May 20, 2016

Anti-Semitism in Britain’s Labour Party: “Rotting from the head down”

Rebel Staff

Anti-Semitism isn’t new to the UK Labour Party, and its recent anti-Semitic outbursts shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has ordered an “independent inquiry” into the party’s anti-Semitism.

Gatestone Institute Senior Fellow Douglas Murray explains how Labour’s anti-Semitism problem starts at top of the party, and why this inquiry won’t solve anything.


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commented 2016-05-21 10:04:52 -0400
I agree with Douglas Murray’s primary point, which is that the Labour Party’s investigation into their own anti-Semitism is a pointless exercise, and for the reasons that he cites. My only quibble is to do with his mention of the casual but deep-seated hatred of Israel that Labour exhibits. Ken Livingstone’s misleading comments about supposedly unprovoked Israeli aggression against Palestinians seem to me to be, unfortunately, pretty well mainstream and the type of thing one might hear from various new agencies even.

Anti-Semitism, whether it is disguised as anti-Zionism or criticism of Israel, appears to be on the rise in many Western nations, including Canada. Of course, given the continued influx of individuals to the West who come from a certain ideology/religion (Which Cannot Be Named), and which actually encourages hatred of Jews in its “sacred” texts, this is not particularly surprising.
commented 2016-05-20 21:43:16 -0400
Thanks for the vid Jim Horne, just started watching, looks worthwhile.

Kev Boyle, its hard to believe people like you actually exist. I’d say more but I have no desire to have that conversation with you.
commented 2016-05-20 20:36:42 -0400
You’ll find this commentary by Melanie Phillips, British Times Journalist and author of the book Londonistan, informative.

She is a perceptive author who addresses difficult issues in a logical and profound way. Moreover, she is one of the people I will go out of my way to read or to listen to when presenting views on cultural issues.

The video is about 55 minutes long, so try to find a quite time to watch it.

Islamophobia vs Antisemitism
commented 2016-05-20 19:05:25 -0400
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commented 2016-05-20 12:45:11 -0400
Justin’s Liberals are just as bad as the NDP as far as anti Semitism is concerned. Justin removed the terrorist label Harper put onto Hamas and took away INFAN’s charitable status, as a move to stop Canadian money being funnelled through MAC, to INFAN, to Hamas.
" the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) provided $296,514 between 2001 and 2010." During that time IRFAN was also giving money to Hamas, “between 2005 and 2009, IRFAN transferred approximately $14.6-million worth of resources to various organizations associated with Hamas.”

Corbyn and the Labour Party already have blood on their hands. He and others should be tried for treason. They are a disgrace.
commented 2016-05-20 12:21:23 -0400
Corbyn the Marxist, is also responsible for the election of Kahn, the Muslim Mayor of London and a member of the Labour Party.

Like Trudeau he is in bed with the Muslims and relies on their vote for his advancement. Any thing for Power, right Lads.
commented 2016-05-20 12:12:54 -0400
The Liberals have sidelined the Jews, there are more potential Islamic voters out there.
commented 2016-05-20 11:54:24 -0400
Canada’s equivalent of the UK Labour party is the NDP.