April 28, 2016

Anti-vaxxer celebrities: How to see through “factoid pollution” of this deadly trend

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

When did it become acceptable to take medical advice from celebrities? Has society degraded so much that celebrity worship and obsession clouds the legitimacy of actual medical advice from a doctor?

Celebrities preaching advice about vaccinations, extreme diets and alternative medicine don’t have the expertise to advise us on anything and for the people following along, it’s not about being healthy and having kids best interests in mind – it’s about an image and how people see them.

Their actions are symbolic of a reckless disregard for the truth and a reckless disregard for science and technology. The consequences of not vaccinating kids are far more grave in some circumstances. Right here in Alberta, Ezekiel Stephan, a 19 month old baby boy that died after contracting bacterial meningitis and whose parents, David and Collet, have been found guilty of failing to provide the necessities of life. The reason? They opted to use a combination of peppers, garlic, horseradish, natural remedies and medical advice from WebMD over taking their child to a doctor, even after a nurse advised them to do so after physical tests for the child being inflicted with meningitis were positive.

The parents also chose to take the advice of a naturopath, where on a trip to pick up some suggested natural remedies, the boy had to be put in the back of the vehicle on a mattress because his back and neck stiffness was so extreme that he couldn’t sit in a car seat. And the death of this child could have been avoided by administering a vaccine – once at 4 months and the other at 12 months, which is suggested by Alberta Health Services. But these parents had never taken their child to see a doctor – in fact, they didn’t believe that their sons symptoms were extreme and as a result of relying on the Internet, believed that he had viral meningitis and not bacterial meningitis, which he was diagnosed with and is the worse of the two. Bacterial meningitis can also be treated with antibiotics and corticosteroids.

There has been a real transgression from respecting the advice of trained and qualified professionals, to taking the advice of someone that did something funny on tv that one time. This faction of society is caught up with being trendy, rather than doing what’s logical and backed by experts. And their choices aren’t about lifestyle, or protecting kids, it’s about promoting an image and how people see themselves.

David and Collet Stephan have now been charged with failing to provide the necessities of life in their son’s death, but how many more children will have to die before the science skeptics realize that vaccines and doctors save lives?

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commented 2016-04-29 14:18:22 -0400
Generally I’ve been in agreement with most Rebel articles however I’m really disappointed with this one. Using one cherry picked incident where the parents made some really bad decisions to paint the whole natural health community as a bunch of trendy nutbars is pretty low.

How many times have you heard of parents backing over their toddlers in the driveway? Does it actually prove anything? Or is just an example of someone making a big mistake?

Also as for your praise of “medical professionals” they kill 1000’s of times more people then natural health practitioners.



Does this mean that we should never use modern medicine? Of course not. Modern medicine has its place. Especially for acute or severe conditions. However painting natural health as lunacy while holding “medical professionals” faultless is a very uninformed and idiotic position. Which is a disservice to your readers.
commented 2016-04-29 10:55:16 -0400
For the last two years, my primary source of health care advice has been mercola.com. He interviews experts, and has a great search engine for his posted articles and videos, over the last 19 years. Needless to say, he is strongly against vaccination, especially for the most vulnerable—the very young and very old. I have little confidence in our health care system, as it is overly compromised by its connections with the pharmaceutical industry. How does one explain the high percentage of health care workers who refuse vaccinations on themselves ? The Rebel needs to smarten up on this issue.
commented 2016-04-29 08:18:23 -0400
It certainly is “unbelievable” RICHARD, and mind boggling that that there are conservatives here, libertarian one at that, talking about legislating forced vaccinations. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Just as “Darwin’s ideas played a critically important role in the development and growth of communism”, so too have his ideas had an equally important influence on the development and growth on this current “one size fits all” medical paradigm. Namely, the use of vaccines that are manufactured with aborted fetal tissue, foreign animal tissue, and corresponding toxic microbial contaminants and chemical additives. Substances, that are then systematically and vigorously injected into the human body, bypassing natural censoring mechanisms with little to no concern for vulnerable individuals (the weakest) that are being singled out and victimized for the so-called greater good… a “utilitarian rational” that is “ethically and morally corrupt”. Indeed, utilitarianism is a key socialist doctrine that has played an instrumental role in shaping and facilitating the development Nazism, fascism, Communism and their corresponding holocausts.
commented 2016-04-29 07:50:15 -0400
As parents we all have to make judgment calls when it comes to the care of our children. It’s not an easy call and the fact that this couple was charged and ended up in court is a travesty of justice. I’m all too familiar with abiding by conventional medicines shotgun hit and miss approach to healthcare and paying the tragic price for doing so.

In an article from Common Ground entitled, “Facts on prescription drug deaths and the drug industry”, it states, “Terence Young, Member of Parliament for Oakville, Ontario, is the founder and Chair of Drug Safety Canada, a research and public advocacy organization based in Oakville. He has been active in issues related to prescription drug safety since March 2000, after losing his 15-year-old daughter Vanessa to the Johnson & Johnson manufactured drug Prepulsid, marketed by Janssen-Ortho Inc.”

The article goes on to state, “Prescription drugs taken as prescribed in hospitals are the fourth leading cause of death in the US and Canada, after cancer, heart disease and strokes. They cause about 10,000 deaths a year in Canada and about 106,000 deaths a year and over two million serious injuries in the US. As many as another 10,000 deaths a year in Canada are thought to occur outside hospitals due to the wrong drug, dosage errors and adverse reactions. One out of four admissions to internal medicine in Canadian hospitals is related to prescription drugs, of which 70% are preventable. Canadians now spend more on prescription drugs ($24 billion) than we do on doctors ($18 billion).”

In a Journal of Pediatrics article entitled, “The Growing Impact of Pediatric Pharmaceutical Poisoning”, it states, “Prevention efforts have proved to be inadequate in the face of rising availability of prescription medications, particularly more dangerous medications… Each year, >500 000 children aged ≤5 years are exposed to pharmaceuticals in a potential poisoning event. More than 50 000 seek emergency department (ED) care and that number is rising.

Fluoroquinolones such as Cipro, Levaquin and Avelox rather then being antibiotics in the traditional sense, are highly toxic chemicals traditionally used in chemotherapeutic concoctions to treat cancer. These chemicals should not be injected into any living creature and the fact that they are used with relentless zeal to the point of being forced on children against the parents wishes is an indication of just how barbaric and inhumane conventional allopathic medicine has indeed become. “Two of the most serious (side effects) are aortic dissection and aortic aneurysm.

Dissection occurs when the walls of the aorta break down, allowing blood to seep into the layers of tissue. This leads to complications like stroke, heart attack or paralysis. An aneurysm is an enlarged or bulging part of the aorta. Aneurysms can be silent killers. They often have no symptoms until they burst, causing excruciating pain and loss of consciousness. Once an aneurysm bursts, patients only have a 50 percent chance of survival. Treatment for both conditions requires medications and surgery as well as a lifetime of monitoring that can be costly.”

The above represents merely a drop in the bucket as to the toxic onslaught inflicted on individuals including children whose immune systems are severely compromised by the toxic effect of vaccines. There is overwhelming scientific evidence to demonstrate that vaccines are dangerous and not effective. The toxic chemical and biological ingredients used in vaccines on their own is enough reason to prompt us to avoid their injection into the human body let alone an infant or any living creature for that matter. The vaccine paradigm is a heinous act of abuse that defies common sense and scientific knowledge. Its implementation via government mandate is an affront to human dignity that parallels the goings on in Nazi Germany during the Second World War.
commented 2016-04-29 07:46:06 -0400
And these are the people that claim “their” pathogen-focused approach to health care is both scientific and rational?

“A new article in the journal Pediatrics is calling on health professionals to stop saying that breastfeeding is natural, arguing that doing so gives the impression that natural parenting practices are healthier. The authors have started a public campaign to end the positive use of the word natural, claiming that it is associated with such “problematic” practices as home birth, homeschooling and the rejection of GMO foods, and that natural parenting movements are interfering with vaccination efforts.”
commented 2016-04-29 00:59:00 -0400
Richard Russia pushes people to be vaccinated , why is it OK for them?
commented 2016-04-29 00:42:03 -0400
commented 2016-04-29 00:28:31 -0400
I disagree Holly. Vaccines aren’t the end all cure. Polio was eradicated in the 30s and the only way to contract polio is through a vaccine now. Some vaccines are beneficial but most aren’t. Vaccine manufacturers would rather not subject their own children to vaccinations, that should be evidence enough. Dr. Leanard Horowitz (Harvard MD) has documentation that AIDS was initiated as a result of a tainted vaccine in Africa for hepatitis which caused an immune deficiency. He has a fascinating documentary on the subject of vaccines. The US government has known about the man made virus of AIDS since 1979 but refused to take responsibility. You should research the subject yourself.
commented 2016-04-29 00:26:39 -0400
Richard then stay away from other people. Why should they get sick because you are paranoid?
commented 2016-04-28 23:52:10 -0400
“Potential epidemics must be controlled, by legislation if necessary.”

You fucking fools can’t even control the jihadi mercenaries you set up to overthrow Assad. Everything you touch turns to shit. Unbelievable that there’s “conservatives” here talking about legislating forced vaccinations.
commented 2016-04-28 23:42:20 -0400
Too bad there’s no way to get a prorated refund for my membership here. You will not have me financially supporting this statist bullshit a second time around.
commented 2016-04-28 21:57:38 -0400
Vaccines have changed and have been manipulated to some other insidious crap to inject our kids and grandkids with. Look up some of the shit that they’re putting in vaccines nowadays.
commented 2016-04-28 20:45:25 -0400
The science around vaccinations is as manipulated as climate science, but please believe what ever your told, and if vaccinations were made mandatory I still would never do it. That was the advice of three medical doctors!
Using the examples of neglectful parents as reasons to vaccinate is very disingenuous.
commented 2016-04-28 20:27:45 -0400
Hi Holly. So good of you to bring some science into this insanity.
commented 2016-04-28 20:19:55 -0400
Holly if that is all the research you have done your an idiot. There are a lot more issues around vaccinations than autism. Please come and throw me in jail for not vaccinating my two boys after what happened to there sister. I have forgotten more about vaccinations than you will ever know!
commented 2016-04-28 20:04:51 -0400
In the U.S. Washingtons push to "innoculate " his army against smallpox pretty well proved to be the decisive action in ensuring that America became a nation. The hundreds who suffered and died on the Plains of Abraham during the siege of Quebec made his actions a necessity. It was a very dangerous procedure, but people undertook it voluntarily to try to save their lives. Now with vaccination we can virtually eliminate diseases causing the deaths of thousands and millions. In our crowded and interconnected world this foolish debate has to stop. Potential epidemics must be controlled, by legislation if necessary.
commented 2016-04-28 19:39:39 -0400
Watching the video here, the old canard of `herd immunity’ is used. If you’ve got a shot, the promise of immunity is bestowed. Did Holly not know the effectiveness – well – ineffectiveness of last years flu shot – 23% effective. A study showed that taking shots year after year flu shots can become 15% effective. Okay, the shots can be just be a placebo, oops, no, they drop the bodies natural immune defense.
Listening to Holly, it seems she has not done basic research as simple as reading a vaccine insert. Nor does it appear that she heard of what is called the `vaccine court’ in the U.S that has paid out billions in compensation to those claiming injury. Was an attempt at balance here made by trying to contact `vaccination choice canada’?
If Holly wants a break from covering medical news, I’m happy to give her a breather.
commented 2016-04-28 19:33:51 -0400
Ask doctors what they think, 9/10 of those assholes will tell you:

1) Guns are bad and should be “banned”.
2) Sunni “refugees” are good, we need more.
3) Doctors deserve more money.

So should I give two shits what they say is “safe” or “proper”?

I may be a little biased since I returned their health card to them (their property, not mine) about five years ago… But yeah, the way I see it, you are at a greater safety risk in a hospital than in your local health food store. The number of things you can contract there, then we get the secretive malpractice that’s mostly swept under the rug… I still contribute toward paying their bloated wages, even though I refuse to go see them. And should the day come that they try to force me to do anything, well then Molon Labe you bunch of fucking parasites.
commented 2016-04-28 19:14:32 -0400
At least most of these celebrities aren’t pushing SSRI pills or telling men to cut their genitals off for “reassignment surgery”. Got news for you, fuck doctors, fuck police, fuck government.
commented 2016-04-28 19:13:30 -0400
I would say that the anti-vaxxer movement is usually prevalent amongst libertarians and nationalists and some left wing organizations. Mainstream groups and I place Rebel in this is very much pro-vaccine.

They do not want us to question or say that we should have a choice. I personally believe that on subjects such as this we need a choice because it is our body and we should do with it as we please. We also need to be allowed to do our own research to find out the best way to proceed forward and so we make the right decisions.

The medical industry needs us to be sick. We need to be avid readers and we must be aware of everything that goes on. It is a tenet of personal responsibility I can live with.

Even though I am an economic nationalist, I view certain issues as ones where we need choice.
commented 2016-04-28 19:09:57 -0400
The man is not God, but Mr. Trump also has expressed doubts about the safety of many vaccines. But hell, after the ballot is stolen in the Republican convention, this publication can get back to their RINO pals like Paul Ryan and Scott Walker. I can’t believe I fell for this libertarian-poseur act this website has been putting on. Really regretting buying a “rebel” membership at this point.
commented 2016-04-28 19:02:11 -0400
Next up: ‘Raw Milk Will Kill You, Here’s Why’, followed by ‘Free Markets Don’t Work, Allow Big Banks and Experts To Decide’.
commented 2016-04-28 18:55:35 -0400
“Anti-vaxxer”, they even use the same Toronto Star slurs here to ridicule the independent among us. Is this the Toronto Star?

What’s next, “climate denier”??? This is that same old big government Tory-loving rag, posting some Paul Joseph Watson to give the illusion that things may have changed.

So since we’re showing our true cards today: Lock up the pot growers, give them hard labor in the Arctic. Maybe there could be a forced-stertilization procedure for “anti-vaxxers”, better yet, let’s get a good ol’ bunch of foreign monarch-loving Tories in there to license human reproduction, you know to filter out the undesirable genes.

What a crock of shit. These types of articles prove that you can be an authoritarian whether you’re on the left or right. If these people killed their child, sentence them for it… Don’t go on this “anti-vaxxer” liberal meme for anyone who dares to question the motives and foresight of government.
commented 2016-04-28 18:07:19 -0400
On the subject of vaccinations, the best thing to do is educate yourself. Take the time to read the inserts that come with shots, do check the possible side effects listed by the companies. Watch movies like `Vaxxed’, fact check to see if the documentary makers are wrong. Do make up a list of questions for doctors and nurses. Let no one bully you either way, it is your body after all.
commented 2016-04-28 16:43:03 -0400
This sounds a lot like advocacy for mandatory healthcare and mandatory vaccines. While I’m not happy about what happened to this child, and I will agree that some laws against negligence are a good thing, I’m not sure you should try to legislate risky parenting behaviour (nothing causing direct harm, or withdrawing sustenance) away. I’m against some vaccines for ethical reasons (abortion/fetal research/fetal products) and would insist that parents have the choice.
commented 2016-04-28 16:36:07 -0400
I couldn’t wait to have my children vaccinated. Anyone that runs their lives based on what some celebrity thinks and says maybe shouldn’t have children.
commented 2016-04-28 16:20:26 -0400
I see that there are a load of anti-vaccine people on this site.
commented 2016-04-28 16:17:10 -0400
Susan Peters said, “They’re as qualified as you are, Holly.”

Yet Holly is not advocating using herbal remedies, but is advocating going to a professional.

Susan, do you believe herbal remedies hold the same medicinal value as their medical counterpart?
commented 2016-04-28 16:14:47 -0400
Good video, Holly.
commented 2016-04-28 16:08:58 -0400
CORRECTION: They’re as qualified as you are, Holly.