September 09, 2019

Activists invade free-range farm, demand 5 turkeys from Hutterite farmers in Alberta

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

In the early morning hours of the Labour Day Holiday, a turkey farm near Fort MacLeod Alberta was invaded by dozens of animal rights activists.


A barn containing thousands of turkeys, owned and operated by Jumbo Valley Hutterite colony, was the site of a 30 person animal welfare sit-in. Another 30-50 activists stood along the highway next to the farm carrying banners decrying the treatment of animals involved in commercial meat production.

Police were called to the farm, not by the farmers, but by the activists. Despite the farm being a bio-secure facility to prevent the spread of disease, with No Trespassing signs posted prominently over the property, and approximately half a dozen RCMP officers responding to the scene, no arrests were made. Instead, a six-hour negotiation, led by police, unfolded.

The protesters would not leave until media were allowed to tour the barn and they were able to take with them five turkeys to a so-called animal sanctuary of their choice.

Jumbo Valley Colony obliged these extortion demands under the advice of the RCMP! 

The only on-the-farm coverage the public had received about this farm invasion came from a media outlet that was there to meet the demands of the protesters.
That's not good enough for me.

I went to the farm near Fort MacLeod, where I met with Thomas Tschetter and Frank Hofer, who happily gave me a tour of their farm and told me their side of the story. They gave me documentation about the health of their birds - which were some of the calmest turkeys this farm girl has ever seen!

Police still haven't laid charges in relation to Monday's incident, however, the colony wants to see the four lead organizers of the trespass face consequences.

If the RCMP do not pursue charges against the activists, I think farmers are going to continue to be harassed.

The question is not if Canada's farmers can do their share to feed eight billion people. The question is whether or not the activists will let us.

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commented 2019-09-11 15:08:50 -0400
Sorry Sheila.. you got this wrong. I am a conservative AND I was raised on a farm and I hate PETA. HOWEVER The hutterites in general are well known for their mistreatment of animals and “factory farms” are horrific. Those turkeys cannot move!!! We are not in the 1900s anymore… Ethical treatment of animals is important in Canada to most of us consumers. I eat meat but I buy locally from Alberta ranches where cattle have a good way of life, get food and water, are treated for illness, etc. Using the word “activists” and lumping them in with the likes of Antifa is ridiculous. In Alberta, we care about farmers and we care about animal treatment. At least, I sure hope we do.
commented 2019-09-11 13:59:43 -0400
Today it’s the Hutterite colonies who are being targeted, and tomorrow it will be anyone who these freaks don’t agree with.
commented 2019-09-11 06:48:34 -0400
Ignorant and naive children and extortionists who are a danger to us and themselves . They invaded because they knew there would be no problem with pacifists .
commented 2019-09-11 03:25:53 -0400
Be thankful for modern agriculture and the producers of ethical protein.
The low cost of protein has elevated the standard of living of millions the world over.
Your pocket book would be a lot thinner if it wasn’t for the modern farmer.
Be thankful for these farmers and supporting scientists.
commented 2019-09-11 02:46:01 -0400
Excellent interview …

Should the RCMP charge the trespassers?
Waiting the protestors out was wise, but to not charge a few … no, the RCMP are ignoring the rule of law. These aren’t college pranksters. They will be back. This is following the same pattern as the brownshirts in Germany in the 1930’s.
Will Alberta RCMP commissioner Curtis Zablocki kick some butt?
Private property is a cornerstone of democracy. The RCMP should uphold the law.
The question is: Will they?
commented 2019-09-11 01:21:23 -0400
The real free range turkeys are the ones invading the farm.
commented 2019-09-11 01:20:28 -0400
Every day and in every way I respect the RCMP less and less.
commented 2019-09-11 00:33:37 -0400
If these idiots want to protest against the unethical treatment of animals. Why aren’t they invading slaughter houses that practice the Halal method of killing food animals. Oh no! They won’t do that because they would most definitely be charged by police for a hate crime probably or even disciplined the hard way by those who do the animal killing. Those poor victimized farmers, trying to adhere to the rules and these clowns invade their farm. Thereby putting their whole livelihood at risk from possibly contaminating the Turkey population with disease that they are unknowingly carrying. What the Hell is wrong with our limp wristed RCMP? They have forgotten how to do their jobs. They have been acting as luggage handlers and baby sitters for so long, it has impacted the entire force. These hooligans need to be charged and jailed. They need to know that there is zero tolerance for trespassing like this, invading a persons domain and literally putting part of our food source in danger. It could lead to a lot more than sick Turkeys.
commented 2019-09-10 18:56:44 -0400
Sheila can we not do a petition to get these people charged?
commented 2019-09-10 17:17:39 -0400
clearly the only ones in this third world sewer who have rights are the criminals,lefties and the invaders, illegals terrorists – and Nazi trudeau along with his nazi, terrorist regime.
STOP PAYING YOUR TAXES UNTIL THEY ALL FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it simply boggles my mind the complete ignorance, apathy, stupidity and how brainwashed canadians are! the whole world is shaking their heads and still none of you get it!
commented 2019-09-10 17:13:03 -0400
they work for trudeau, the left and the ILLEGALS, INVADERS!
just wondering.
commented 2019-09-10 16:20:46 -0400
In my opinion, this Stephanie Gravel bimbo is a conniving piece of shit that coherses kids into doing her dirty work. She makes fools out of them by making them trespass onto a farm and into a building possibly even bringing flu and disease to the entire farm animal population and people like her need to be eliminated from society. Does she realize what will happen if the turkey population on this farm is decimated by disease? She and her idiotic friends of nature will be held responsible and sued for the entire loss. If she thinks it’s so bad here why don’t we send her away to a country where she can see how bad it gets? I would love to start a fund to buy her a vacation to Somalia or Syria.
We need to get a handle on these idiots before it gets out of control. And like I’ve said many times in the past, the rcmp are too lazy and/or stupid to do anything about it. These people that work for the rcmp are more interested in traffic tickets ANY DAY rather than dealing with case files etc involving crimes against us and complaints by us working people.
commented 2019-09-10 13:41:38 -0400
I’ll bet the trespassers didn’t know that when you say “gobble gobble” to a rafter of turkeys, that they will all repeat it back to you!
commented 2019-09-10 12:16:51 -0400
I’m left with merely speculating on the horrors visited on these unfortunate, previously well cared for, bred-for-meat turkeys by this rafter of deranged, irrational and thuggish animal-rights-activist terrorists and criminals, who kid-napped, or rather poult-napped these jakes and jennys, gobblers and hens…aided and abetted by the local constabulary toms and that gaggle of Media Party geese!

“…A male turkey is called a tom or a gobbler, a female turkey a hen, and a baby turkey a poult or chick. A young male turkey is called a jake and a young female is called a jenny. A group of wild turkeys is called a flock, a group of domesticated turkeys is commonly referred to as a rafter…”,referred%20to%20as%20a%20rafter.
commented 2019-09-10 11:34:21 -0400
Further evidence that the RCMP are the puppets of Trudeau and his socialist tyrants.
The first thing dictators like Hitler and Stalin did was to take control over the national police forces and instructed them to enforce their personal agenda against the very people they were supposed to defend. In Canada, the criminal has full rights as illustrated in this story. Just as a reminder, didn’t trudeau instruct the RCMP to assist in bringing CONVICTED terrorists into Canada without alerting Canadians? Didn’t the RCMP storm into homes in Alberta after evacuating small towns during the floods a few years back and remove LEGALLY owned firearms from law abiding citizens homes and refuse to return them? Wasn’t it the RCMP that killed a Polish visitor a few years back at the Victoria B.C airport with a stun gun after the man had started to panic because he couldn’t speak English? Isn’t it the RCMP who refuses to arrest Trudeau for his criminal activities?
Yeah, sounds like a valid police force that deserves national and international respect to me.

Oh yes, we as Canadians can put our trust into the RCMP knowing they are there for us. How long before they start altering their uniforms to include jackboots and red armbands? They already use the traditional salute but all that needs to be changed now is to fully extend the arm outwards when Herr Trudeau walks past them.
commented 2019-09-10 10:32:50 -0400

RCMP are left wing supporters,and no charges will be laid!!! The Police are NOT on our side!!!! Police are Communist A Holes!!!!!!

If people come onto your land you should be able to forcefully remove them! Shoot them all!!!! Run them over with farm equipment..Have chemicals for this occasion,spray the protestors with deadly chemicals!!!

NO WAY people come onto my property and you cant remove them,no way!!

Can you go into a RCMP building and sit and protest?NO they would arrest you,this proves the Police are NOT there to help you,unless you’re a left wing tool!!! Cops are ALL Corrupt,this proves it!!! Unreal!
commented 2019-09-09 23:46:19 -0400
What about Global media? When did they show up? You touched on this part Sheila but didn’t go into detail.
Obviously Global was involved from the start.
‘This’ needs to go global and let everyone know if they were involved.
commented 2019-09-09 23:28:48 -0400
They should have arrested them all.
commented 2019-09-09 20:33:27 -0400
C. White, now that would be justice. They should go protest the barbaric, live skinning, butchering and blood letting done during those Eid festivals or be made to watch clips of it. It would make them sick to their stomachs. I always wonder why the cruel sacrificing of mass numbers of animals is never protested by the animal activists.
commented 2019-09-09 20:26:22 -0400
Regarding the rcmp (they no longer deserve the respect of upper case initials), if they are too lazy to investigate political corruption of the legal system then are they going to have the work ethic to investigate this issue?
commented 2019-09-09 20:24:39 -0400
Round these protesters up and send them on a long vacation to Somalia or maybe Afghanistan, then maybe they would have something to bitch about, and would learn to stop manufacturing problems where none exists. It sounds like the Hutterites wouldn’t put up with this happening again. Its important that the organizers are charged to the fullest extent of the law or they will indeed be emboldened.
commented 2019-09-09 20:24:23 -0400
well considering the ding dongs are dumber than the turkies, and some ELM ding dong says eat humans to help the planet-i say eat them instead, what a smarter planet we could have. ELM[environmental lying movement], hopefuuly soon all on this planet will know what ELM mean.
commented 2019-09-09 20:23:02 -0400
The RCMP are doing what they are told to do by the Trudeau government. Which is why they didn’t do anything for the Hutterites. Instead they conned the Hutterites into allowing these criminal tresspassers to get what they wanted. After all, the Hutterites are Christian, and they are running a capitalist farming system. That head RCMP wench is under liberal control. This also the reason that rural crime is out of hand. They are being told to stand down. Kenny should remove them from Alberta, and set up our own police force.
commented 2019-09-09 20:11:16 -0400
Of course the ‘activists’ would choose the most gentle and pacific agriculturalists in the province. Best way to avoid push back. It also satisfies the bigoted socialist need to target practicing Christians.

Maybe these ‘activists’ will next target Halal butcher centres in Alberta to determine if they treat animals humanely…
commented 2019-09-09 19:35:20 -0400
I wonder if any of those protesters have eaten turkey since they started their activism. I bet most of them have.

Hutterites are descent hard working people. It would be unfair to compare the morality and ethics of the Hutterites vs. the activists because the Hutterites would win that comparison hands down.