Approve Ajax Mine: Tell Premier Horgan to say YES to 500 jobs!

Christopher WilsonRebel Commentator


Just outside of Kamloops is the site of the proposed Ajax gold and copper mine. 

The proposed mine is set to bring 500 full-time jobs during its planned 23-year lifespan, 1200 additional construction jobs$400 million in tax revenues and $3.8 million in yearly direct payments to the city of Kamloops for community benefits.

KGHM the Polish company behind the mine recently discovered (November 20, 2017) that the British Columbia Environmental assessment office had granted their approval.

This meant that from November 20, Premier Jon Horgan and the BC NDP cabinet have 45 days to approve or reject this project.


As with all resource development, the Ajax mine has seen heated arguments locally In Kamloops from both those who support and those against the project. 

While the proposed project does not fall within Kamloops city limits, Kamloops city council still voted against supporting the project. Local First Nations have also come out in opposition indicating the mine site has spiritual significance and is considered sacred land. 

Over the past two years, BC has seen the Northern Gateway pipeline killed, over $50 billion in LNG investments evaporate, the TransMountain Pipeline is currently held up and opposed, and the Sits C dam is in jeopardy as well.

Despite the loud and well-coordinated campaign against this mine, many locals are still in favour of the projectBut after losing over $50 billion in LNG proposals, potentially billions more if the NDP kill the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion and the Site C dam, this province needs a win.


We have a plan to help fight for the much-needed jobs and infrastructure in BC. But we need your help. 

First, we want you to sign the petition below and let Premier Horgan and the NDP know this mine needs approval.

Then we need to fight back against the anti-development opposition. We will do that by putting out really great, high-impact radio ads on the airwaves to get their attention. Our radio ads will tell the NDP that Kamloops and other area locals and business's want this mine and the jobs that come with it.

Please help us recoup the cost of the radio ads by clicking here.

No other media company will travel to talk to real people affected by this mine. If you believe in what we're doing -- telling the other side of the story -- please sign our petition below. 

Sign the petition!

John Horgan and the BC NDP caucus must approve the Ajax mine.

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