September 14, 2019

Sheila Gunn Reid: Anti-pipeline activist protesters will only stop if foreign funding is addressed

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On a recent episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Sheila Gunn Reid called in to talk about why the various trespassing, mischief and extortion laws that should keep activists from disrupting Albertan businesses won't put an end to the madness.

In order to put a stop to the wave of activists interrupting the energy industry (and Hutterite turkey farms), the foreign funding supporting their protests must be shut down.

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commented 2019-09-16 18:46:18 -0400
I just saw a story on CTV that said a second man has been turned away from a tour of a public building in Ottawa for wearing a shirt that said: I (heart) (Canadian) oil and gas. Apparently, this was deemed to be potentially “offensive” to other people in the tour.

Back during the Vietnam War, a man wearing a “F*CK THE DRAFT” T-shirt was charged for disrupting a court room by wearing the shirt. He fought this charge all the way to the Supreme Court and won, despite the profanity.

Have we become such wimps that we will melt down if someone is wearing a pro-oil T-shirt in a public place? Have we so little pride that we will let the elites – and their minions in the form of security guards – prohibit us from exercising our freedom of speech?
commented 2019-09-15 13:26:12 -0400
WHAT!! The Right wants to fight back and ruin their reputation ?
commented 2019-09-15 09:32:10 -0400
The government won’t help against lefty protesters. The solution is to track these folks down and solve the problem by yourself without witnesses. Lots of lonely roads in farm country and not a lot of surveillance cameras. Hand out a couple of used fan belt floggings while masked warning the prog(s) to stay away from “farm X”. Wait for Antifa to show up at “farm X” a few days later with bats and molotov cocktails and use your Remington 2 3/4 Magnum to make the problem go away for good. “Ahh, jeez Louise Constable Smith! Dere wuz a whole lotta terrorist-lookin’ fellas runnin’ up to de house! I didn’t have no choice eh?” A load of 00 Buck to the guts cuts recidivism rates better than any Kumbaya Trudeau program.
commented 2019-09-15 07:45:32 -0400
Well, turdo la doo sure as hell isn’t going to address it, and neither is scheer the steer. So that is that.
commented 2019-09-15 01:52:35 -0400
Hyacinth commented 6 hours ago
“Foreign funding …”
Valuable information in all three links, making it certain that Non-Governmental Agencies in the US want Canadian Oil for their continued supply of cheap gas, and
proving the environment is only a front for the protesters.

Amanda Lang ( Kevin O’leary’s co host) nailed it a few years ago when she commented during her show that, “The US seems to not want or need our Oil, however they don’t want anyone else to get it. It’s like they are trying to lock it in a cupboard and will come for it if they need it in the future.”

One of the comments after your first link is worth showing. Kenney should think hard about following up on closing the valves to BC. This is war for Alberta’s survival.
Comment from 99 percent:

“I live in BC and would fully support Alberta’s standby plan to shut down the movement of any oil products to BC. This should be done sooner than later as big foreign money from the US, the same treasonous bastards mentioned above, are quietly building facilities to offload oil from tankers when Alberta shuts off the supply. I suspect BC would last about two weeks on existing stocks. This would virtually shut down all travel / transport in the Province. Food and fuel would have to be flown in from the US, using oil refined from Canadian supplies. How it would be distributed would be a mystery, but guaranteed it won’t be by Prius. When food shortages hit, there would be anarchy and the politicians and environmentalists would be the first to be on the receiving end of extreme violence. The names and addresses of the environmental jihadists would be made public and we could expect an exodus to save the lives of them and their families. There will certainly be horrible injuries but with no diesel or gas, there would be little chance of the luxury of an ambulance ride. Alberta needs to put a stop to this as soon as possible. Shut the valves.”
commented 2019-09-14 22:15:48 -0400
This is an easy one. I told them years ago to pass anti an eco terrorist, and economic terrorist bill. That way it shuts down these terrorists completely.
commented 2019-09-14 19:19:19 -0400
“Foreign funding …”
“…Launched in 2008 by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation and the Tides Foundation, the Tar Sands Campaign is an international initiative designed to stop expansion of the Canadian oil industry, reduce demand for Canadian oil sands crude in the US and stop or stall pipeline and port construction. The goal is to shut down the export of oil from Western Canada by pipeline, tanker and rail. …Other ways that the Tar Sands Campaign seeks to hurt the Canadian oil industry include promoting a tanker ban on the BC coast (Trudeau placed a moratorium on tanker traffic in 2015), reducing oil sands demand, and pushing governments to conserve large pieces of land from oil and gas or mining exploration. One of the earliest examples of this occurred in 2001-03 when the Rockefeller Brothers paid US$425,000 to the David Suzuki Foundation—an environmental group familiar to Canadians—to organize BC First Nations. In 2004, according to Krause, the fund also made a grant to the Suzuki Foundation “to campaign to support a moratorium on offshore oil and gas exploration” on the BC coast. She adds over half of the Suzuki Foundation’s early money came from US sources, including around a million from the Rockefellers.”
“…The U.S.-based Tides Foundation, for example, directs funds to Canadian organizations such as Dogwood Initiative and Leadnow, both of whom featured prominently in the anti-pipeline protest on March 10th in Burnaby, and both of whom take an active role in B.C. elections, aiming to get pro-energy politicians out of office and anti-pipeline politicians elected….”
“…The Tides Foundation, a George Soros-funded organization, refers to “The Hybrid Universe” which is shown in Figure #1. The Hybrid Universe is defined by foundations and businesses bending governments to their will. …”
commented 2019-09-14 18:45:50 -0400
Foreign funding that enables these eco terrorists definitely needs to be choked out and knee capped,the world wants Alberta energy ,the most ethical in the world although our corrupt PM would much rather use bloodstained dictator oil!
Alberta Strong Alberta Loud.
commented 2019-09-14 17:14:48 -0400
If that’s the case, then the coalition BC Government should do everything in its power to fund the anti tar sands protesters