March 11, 2019

A fact-checking news agency prints a fictional story about Trudeau’s SNC-Lavalin scandal

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

The Associated Press — or AP, as it’s also known, is a massive news agency that's more than 150 years old. It works like this: Competing news companies from different regions share stories amongst each other through AP, so they don’t all have to send a reporter to cover one particular event.

There are other companies like it: Reuters, and here in Canada, the Canadian Press or CP.

It makes sense commercially — but it’s also a terrible homogenizer of the news.

In fact, I bet that the majority of what you read, without realising it, is the great liberal "news" fog generated by AP, CP or Reuters.

But it gets worse:

Two years ago, after Trump's election, Mark Zuckerberg chose AP to be part of Facebook "fact checking" process, to help "police fake news" — that is, censor opinions they don't like.

So AP must be the most accurate news outlet on earth, right...?

Now, the news of the day:

The SNC-Lavalin scandal is the biggest scandal to rock Prime Minister Justin Trudeau since he joined Parliament. It's so huge that even foreign countries are paying attention to it, and wondering what it is all about.

So what do the great fact-checkers at the Associated Press have to say? What is their big briefing to their American audience about the SNC-Lavalin scandal?

Here’s how the AP story starts

There’s no money, no sex and nothing illegal happened. This is what passes for a scandal in Canada.

But is it true that "nothing illegal happened"? No. The matter hasn’t been investigated yet, not by the Mounties, an independent inquiry, or even Trudeau’s own lap-dog, hand-picked “ethics counsellor.”

The Parliamentary hearings — as limited as they are — aren’t even done.

But the AP have seen enough to decide that no crime has been committed.

The AP continues, claiming that, "no financial or sexual misconduct is alleged.”

Really? On what planet? 

SNC-Lavalin paid $48 million in illegal bribes in Libya, and evidence has emerged that they commit bribery pretty much everywhere they work, including in Canada.

And no sex? SNC-Lavalin paid millions of dollars for prostitutes, porn and parties for Saadi Gaddafi, son of Muammar Gaddafi — this was part of their bribery.

TONIGHT I'll also show you two of the "experts" AP contacted to comment in this report. Both of them are Liberal partisans — one of whom, described only as a "professor," is also regular Liberal Party donor, who calls Jody Wilson-Raybould "nuts."

Their ties to the Liberal Party were not made at all clear in the Associated Press article, which, because AP is a wire service, was designed to be picked up by publications all over the world, to "explain" the SNC-Lavalin scandal to non-Canadians.

So the next time AP says they’re fact-checking someone or blocks your Facebook search, just remember:

They’re liars...

NEXT: On a related topic:

In an explosive new revelation, a leaked internal message from a manager at Google reveals that the company wanted to "stop fake news" because "that's how Trump won."

Senior Breitbart Tech Editor Allum Bokhari joins me to discuss this breaking story. 

FINALLY: The urgent message I got from Tommy Robinson this morning, and how you can help Tommy fight back against police harassment.


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commented 2019-05-02 02:44:27 -0400
Yeah, it’s pretty suspicious that the reporter got its information. That’s why I never use Chrome as my browser and even use this VPN to save my data from search engines. Our world is becoming crazy, and it is the easiest thing you can do to keep yourself safe.
commented 2019-03-12 07:03:24 -0400
And those DPA’s are really putting in place two justice systems. one for the ‘’Too big to fail’’ and another one for the rest. And we are told its OK since other countries do it too!…..
And the media is totaly ignoring that aspect…
commented 2019-03-12 04:26:41 -0400
I think the Canadian left stream media is having kittens right now. Here they are writing negative articles about the Dauphin, yet they perceive that the Trumpster is skating so they throw in unrelated and unsubstantiated fake news about Trump into their articles about our hapless PM. The irony of this situation is driving them crazy. Take this article from McLean’s:
Maher does a decent job of questioning Jr.‘s competence but can’t help himself from stating Trump was “aided by Vladimir Putin’s hackers” and that “Trudeau’s misdeeds may pale in comparison to Donald Trump’s”. The fact is neither of these allegations are true.
commented 2019-03-12 04:23:30 -0400
Shouldn’t the journalist doing the story do the fact checking themselves? Aren’t we trusting them to have done the necessary research and asking the pertinent questions? Shouldn’t we expect them to give unbiased reports, ergo no need for a second or third party fact-checker?

Does this fall under the “once upon a time” theme?
commented 2019-03-12 04:17:22 -0400
AP is much like seeing a BBC article about Canada. You watch it and wonder where the reporter got its information. The report has the skeleton of the story, facts sort of there, but it is nothing like the real event covered. All it would need are smile emojis and fairy dust to complete the story.

Google: Never use an Android or Chrome operating system. Never use Chrome as your browser. Never use a Pixel phone. Turn location services off except that Android and Pixel phones still monitor your location regardless of the setting; it just lets you believe you are unseen.

Search your computer’s system files for anything called “keystone”. Its from Google. It supposedly checks your computer for Google software updates, but it sends data all the time, No one really knows what information it is transmitting or why it has to transmit data to Google.

Get rid of any Google software. Its like having a Trojan or spyware monitoring your computer.

Google keeps a record of all your searches and which sites you link to – no joke. Change your search engine on your computer and cell phone to something like DuckDuckGo. If it isn’t a built-in option, its easy to install and free. It will include Google searches but you are now anonymous and no records kept. Search your browser cookies regularly for anything with “google” in the name and delete them.

Remember, what you do on your cell phone or computer is merchandise to Google. It sells this information. Same thing with Facebook. Amazon records your shopping and searches, and what news you look up. This information is product.

Don’t use Gmail. It is Google. Have you ever tried deleting your automatically kept and hidden folder archived mail? The archived email keeps coming back no matter how much you try to kill it. For those who still use it, Hotmail from Microsoft isn’t much safer; read the end user’s agreement.

BTW, any Windows OS higher than Windows 7 sends Microsoft information on your system (and other things?) without you knowing. Hence I use Windows only on a virtual machine.

Don’t allow automatic installation of software updates. Know what is being installed first. If you want to update that piece of software, then do so. Otherwise, don’t.

If you don’t believe anything above, do a little research. The tech info is out there.
commented 2019-03-12 01:09:13 -0400
I wonder if Jody Wilson-Raybould became aware of the professor who called her “nuts” would consider suing him.

When a friend, a fellow freedom fighter calls, you go.
commented 2019-03-12 00:42:40 -0400
One can go off Google, if they want:
- use a non-USA email provider like hushmail or protonmail. (Yahoo, Outlook have email read by NSA)
- use Firefox, not Chrome.
- use and not
- use YouTube in a Private Window.
install Blur, Disconnect and AdBlock to reduce monitoring
use a VPN or Tor Browser.
commented 2019-03-12 00:37:38 -0400
Ezra should do part of the show from the UK. He travels there enough. Say, doesn’t Tommy have a studio as well? Ezra could use that.
commented 2019-03-12 00:36:12 -0400
Keith Barnes commented 2 hours ago
Sorry Guys, couldn’t resist that. one
Thanks Keith, I especially like him including Obama and Blair with the F—-Off.
commented 2019-03-11 23:48:56 -0400
Oops I meant $250 million
commented 2019-03-11 23:47:26 -0400
The WP and CNN are being sued for $20 M each for false reporting by nick Sandmann. I hope it sets a precedent for punitive damages. Drag all these liars through the mud
commented 2019-03-11 23:34:45 -0400
“He was yelling. He was yelling that I didn’t appreciate him, that he’d given me so much,” Ms. Caesar-Chavannes said.
commented 2019-03-11 23:34:14 -0400
David Lametti is Canada’s Shultz!
“I know noth’inck, Noth’inck!” HA!
I hope this anti-bribery coalition of nations that we signed onto calls out Trudeaus government.
commented 2019-03-11 22:52:19 -0400
Sorry Guys, couldn’t resist that. one
commented 2019-03-11 22:49:26 -0400
commented 2019-03-11 22:21:34 -0400
The ugly dogma that is Marxism has reared it’s ugly head and openly snarled the evil that is in it. Most alarming is the fact that it dose this quite openly instead of whispering in our ear, in other words it has come out of the closet and wants to play.
Only the strong can shut it down and only the strong will survive and only then with violence….A war of words with the Marxist press will never work.
commented 2019-03-11 22:13:05 -0400
- I saw the AP article being ripped apart on Twitter. They are not to be trusted & every time one of these “fact checkers” pulls a stunt like this they undermine their credibility more & more.

- The bug tech companies need to have something other than a congressional or senate hearing. They go in, lie & walk away free every time. They need to be put under oath & face real prosecution.
commented 2019-03-11 22:09:38 -0400
I worked for two American companies in the 80’s and both had a company policy to snitch on other employees.
commented 2019-03-11 22:08:46 -0400
Big News! 100 days with no sign of a hammer falling!
commented 2019-03-11 22:07:00 -0400
1. Trudeau is demonstrating his inherited mania from his mother, as well as the way he explains this entire scandal. His mother said she realized Pierre actually loved her by his hitting her. Now that is exactly what her kid is saying to Canada that this scandal is a good thing that he can use to correct the problems in his office. Same psychological profile, script and thought process.
2. Zuckerschmuck would have indeed done things differently. He would have made his system better to have greater control than he has today.
3. Google and companies like it are run by perpetual Peter Pans who never grew up. They dress like university flunkies, they act like teenagers and they are as cunning as delinquent teens with personality disorders.
commented 2019-03-11 21:40:59 -0400
Ezra, I also appreciated you flying to the UK on such short notice. When I saw the video of the UK Police ordering Tommy and his family to get out of town, it reminded me of the old Cowboy Movies where the Sheriff and a couple Deputies tell the Gunslinger to move on to the next town. The UK treats rapists better than Tommy.
Hope he sues their ass off.
commented 2019-03-11 21:39:12 -0400
I was outraged when I saw that, no-sex, no-money AP article. This type of dishonest reporting should wake a lot more Canadians to the hypocrisy and out right lies of the MSM …….hopefully.
commented 2019-03-11 21:28:59 -0400
As for the Associated Press, this is one prime example of crafting the news rather than telling it. They’re the ones manufacturing consent.
commented 2019-03-11 21:24:18 -0400
What a frightening age we live in. Even George Orwell would be surprised at how far down the totalitarian road we’ve gone. And having contracted out surveillance to tech companies, governments can claim that they violated no rights because it was done by a private firm. I remember protests at the Canada Place building during the 90s. Protesters couldn’t enter because it was private property. The feds just rented office space there. This is a much worse case where governments can get surveillance info without actually violating citizens’ rights. How diabolical.
commented 2019-03-11 20:58:41 -0400
Thanks for covering Tommy Ezra! Safe travels. Here’s hoping Tommy gets real justice this time.
commented 2019-03-11 20:45:13 -0400
The Bobbies got his number he will be harassed everywhere unless a lawyer can put a stop to it, Hope he wins or it will only get worse