none.
commented 2016-03-24 12:23:57 -0400
How many more people need to be killed by muslims? How many more threats do we need to hear from them? How many times do thousands of people need to speak the truth about islam, like this Andrew McCarthy and the rebel and most commenters on the rebel? Look, listen and be honest government officials and politicians, non-muslim’s lives and democracy are at stake. Start coming forth to tell the truth. I know there are some of you out there. Put an end right now to the danger of importing 100’s of thousands more of these jihadi muslims. Parliament was attacked last year and fortunately it failed, but maybe next time there will be hundreds killed in the parliament buildings.
commented 2016-03-24 09:02:38 -0400
@sean P Please say that comment to a Muslim and they will treat your disease with a knife to your throat where as a Christian will just think that your mentally ill and need help ! You really need help ! Just come out of the basement and tell your parents that yours meds don’t seem to working anymore and I’m sure your mom will book you an appointment . Oh btw Jesus loves you even though everybody else thinks your a mental midget !
commented 2016-03-24 06:03:44 -0400
Religion, regardless of which one, is dangerous to the world. Religion is a disease that must be treated before it affects anyone else. Radical or fundamental religion is the most dangerous of all. I am not calling on people to become atheist or agnostic, but much more secular and tolerant
commented 2016-03-23 22:36:44 -0400
@ jim norwood commented 6 hours ago
The RCMP should stop worrying about gun confiscation and start monitoring the mosques.
Not going to happen.


Those middle class folks who pay their bills and seldom cause any grief are far too easy to pick on.
commented 2016-03-23 19:19:36 -0400
“In reality the extremists are the true followers of Islam …” I think that’s exactly right Don MacDonald.
So what does that say about Islam.
commented 2016-03-23 17:50:40 -0400
All Muslims are a danger to Western Civilization, even the so called moderate ones. If they refuse to go out and kill none Muslims,when they are told, they will be killed as though they were none Muslim. Death is cheap to them, killing none Muslims, even if they do not really want to, is nothing more than an unwanted chore for them, they will do the chore but with boredom.

Do not be fooled with this Radical, non Radical BS. The whole lot of them need to get their marching orders and with Trudeau as the Vanguard.
commented 2016-03-23 17:25:59 -0400
Q: What is the difference between Islamic terrorism and “radical” Islamic terrorism?

A: Absolutely nothing!
commented 2016-03-23 15:40:26 -0400
@ Don MacDonald

Yet their silence is the result of four aspects.

Four, they were born as Muslim but do not believe in the Koran and are thus practicing secular Muslim but still counted as Muslim because to make known their secularism would be instant death.

I think that also has to be included as part of those that are silent.
commented 2016-03-23 15:01:22 -0400
What the world needs is to get people like Andy McCarthy, Geert Wilders, Rob O’Neill – and there are many more I can not name – together and retake our governments from these SJWs and start dealing with business as it needs to be done. First off the “leaders” of the north American countries have to be tried for high treason – no one can tell me these 2 buffoons don’t know what is going to be the outcome to their tyrannical decisions being forced upon the rest of us! Assassination is too good for these assholes, they need to be put through what all the innocent victims are being made to suffer.
commented 2016-03-23 15:00:39 -0400
He is not the first person to put forward this view. The violent Muslims are those who adhere to the teachings of a world domination ruled by a violent theocracy. The ’ religion of peace’ comes from the idea that once the world is entirely Islamic there will be peace. Ironically the biggest victims of extremist Islamic theology today are other Muslims. The silent majority are for convenience sake classified as ‘moderate’. Yet their silence is the result of three aspects. One, that they disagree with the violent ideology but read from the same Koran and are unable to enforce a more peaceful interpretation because the extremists counter that they are following the true version which is a literal interpretation. Two, they remain silent for fear of death by the extremists who believe it is their right to kill anyone who doesn’t follow their interpretation. Three , they silently agree with what the extremists are doing but espouse taquiyya , the Islamic principle that allows Muslims to lie about their faith to hide their true beliefs and possible persecution.
In reality the extremists are the true followers of Islam and all others are simply hoping for a Renaissance and Modern Enlightenment of the religion. When that happens it will be a different theology…..but it won’t be Islam.