January 08, 2016

Anger over NDP ramming through Bill 6 and carbon tax NOT subsiding; Albertans vow to continue fight to be heard

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

The rallies and town halls against Rachel Notley and the NDP are continuing even though Bill 6 has passed.

Albertans are still outraged over the lack of consultation with farmers and stakeholders when the NDP rammed through their farm unionization law, Bill 6. And many people reject the new carbon tax as a backdoor sales tax on everything and as a direct attack on oil and gas. They're right.

Before Christmas, I caught up to a rally along the side of the highway at Sylvan Lake. It was snowing, blowing and minus 20 that day but concerned Albertans still lined the side of Highway 22, getting signatures on their petitions to ask the government to stop both Bill 6 and the carbon tax. The organizers told me over the course of the rally, a few hundred people had come and gone based on their sign up sheets.

Some of these people are looking for a way to demonstrate their frustration, and others, like George Clark are trying to make change. He’s a man on a mission. He is trying to force the government to hold a plebiscite - an opportunity for the public to directly vote on Bill 6 and the carbon tax. The last time a province wide plebiscite was held in Alberta was 50 years ago and even if Mr. Clark is successful, the results of a plebiscite aren't legally binding. Still, the tens of thousands of names he has collected sends a powerful message.

This week, I caught up to an anti-NDP town hall in the oil and gas community of Drayton Valley.

There was a long line of tables set up to take signatures on petitions and as always, there were donations to the food bank. And I brought with me the Rebel's "stop the carbon tax" signs.

Now, this week The Canadian Federation of Independent Business released their latest Business Barometer. It showed that small business confidence is at an all time low in Alberta. It’s the lowest the CFIB has seen not only in Alberta but across all provinces since they started tracking this data 15 years ago. That strong sentiment is reiterated by the business owners in Drayton Valley.

They see little hope ahead in 2016, just more desperation and frustration.

Albertans are trying to send a message. But is anybody in Rachel Notley's government listening?


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Rachel Notley's Alberta NDP just announced a $3 billion a year carbon tax.
SIGN THE PETITION telling them to cancel this job-killing tax at StopTheCarbonTax.com

Bill 6: Now Alberta's NDP wants to unionize family farms!
SIGN OUR PETITION at SaveAlbertaFarms.ca

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commented 2016-01-12 23:35:43 -0500
You are 39 mins away.. Lol
commented 2016-01-12 19:02:07 -0500
Hey Greg we could be neighbors. A little story – When I was moving out here from Ontario I was telling a Japanese friend of mine that I was moving to Alberta, near a little town called Ferintosh. He ask what was the population? I replied about 120, he said that is a nice little town, 120,000 people. No, I said 120, his eyes almost exploded. Any way I made a road trip to the East Coast with some musician friends, he (my Japanese friend) wanted to go see the Ann of Green Gables estate in P.E.I., he said it was a really big thing in Japan. Well, he almost cried, he was so devastated when he went into the gift shop and almost all of the gifts he looked at said “Made in China”. I felt sorry for him to have his paradigm shattered so completely, so suddenly. We had tried to warn him that it won’t be like he imagines it. I think that is where we are headed for in North America. The “Progressives” socialist paradigm is going to be shattered completely, and suddenly. They have been warned, it is not going to be like they imagine it.
commented 2016-01-12 17:32:07 -0500
Thanks for your reply.
I am in Alberta around the central part and not just many but a high percentage of Alberta voters are more than pissed off with our NDP government… They never mentioned any of this on their campaign platforms like a $3 billion carbon tax and as you mentioned attacks on the family farms (bill 6) and socialistic and useless ideas about windmills and solar energy… What a fucking joke.. and now we are watching what’s left of our oil industry be dismantled and it’s moving into Saskatchewan or shutting down altogether because they have made it to hard for that industry to survive in Alberta where it’s existed for 100 years.. I too have had it up to my eyeballs with this communist regime in Alberta and the communist regime in Ottawa.. You see these elected civil servants are actually quite clever because they have all made everybody believe that they are more than what they are… For god sake’s they are only elected civil servants.
It is just sickening to see what Justin Trudeau and his handlers are doing to this country by mass invasions of war like creatures from the other side of the planet and then move west and you see the NDP is destroying the province internally. and I am mortified by the morons that actually believe there’s no conspiracy going on and the ones that are even stupider than they are, the ones that don’t even know what’s going on but it was just fun to call somebody a tinfoil hat wearer to make the person who knows what’s going to get a very temporary laugh out of some psydo liberal crowd.. Well pretty soon the shoes going to be on the other foot because all the people that knew at least they’re prepared mentally where the other ones they couldn’t tell if there was an elephant in the room if there was an elephant in the room.. And no doubt all the useless and the stupid ones that had lots of fun with the conspiracy thing will be the first ones at your door demanding handouts with feelings of entitlement and blaming you because this mess is all your fault…!!!
commented 2016-01-12 15:46:19 -0500
Well, that is a good question Greg. The answer comes with a little explanation. I moved west from Ontario a few years back. One of my reasons to move was because the Socialists in Ontario were really screwing up the Province. Higher taxes, higher utilities, more De-industrialization, shutting down coal fired electric generation, Nuclear waste, useless wind generators, Government land grabs, family farms under attack, selling Hydro one to Saudis and Chinese, etc. etc.. So I came west thinking that it could improve. Well low and behold here we are and the Socialists are here now, as well.
I was going to keep my mouth shut and keep a low profile, BUT, when I see what they are already doing here now, I am pissed off, I am not keeping my mouth shut any longer. This is my last stand, and they are not going to like what I got to say. Sooo – all the commenters with their “tin foil hat” and “conspiracy theory” attacks can save it, the Ad Hominem attacks are just a waste of my time. The “Progressive” College useless degree kids and their handlers are so out of touch with reality, they are the “Proletariat Intelligentsia” and they are not aware of the fact that when the Oligarchs get full control they are the first to be eliminated. So it’s time to Buckle Up, I expect it to get scary. So to answer original question I am West now.
commented 2016-01-12 14:51:14 -0500
Good afternoon Randy.. What part of the country are you in..??
commented 2016-01-12 14:26:44 -0500
Yes Greg F you are absolutely right. The 45 step plan was compiled in 1963. The reason I post it is to show the scope of the Marxist/Leninist Communist planning even in 1960’s and how you can extrapolate the evolution of the totalitarian state of affairs to today’s state of affairs. In today’s world you can now interchange the words Communism for Globalism/ N.W.O.. It is being implemented through the U.N. and Agenda 21, (now Agenda 2030), the Banking system, Corporatism, Climate change, the media, surveillance etc. etc.. The totalitarian goals are just as Machiavellian and the end game will be the Feudalistic enslavement of the common man. All the useful idiots that think they can ride this out and profit will be eliminated (Brutally). Dissenters will not be tolerated. Keep your Faith (pray), hang on to your guns, and your family, it could get real ugly real fast.
“Neither our armour nor our enemies’ is yet engaged. Combatants always tend to imagine that the war is further on than it really is”.
C.S. Lewis
commented 2016-01-12 13:23:17 -0500
Good morning Randy I guess it’s morning depending on where you are in the country… I agree with most of your posting but I think that we have very little to fear from Russia… Everything Russia is being blamed for by the USA is the crimes that the USA is perpetrating on everybody. Putin is neither communist nor interested in global domination….
In fact all Russians after living through many generations of communism understand completely the evils of communism and who was responsible for it…. In fact Putin has kicked the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers out of Russia and has taken control of their central bank much to the chagrin of globalist elitists.
commented 2016-01-12 13:04:17 -0500
Communist 45 step plan to take over and destroy America - Steps 11 to 16 -
11. Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up as a one-world government with its own independent armed forces. (Some Communist leaders believe the world can be taken over as easily by the U.N. as by Moscow. Sometimes these two centers compete with each other as they are now doing in the Congo.) 12. Resist any attempt to outlaw the Communist Party. 13. Do away with all loyalty oaths. 14. Continue giving Russia access to the U.S. Patent Office. 15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States. 16. Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.
The Globalist push for their N.W.O. is on full force. They sense a growing resistance. They are doing it through the U.N. Commie/Socialist organization, Climate Change scam (carbon tax), property grabs, break up of family and faith traditions, among other things. These are not your benevolent socialist politico’s that you think they are. They are Globalist, NWO, Oligarchs and they are attacking you mentally, physically, and spiritually. Stand up to them or roll over and report to your Feudalistic Slavery system that awaits you. No wonder they want your guns.
commented 2016-01-12 10:27:54 -0500
Sorry about the typo here is the correct quote.

“When the people live in fear of the government it is Tyranny,
When the government is in fear of the people it is freedom”
Thomas Jefferson
commented 2016-01-12 10:25:06 -0500
“When the people live in fear of the government it is tearing me when the government is in fear of the people it is freedom.”
Thomas Jefferson
commented 2016-01-12 03:12:22 -0500
No it wont work. The NDP will slash and burn until the next election. They realize its their only chance and they probably wont be reelected in Alberta for decades.
commented 2016-01-11 17:36:47 -0500
When I was watching the provincial elections on TV I swear that I heard the commentator say that to wild Rose party members got up and crossed the floor.. I called my neighbor today to verify that because I was watching it at his place with him and he said
“yes that’s what he heard to”I looked online to find more information for you and what I did find was a woman named Christine Who had crossed over from the NDP party to the conservatives but my understanding as it was done before the election… But I swear and so does my buddy that we both heard the same thing
commented 2016-01-11 01:04:39 -0500
Greg, who are these 2 Wildrose idiots who crossed the floor and from what riding.
commented 2016-01-11 01:02:55 -0500
Greg, can you tell us those 2 Wildrose idiots are who crossed the floor.
commented 2016-01-11 00:18:56 -0500
And while we’re on the topic of the NDP, people here have lost sight of the fact that two wild rose party people crossed the floor to become NDP and give them a majority government after their constituents had voted them in as wild Rose… those men should be impeached fired from their position and their pensions revoked. that is the lowest form of politics… It was fraudulent representation of who they were because if the people wanted NDP they would’ve voted NDP that was running in that constituency.
I am very sure that deal was already made before those assholes across the floor. Oh yes Rachel Notley had all her ducks in a row to ensure a win.
commented 2016-01-11 00:13:23 -0500
My question to the people is where is the safeguard that’s
appointed to Canada representative to the queen and makes bloody sure that the parties in power do not extend to us an abuse of that power…. (in other words to not forget that they are only civil servants and not dictators or kings and queens)
That would be our Lieutenant General..
That fact was brought to my attention by another poster on the site… He is there to safeguard us from them sons of bitches that would have us as their slaves.. It is not hard to see the depth of corruption when everybody involved in it just blatantly supports each other and pushes this country further into the toilet. Bill E, a poster on the site knows how our Parliament works very well…. Thanks for all your input Bill and well done..!! You know who you are.
Alberta and the rest of the provinces in this great country need to become a democratic republic. They used to teach us in school how our political system worked so then when it became necessary to protect ourselves we would know the right channels to proceed on politically speaking…. I do not believe that they teach those kind of things in school anymore and let youngest generations believe that those sons of bitch’s civil servants are democratically elected kings and queens.
commented 2016-01-10 21:51:52 -0500
LOL John Landry. You wish this NDP upon anybody? Albertans didn’t, they protested and ended up with an unexpected result. Now Albertans pay for it in spades. You are a fool.
commented 2016-01-10 16:38:09 -0500
John Landry, what the is that supposed to mean? Deserves it? Are you a Canadian? What Canadian would want other Canadians to suffer under tyranny? I know you know the real story on how these idiots got into power and now are putting into place bills that was never mentioned in their platforms. Grow up. Comments like yours piss me and other patriots off, when will you dipshits finally realize that we are in this together. If you like the fact that you’re rights are being trampled on by a bunch of latte sipping socialist then for fuck sake move to a country like Saudi Arabia. Why would you want to be a slave for any government is way above my comprehension.
commented 2016-01-10 15:03:35 -0500
LOL! Albertans voted for the NDP. They either deserve the sting or wanted it.
commented 2016-01-10 12:41:08 -0500
What must be revealed is that Notley is a fifth-column threat to North America. Like Obama and JT, she represents an agent for chaos and destruction. Given time, and the anger ratchets up high enough, Notley and the NDP caucus will come under extreme assault. The saying “the King has no muskets” has never been truer; the government is impotent to stop the anger and its effects. Notley will be gone in 18 months for “health reasons” and the NDP will collapse into oblivion. A worthy end for such scum.
commented 2016-01-10 12:28:08 -0500
I’m thinking 2016 will be the year " stupid ledarship" hits its high watermark and we start the slow de-escalation from self-destructive stupid officialdom, back to reasoned grass roots judgement. I’m hoping as this AB protesters says, that Alberta leads the way in showing th silent majority how to tame “stupid” in government.

Most political corrections start in Alberta and I hope this is the impetus in putting a lid on vacant disastrous idealism in governments.

Let’s get going Alberta, it’s up to us again to slay the “stupid” hydra of agenda based government and get vox populi back as government priority.
commented 2016-01-10 12:12:24 -0500
Can’t wait until the Rebel covers the Calgary stampede, when the ndp reps show up!!
commented 2016-01-10 06:55:32 -0500
GREG FICEK commented
“Q Does anybody here know the definition of democracy..????
A It is three wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for lunch.”

That was priceless!
commented 2016-01-10 00:04:08 -0500
Does anybody wonder why our soldiers would fight the enemy in their own country but would stand by and watch and do nothing as the same enemy they were fighting there is now here in our soldiers home country putting the Canadians at risk that they were sworn to protect… Does anybody wonder what’s going on there..?
commented 2016-01-09 22:37:35 -0500
It seems our Lieutenant governor is on the same payroll plan… He’s probably just there to make sure that those particular civil servants follow through with what they promised the bankers they would do.
commented 2016-01-09 21:54:19 -0500
What’s our Queens representative there for anyways? Are they just there as a figurehead and why don’t they hold the elected government to task if they make promises during their election platform and don’t follow through with them or do something else completely and entirely different such as Notley, Wynne and Trudeau are doing that has potential of completely destroying our country. Why do we need a Lietenant Governor for a Province or a Governor General for Canada if they cannot correct this ????
commented 2016-01-09 21:53:16 -0500
At some point, Notley, given her ravenous smoking habit of late, will succumb to cancer or some other aliment. Her health is deteriorating, that much is certain. If she dies in office, it will serve as a warning to others: being an unpopular premier, pursuing idiotic policies will kill you.

Make no mistake about it – the Alberta voter is lethal.
commented 2016-01-09 19:49:40 -0500
Of course Notley is doing things on purpose. She thinks that she is so enlightened, that she does not have to represent the masses, but to impose her ways on Alberta.
commented 2016-01-09 19:39:39 -0500
They have a majority, they care not about winning another election, they will do as they please. You can stick a hot iron poker where the sun don’t shine on them, and they will still vote as they please, all the while stating they had consulted Albertans, you know, those phantom ones Redford said she had talked to.
commented 2016-01-09 18:23:09 -0500
D Mary… We can’t just roll over for them every time they want us to..
They really are only public servants elected ones at that.
One has to keep sticking a finger in their eye until they don’t like it anymore and submit to the will of the people. And then slap them back down to earth with a reality check because after all they are only public servants here to execute the will of the people.
United we stand a chance, divided we should just do the lemming thing…
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