June 13, 2016

The “antifa” movement: “It’s anti-German racism, done by Germans”

Lauren SouthernArchive

My guide in Leipzig, Germany took me to an "antifa" -- short for "anti-fascist" -- area, where militant Leftists stage protests. He translated the "progressive" posters stuck everywhere, and the messages are much more militant than the ones we're used to hearing from the Canadian left. These "anti-fascists" sound very fascist.

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commented 2016-06-14 09:10:36 -0400
@jens Reichert
This is the new definition of peaceful. Why do you think Islam is called religion of peace?
commented 2016-06-14 04:17:31 -0400
Coming to Canada in the near future. The popular media, Politically Correct, “Progressives” and what is going on in the universities are heading us toward this,

Oh joy…
commented 2016-06-14 00:37:29 -0400
@nathan W
Please get in touch with reality. The Antifa’s “protest” is far from being peaceful, e.g.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yx6lGZrMKr8 from last years’s ECB opening in Frankfurt.
commented 2016-06-13 20:24:00 -0400
Anti-fascist’s? The Nationalist Socialists (Nazi’s) were as far left as you can get. The far right are called Libertarian’s. The violence always comes from the far left. The only way you can steal from the makers to give to the takers is with the force of State sanctioned violence.

commented 2016-06-13 19:45:03 -0400
Typical of the social left – calling themselves anti-bigots, we for equality etc, and doing the exact opposite.

What I would give for a conservative party to become socially active and fight these people, like end the funding to Feminists, Anti-Racists etc and end the liberal arts programs that house these people
commented 2016-06-13 17:45:17 -0400
If somebody put up that many English-only stickers in Quebec, the sign nazis would hunt them down to the ends of the Earth.
commented 2016-06-13 15:09:23 -0400
a) In which sense are these “leftists” presumed to be “militant”? Last I checked, peaceful protest is not “militant”.

b) This “anti-German racism” sounds like the “anti-white racism” sort of nonsense, which is like saying that if you’re not racist against non-whites that therefore you’re a self-hating white. As though white skin is really that big of a deal for identity.

Has this site been hijacked by neo-Nazis, or is there just some disagreement on terminology?
commented 2016-06-13 14:54:14 -0400
Germany is shortly to change , and then Germany will change the world
commented 2016-06-13 14:28:12 -0400
No laughing matter. It is a reflection of a very sick society.
commented 2016-06-13 13:43:44 -0400
They remind me of the leftists who’ve threatened Germany before, which led to the rise of nationalists. You’ve heard of them. Instead of stickers, they used red flags, red banners, red posters, and red marches in their attempts to brainwash people because on a little blue planet like ours, especially in a sometimes cloudy country in a concrete city, red attracts your eye. These anti-establishment forces, and a financially weakened post-war civilization descended into lawless chaos like we saw in Cologne in December, which made German people crave order. And for a long time, law and order is exactly what they got. But even the nationalists couldn’t fight off leftists forever. Not in Germany. Not in the United States. They infiltrate, intimidate, divide and conquer. As you can see by the ubiquity of the stickers and slogans, the disestablishmentarians are exceptionally well-funded. Not just a couple of dissatisfied kids going begging for donations. And if the stickers are allowed to stand, and the people putting up the stickers haven’t been arrested, then the police (and schools and courts) may have been infiltrated, too. In my mind, they must have been infiltrated by political appointees.

The independence of German courts pre-date democracy in Germany. According to Journal of Legal Studies in “Lay Judges in the German Criminal Courts” by Casper & Zeizel (1972), the German judiciary has become a “highly political and discriminatory process.” Once tenured, they have a job for life. Meaning some of the judges and about 10% of Eastern German police are former Stasi. i.e. Soviet. i.e. communists, who were experts in psychological warfare. Psychology is slower, but far cheaper than dropping bombs, and a favorite tactic of successful business marketers who’ve built up their industries with effective marketing.

In my estimation, it’s paradoxically the communist’s reliance on effective persuasion that allows them to turn people into violent, scary, ubiquitous, often plain-clothed, often very young, passionate, zealous thought police without any impulse control. With mass broadcast, you can create a “child soldier” far cheaper than through traditional methods like boot camps. And as they murder each other in school bathrooms (already starting to happen in the U.S.), or swam school children in the streets, they’ll simply think they’re enforcing good manners.

I think the reason why the failed nation state of Venezuela is seen as a national security threat is for two reasons.

One: It’s the financial failure of a Socialist country. It’s an enemy of those who’ve infiltrated our universities, media, etc. This example threatens the far left in other countries.

Two, just as the failures of government in Cambodia and Germany led to the rise of communist elements, just as failed states in Libya and Iraq led to chaos, rebellion, and rule by ruthless, a sudden failure or collapse of any government creates malcontents who feel the government hasn’t kept its promise to feed them, their families and friends.

As the saying goes, every nation is about nine meals away from a revolution. In warlord-controlled territories, such as Ukraine, Red China, or Somalia, famine was about the cheapest, most effective weapon of war, ranking right alongside dysentery. But a conqueror can’t use it until the people give up their guns or run out of bullets.

Who are these conquerors? So far, they’ve been big, crony capitalist businesses enforcing monopolies on business, education, media, and thought. It’s simple dominance of the dominant players. Law of the jungle. In general, the spoils of war go to the most productive and ruthless people and people who survive the conquest. It’s why Communism has gotten such a bad reputation. The same people are always pushing for it.

From an biological perspective, our species has either absorbed or eliminated its biological competition. Most often it’s a combination. The regular purge and conquest occurs because we have no other truly successful predation on human beings acting as a genetic selection process, leading to less and less desirable stock eating through the food supply. Fat, ugly, psychotic zombies. Communists called them useful idiots. These undesirable leftists were always destined to die. It’s only a matter of who was going to stop feeding them.

But the information age industrialists didn’t get that way by being stupid. Just as the factory owner would sell the sawdust from a sawmill at a profit, and see your waste products as a profit opportunity, the oversupply of these useless people (who the Spartans never would have allowed to live in the first place), create an opportunity to overthrow the same governments they’ve been bribing for favors.

While overthrow is cheaper and more effective than bribery, it’s the preferable option. Hence the rise of Communism over and over again.

Some solutions are implied. The French chose the guillotine. Some have levied for term limits. But corruption will always exist while its profitable.

While peaceful revolutions can lead to relatively peaceful governments, Erica Chenoweth pointed out in her book on civil resistance that violent revolutions tend to lead to violent regimes. I’m not sure if she’s aware of the paradox that peaceful, law-abiding corporations legally pushing societies further toward corruption, further toward fascism, and pushing socialist policies in governments, are ultimately the cause of the largest-scale mass murders the world has ever seen.

If you try or even plan to kill one person, that’s illegal. If you want to kill a hundred million, and you run the most successful business, you can do it legally, and get the taxpayers to pay for it. It may or may not be a paradise for the rich, but if they don’t do it, someone else will.

As descendants of rich and successful conquerors, our stock has gradually become smarter, more critical, more demanding, and more expensive to keep and breed, and we’re about to stop falling for the guilt trips they’ve relied on for the last 50 years to keep us obedient.

In at least one country, this may be headed in the direction of the French revolution. If so, the ultra-rich (who know exactly what’s going on) will simply retreat to someplace they can totally control. A place like Germany, for instance. Or North Korea. Places where no free thought can exist unless you’re rich.

If the revolution succeeds anywhere, it endangers these people. And what GamerGate shows is that it’s starting to succeed.

On an evolutionary timescale, the biological war of gene is coming to an end. I suspect information technology will continue to transform our genes and capabilities, weed out the undesirables, the dissidents, the feeble in ever more preventive ways. At the embryo stage.
commented 2016-06-13 13:19:45 -0400
This is just like during the Weimar republic. Dozens of leftist groups jockeying for position and using violence to end discussion. The more things change the more they stay the same.
commented 2016-06-13 13:18:24 -0400
I won’t be going to Germany any time soon … like never.
commented 2016-06-13 13:01:08 -0400
Nothing new under the German sun. You forgot to mention the most important information, however: which is that the so called Antifa is largely funded by government subsidies. Not officially, of course, but under the label “Kampf gegen Rechts” (fight against the (political) right (wing/radicals). Last year the support of the federal government alone amounted to around 100 million Euros.
The Antifa has always been the para-military branch of the parties-rule-state, used as a means to intimidate the general population to keep paying their “fair share” and accept what is politically imposed on them. The “activists” on the other hand consider themselves as some sort of avantgarde, but actually they’re just a bunch of useful idiots, perpetuating the very power structures they claim to fight against.
commented 2016-06-13 12:39:02 -0400
Pretty psychotic zombies – anti-fascists who use fascist imagery, methods and ideology. There must be a lot of crack in the Fatherland.
commented 2016-06-13 12:16:31 -0400
There are groups like this in Canada. Like ARA – anti racist action – who act like leftist footsoldiers.