January 28, 2017

Anti-progress protestor’s barefoot trek across America ends on Florida highway

David MenziesMission Specialist

Have you heard the story about Mark Baumer? The 33-year-old Rhode Island librarian turned new-age Luddite, recently embarked on a journey across America.

Baumer hates things like pipelines and progress, so he wasn’t going to use a Chevy or any other car to tour America. Rather, the plan was to WALK from sea to shining sea.

Not only that, but he was going to do so barefoot in order to raise awareness about climate change.

A collective of friends described Baumer thusly:

“Mark was an amazingly compassionate, empathic, humble, joyful, generous, mindful and caring person. He was a talented poet and artist with an ability to tap into the human experience with his work.”

On Day 100 of his barefoot stroll, he recorded a diatribe that falls into the category of “famous last words.”

You see, shortly after recording it, the anti-progress protestor was run over by an SUV while walking barefoot on a Florida highway.

Picture credit: YouTube/Mark Baumer

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commented 2017-01-30 11:50:29 -0500
God Acts In Mysterious Ways.

He might see the light now if he’s allowed tn Heaven.
commented 2017-01-30 04:25:10 -0500
just proves how dumb the left truly is
commented 2017-01-30 00:27:48 -0500
I really do love Karma! This radical left wing nut job, is now an EX-Radical left wing nut job. No tears from me, only a smirk, and a tip of my hat towards that lady known as “Karma”.
commented 2017-01-29 21:37:40 -0500
Thanks Andy for your comment. Certainly anyone who decides to take their protest to the highway is ‘asking for it’ or ‘tempting fate’, unless they are part of an escorted sanctioned event. Maybe if Mark had not bought into the misinformation about climate change, he may not have been on the road ranting away in the first place. Sad end for such misguided support for an unproven human caused climate change position. Good thing there is the Rebel to bring us information that counters the mainstream media narrative. I subscribe and recommend it highly.
commented 2017-01-29 20:22:59 -0500
Maybe ,he was just a closet Muslim and wanted to die . It is understandable and admirable—-
He probably gave up a few Virgins by NOT killing women and babies.
Mohammad is pissed off.
commented 2017-01-29 16:18:13 -0500
Let me guess…he was vegan.
commented 2017-01-29 13:25:43 -0500
Death by Poetic Justice. Reminds me of the demise of that Grizzly Bear lover some years back who thought that if you just professed your love for the apex predator it would reciprocate.
commented 2017-01-29 12:59:56 -0500
Trudeau will be happy. We now have one death that happened as a direct result of Global Warming.

Bring on the Carbon Tax.
commented 2017-01-29 12:29:16 -0500
Shame that Red Sovine isn’t still around . He could have written a heartrending song about the tragic passing of this talented poet. Little solace to his friends that the SUV driven by a guy named Bubba had a General Lee license plate and an NRA sticker in the back window.
commented 2017-01-29 04:12:13 -0500
I wonder if the same leftists who claim Sheila Gunn Reid was to blame for being attacked will agree that this guy was taking big risks. Yeah i know, not a f*cking chance.
commented 2017-01-29 03:02:30 -0500
Fair comment Peter Dickau… But was this “Jesus” walking or not deliberately walking on the travelled portion of the the highway?… Simply put – was he “asking for it” sooner or later?….
commented 2017-01-29 01:33:22 -0500
I also agree with Maurice. At least Mark B. while exercising his right to free speech chose to do so in a far less hypocritical manner (however ill advised) than the likes of the vast majority of environmental extremists. (think Suzuki). That is assuming he did not misrepresent his choice to not use petroleum powered transport by driving most of the way. We may not agree with the message, or the method, but I think most of the commenters on this site would defend his right to speak his mind. Maybe after a few hundred more km on foot he might have decided that motorized transport is not such a bad thing after all. He should have kept his protest off of the highway, can’t imagine how traumatizing that would be to the driver of the SUV who didn’t see or couldn’t avoid hitting him.
commented 2017-01-29 00:59:58 -0500
I agree Maurice but there is a thing called natural selection
commented 2017-01-29 00:57:38 -0500
Poetic justice. "The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits "
Albert Einstein
commented 2017-01-29 00:53:36 -0500
Pardon me, and I may be a bit “slow” on on the essence of this one; but was this “self appointed Jesus” walking in the car/truck travelled portion of the highway rather than on the shoulder??…If so, then may we presume that he indeed achieved his personal version of “salvation”?…
commented 2017-01-28 22:39:12 -0500
He looks like the freak that punched Shelia.
commented 2017-01-28 21:33:27 -0500
Baumer kept looking sideways yelling, “come at me, come at me” was he trying to get himself killed, maybe that’s what he was planning all along.
commented 2017-01-28 19:21:52 -0500
Gary Johnson and Peter Netterville,

You mean like Stephen King’s ‘Christine’?

I like it, extending the novel’s end where she returns and goes after hypocritical regressives of the left. Like the sequel, King might not though.
commented 2017-01-28 18:57:59 -0500
That’s what I call revenge on an Eco-tiskacal progressive , especially the suv which have suffered at their revilings , that’s what I call true CARMA
commented 2017-01-28 17:51:06 -0500
These people are so sickening. All they do is angrily spew hatred about things that are totally false. When did Donald Trump say any of the things that he was hollering about. Yes it is too bad he got run over, but maybe he was walking in the middle of the highway yelling at traffic to “Come at ME” and it was an unfortunate provoked unavoidable accident. I don’t know.
commented 2017-01-28 17:44:19 -0500
yeh, probably just a bad batch
commented 2017-01-28 17:23:58 -0500
Sorry, but this is where I have to part ways with many of the Rebel posters here. I can’t celebrate the unnatural death of anyone, even left wing nut bars. Jesus died for everyone, including Mark Baumer. I may not agree with anything this man stood for, but to the best of my knowledge he didn’t commit any crime deserving death, so his death was still a tragedy.
commented 2017-01-28 16:47:49 -0500
Yes, Gary Johnson, those SUVs can be a grumpy bunch for sure. But as long as the SUVs remain angry at the environitwits, I think we can excuse them. They musta come off the assembly line wrong. ;o)
commented 2017-01-28 16:46:27 -0500
Karma strikes .
commented 2017-01-28 16:44:29 -0500
Bill Moulton said, “Nature has a way of weeding out the stupid ones.”

Then nature is working way too slow because there are million more.

Hmmmmm… I wonder if nature needs a helping hand … just musing!
commented 2017-01-28 16:24:07 -0500
This is just another reason to ban suvs and other automobiles. They’re out of control and hate environmentalist. As self driving cars become more prevalent we can expect to see these machines attacking and killing more people. People have become the favorite prey of both guns and automobiles which will wipe out humanity unless something is done to stop them! People no longer have control over them!
commented 2017-01-28 15:46:20 -0500
commented 2017-01-28 13:47:15 -0500
Canadian Mongrel commented 4 hours ago
At least he died doing what he loved, I guess. Well I guess that could be said if he loved being crushed by a few tons of steel lol
commented 2017-01-28 13:45:31 -0500
Culling the herd
commented 2017-01-28 13:37:44 -0500
Bummer, Baumer.