April 21, 2016

ANOTHER Liberal Minister plays “race and gender card”

Brian LilleyArchive

The federal Liberals have been questioned about shady fundraising practices ever since they came into power, which is remarkable considering they were only sworn into office in early November. But by early December, there were already several questions about their fundraising techniques. 

There were practices that many, including the Ethics Commissioner, expressed concerns about even shutting down at least one of these fundraisers.

I’ve previously reported on the Justice Minister attending a $500/person cocktail fundraiser. Unbelievable. The Justice Minister being feted at a swanky soiree with some of the most influential lawyers on Bay Street and she and the Liberals didn’t have enough sense to know how bad the optics would be?

When Minister Raybould-Wilson was questioned about this, she raised the race and gender card.

And now, as the Liberals continue to try to avoid answering questions about this, Democratic Institutions Minister Maryam Monsef rose in the house to raise the issue of race and gender again, suggesting the only reason the Justice Minister is facing scrutiny is because she’s an indigenous woman, adding that it isn’t “helping Canadian democracy.”

No one is questioning whether Raybould-Wilson is qualified to be the Justice Minister because she’s a woman or because she’s aboriginal. The only reason she and now Minister Monsef are playing the race and gender card is to deflect from the fact that yet again, the Liberals have shown their bad judgment and lack of regard for ethics when it comes to fundraising.

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commented 2016-04-23 13:58:59 -0400
David Heinze commented 1 day ago
“Racism is when you treat someone differently”
No, that is not racism !!! Try again !!!
commented 2016-04-22 00:57:09 -0400
What the hell would these idiots do if there were no white people?
commented 2016-04-22 00:09:28 -0400

Great article!

Thanks for exposing this. I never would have seen this if not for the work by you guys!

Brian Lilley & team, keep up the good work!

commented 2016-04-21 22:51:46 -0400
Good point by Brian. Bev Oda didn’t say they were picking on her because of her ethnicity. This using the get out of trouble free cards has got to stop especially from our government. It sets a bad precedent.
commented 2016-04-21 22:29:07 -0400
Libranos financially rape all systems and all Canadians.

It’s what libranos stand for.
commented 2016-04-21 21:54:40 -0400
It’s the Liberal Way.

They are being told by Selfie Boy’s Inner Circle to play the Race & Gender card.
commented 2016-04-21 21:03:09 -0400
Racism is when you treat someone differently. If the opposition does not challenge the Minister because of her race or gender, that would be racism. Challenging them like anyone else is treating them equally. Do they want equality or not?
commented 2016-04-21 20:41:25 -0400
Egil Lomeland commented
“Progressives will stoop to any lows when they don’t have an argument or facts. Can we now, please, get rid of the progressive in Progressive Conservative Party?”

I second the motion.
commented 2016-04-21 20:31:26 -0400
Love to see the similar race and gender card played when someone questions the actions of a White Male MP

I.e. the only reason the …… is facing scrutiny is because he’s a white male, adding that it isn’t “helping Canadian democracy.”

Why not, lets see them face the same allegations, lets see them get a taste of their own medicine, especially with many Liberal and NDP mps of the stereotyping mentality that (all) Whites and Males are “privileged” and “advantaged”, there may be justification such bigoted allegations (unlike those made from the left)
commented 2016-04-21 20:25:36 -0400
Oh how I hate Liberals ! That is Islmophobia? No, that is Islamonausia. The Trudeau Mob has learnt well from their Muslim friends, like Evasion of the truth.
commented 2016-04-21 20:23:20 -0400
And the Conservatives never dared said anything about deflecting the issue with the race and gender card, much less the calling out the insensitive and hurtful actions of Minister Raybould-Wilson by calling the person who raised this issue a racist and sexist
commented 2016-04-21 19:30:49 -0400
There’s only one race, - the human race , with 3 basic tribes, we all have same body parts and body functions, and same brain, and brain functions
The rest is just stupidity
commented 2016-04-21 19:29:38 -0400
Caught in act again and the goats are trying to escape by diversion! Shame on you!
commented 2016-04-21 19:26:01 -0400
When a person uses her race and gender to claim racism against the actions or words of other people, she of course is not accusing anyone of wrong-doing who are members of her own race or gender. She is in fact directing her attacks specifically against people from other races and genders. Sure sounds like old-fashioned racism to me. People who hide behind their race or gender and to defend themselves attack others who are racially different, are themselves pathetic closet racists and unsuitable to be a Government Minister.
commented 2016-04-21 19:15:51 -0400
What is so grotesque is the people playing the race or sex card are the ones who are actually being racist or sexist as they try to subjugate everyone with these fear and smear tactics while they conveniently shut down the conversation.
commented 2016-04-21 19:11:36 -0400
So it is racist to state the obvious. The Justice Minister is clearly a product of the privileged clans of her nation. The privileged clans are privileged through corruption. What is wrong with pointing out the Justice Minister is just implementing learned behaviour? Not racist at all, most of the non-privileged clans recognize the minister’s corruption for what it is just from living on Rez.
commented 2016-04-21 19:07:32 -0400
It’s like diving in hockey…….another progressive tactic brought in from across the pond. Whaaaaas I’m different…….. Well here’s news sister, you fuckers in the liberal party wanted this job , so now man the fuck up!!!!!!
commented 2016-04-21 19:06:29 -0400
Like all socialists, the Liberals pull out the race card when they want to shut up discussion on the subject.
commented 2016-04-21 18:59:03 -0400
The words from my wife on this one….

“Ever notice hat any ethics and whatever folks are always form a minority? And even better if they are a minority female? Play the car baby – even if it is true – too bad. You got what you deserved.”

Sometimes I forget how smart my old girl truly is.
commented 2016-04-21 18:50:46 -0400
What a complete cluster-fxxk this government is – a bunch of inept whiney do nothings whose only qualification for the job is their personal plumbing. Two years in the party mail room then on to backroom cabmin politics.
commented 2016-04-21 18:50:22 -0400
What kind if name is Egil?
Sounds pretty NDP to me, a bit like Svend . . .
commented 2016-04-21 18:17:27 -0400
Progressives will stoop to any lows when they don’t have an argument or facts. Can we now, please, get rid of the progressive in Progressive Conservative Party?
commented 2016-04-21 17:50:17 -0400
Just go back to the kitchen you useless piece of shit.