April 02, 2015

Will Kenya's Al-Shabaab terrorists target Canada next?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Once again, Muslim terrorists have struck, this time singling out Christian students for death at a university in Kenya.

You may recall that this same group, Al-Shabaab, carried out the West Gate Mall massacre in the same country. There, too, terrified hostages were asked whether or not they were Christian or Muslim, then the Christians were executed.

What's even more terrifying is that Al-Shabaab has mentioned targeting Canada in their recruitment videos.

They seem especially fixated on the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, because it was built by a Jewish family.

The question is, what can and should we do to prevent Canada from turning into another Kenya?


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commented 2015-04-07 18:23:44 -0400
*Almost 1 in 5 Canadians live in poverty.
commented 2015-04-07 18:17:02 -0400
Liza. Do not assume anything about my friends. You don’t know anything about the financial barriers/obstacles that they endure.
….and right-wing conservatives like yourself are parasites. Racist, homophobic, fear-mongering people like yourself who are so detached from the real issues that matter.
Is it because you are apathetic, ignorant or outright malicious. Do you know anything about poverty in Canada. Do you know about the rising income disparities and economic inequality that haunts this nation, our depleting social safety net and public health care system due to the disastrous austerity policies implemented not just by the federal Conservative Government but all levels of government?
Almost 1 and 5 Canadians live in poverty. This country’s wealthiest 86 people’s net worth is approx. equal to that of the poorest 33% (approx. 11 million Canadians) net worth.
You think this is all a game? No. This is real people who are suffering from the devastating ramifications of austerity and government deregulation in the economy. People like you are either ignorant and apathetic or just outright malicious and inconsiderate of other people’s misery and suffering.
commented 2015-04-06 14:15:25 -0400
Zarnif, the world doesn’t owe you anything. The sooner you learn that the sooner you can get in the game.
commented 2015-04-06 14:02:29 -0400
What is the definition of entitlement.

The fact that we have any opportunities at all should make you grateful. You keep talking about connections, and that the opportunity fairies aren’t passing the jobs out evenly. Equality of opportunity? You can do what ever you set your mind to in this country, even with the fluctuations of the economy and governments. Fight for it like everyone else has to. The government doesn’t create jobs, private business does. You are in competition kid, with every other kid out there, and being led down the garden path if you think its the responsibility of the government to get you a job. The only thing a good gov. should do is try to create a climate in which business can prosper.

Ever heard about the finite pie?
It doesn’t exist. There are as many pieces to the wealth pie as you can bake.

If you continue to suck off the money producers they will stop producing (read Atlas Shrugged) .No money, no jobs ,nothing but a bankrupt government with no one left to rob from.
Do you want to spend the rest of your life playing the victim or having some personal power.
Socialists are parasites.
A social safety net is for people who are not able to take care of themselves for real reasons. It is not there so your friends won’t have to move to another province,(if need be) to acquire a job, and its not there so they can sit in McDonalds instead of working there.
Equality of opportunity?
The playing field is level. Its your responsibility to get onto it. No one else’s.
commented 2015-04-06 12:40:18 -0400
Hi Liza
Socialist? You are damn right. I am a socialist and damn proud of it. I am also currently employed but many young people around me aren’t so fortunate. There are opportunities in Canada but they are so unevenly distributed. Young people from wealthy families who have connections and a solid social network have WAY more opportunities than young people from a working-class background. Equality of opportunity is a mere illusion of the destructive neoliberal capitalist system that concentrates and centralizes wealth in the hands of the few. There is NO equality of opportunity in Canada.
commented 2015-04-05 14:33:57 -0400
Reading your “confession” again, I am just flabbergasted. You are the poster boy for the spoiled, lazy,entitled, snotty nosed socialist kid, who wants to suck off the public teat. And give us the finger as you are doing it.
God help us.
commented 2015-04-05 14:06:06 -0400
More the shame on you. If you were writing from Europe I might understand, but you have no excuse to whine, if you live in this country. You have every opportunity. Unbelievable. Hit the pavement kid, move to another province if need be. Both my kids are around your age and are both gainfully employed. You speak nonsense.

You should be ashamed of the hate you tried to spread in your posts. You clearly have nothing but contempt for your country so do us all a favour and go visit your parents country. A long long visit.

You give good kids a bad name. You are a disgrace to your country. Your previous posts have all been poison.
commented 2015-04-05 12:15:26 -0400
Hi Liza.
I was born in Canada. My parents migrated to Canada from Europe, not Iran. I am in my mid-20’s and a lot of young people around me are suffering. The labour market is so tough and competitive that it is really difficult for many young people to get their foot in the door (finding employment opportunities), esp. if they have no connections or lack a social network. I call Stephen Harper an economic terrorist because since he became PM in 2006 with his first minority government, inequality and social injustice in Canada has worsened. Rising socio-economic inequality, increasing poverty and destitution (esp. amongst Aboriginals). Harper doesn’t care about working-class Canadians and he certainly does not care about the weakest and most vulnerable segments of the population.
commented 2015-04-04 04:25:11 -0400
So Zarnif, if you think Harper is an economic terrorist , I figure you are talking about sanctions on Iran. You want to blame someone for any suffering that causes to your people in Iran then blame your guy, not Harper. How long have you been in this country anyway.
commented 2015-04-03 22:22:30 -0400
Zarnif, every time you open your mouth, you sound more and more like Anjam Choudary the Muslim hate preacher based in the UK. He and his friend were responsible for conning those two guys into killing that Brit Soldier. Choudary got away with it, smooth talking bastard that he is. His Buddy had to flee the country. It is possible that you are an NDPee Person or worse still a Trudite, both of which like to hide under false flags.
commented 2015-04-03 19:57:55 -0400
Zarnif, you are a coward, you can’t even stand behind your religion. You hide behind atheism.
Your post in this thread, sounds like you are advocating Islam to me,and it reads like a veiled threat. Give up the deception.
commented 2015-04-03 19:27:54 -0400
Zarnif the number one economic terrorist is Robert Gabriel Mugabe. He turned his country from the bread basket to the basket case. A lot of African leaders have destroyed the land that should feed their people. That is also economic terrorism. Mr. Harper an economic terrorist? I don’t think so. The economy here has done reasonably well under his stewardship.
commented 2015-04-03 19:01:13 -0400
Zarnif, while it IS growing, according to CanStats, the things you speak in each thread are so full of lies it disgusts me. Saying that we are homophobic when I’ve NEVER seen a homophobic comment on here? And hateful? You are only partially correct. We hate terrorism, we hate the fact that we are subjected to illusion and outright lies. You seem to hate freedom at large. If you don’t believe you’re hateful, let me quote you:

“Before asking whether Al-Shabaab will target Canada (yeah right, VERY SLIM CHANCE), I recommend you focus your pitiful time and energy on a much worse terrorist. Our scumbag PM Stephen Harper. He’s got economic terrorism written all over his ugly face.”


“What is this garbage? Rebel Media? Are you kidding me? There is nothing rebellious about this garbage. It is quite the contrary. How about conservative bs** media, corporate paid and bought out media or disinfo crap media. Those names seem more applicable. "

As well as:

“All of you are cancerous and parasitic to humanity.”

So I call teapot and kettle on that one. You sir, are done.
commented 2015-04-03 18:45:50 -0400
Hey Cathy Rochford. I am not a Muslim. I am an atheist. I oppose all forms of religious fundamentalism (that includes Christian Fundamentalism which is on the rise in the US and in other parts of the world).
And Cathy Rochford. I am sorry to say that Islam is the second biggest religion on the plant (almost 1.7 billion Muslims) and the religion is growing. Even in Canada, it is growing. Islam isn’t going anywhere Cathy, whether you like it or not.
commented 2015-04-03 17:25:43 -0400
Same as post on other stories: Zarnif JoJoa, you’re a nincompoop! But, hey, that’s the great thing about this freedom-loving country. It’s perfectly alright to be a nincompoop. In fact, in progressive liberal circles, it’s actually encouraged. So take heart, Zarnif JoJoa, there could be a great future for you in politics, maybe one day as leader of the Liberal Party. In the mean time you’re perfectly free to continue posting on this site. We all need a little comic relief once in a while.
commented 2015-04-03 13:32:31 -0400
Nicely said Cathy. :-D
commented 2015-04-03 13:21:58 -0400
zarnif you are sounding like a terrorist supporter if I ever heard one. When people like you get angry over the truth being told it is just so obvious whose side you are on. You like all the Christian muzzling happening here, all the Christian slaughter in the middle east and North Africa, the rape, the beheadings of children and all the other unarmed innocent people. I got news for you buddy. Canada is predominantly a Christian country and anti Christian, Christianophobic, bigots like you are going to be a dying breed eventually here and everywhere in the world I suspect because the muslim bs is going to end. Nobody likes it, appreciates it, respects it, wants it or needs it. Go back to where you or your ancestors came from and leave civilized people alone.
commented 2015-04-03 12:54:06 -0400
I often wonder how many of these attack and incidents, both at home and overseas, have to occur before the people at large, and the elected leaders wake up and realize we are at war? Sure, there are us small groups that talk a good game, and have the right ideas, but what’s ACTUALLY being done to implement these ideas? Are we afraid of the consequences? Are we too complacent in our ways that we don’t see any other recourse? I do tend to ask many questions when I post, but that’s mostly due to the fact that questions are all I really have left. Nobody really seems to embrace answers, due to whatever factors they can rationalize.

And Zarnif… Please do everyone a favour. Come off the pixie dust hallucination, get a clue as to what is REALLY going on, and please come up with something constructive. It’s thoughts like that, that cause people to be blind to the facts of a world on fire.
commented 2015-04-03 11:40:18 -0400
Question is worded wrong, Will Islamist s target Canada next?". Too late already done.

PS: Zarnif, amazing how your hate speech only works in one direction, you can spill vial/hate, but we cannot have a different view, if we do we are speaking hate speech, this is not hate speech = " islamophobic, Zionist, racist, homophobic, reactionary idiots."
commented 2015-04-03 11:32:25 -0400
Islamaphobia , means an irrational fear of Islam.
Which is why I always thought it a silly term. Is there anything you could say to promote moderate Muslims, so that people were helped to understand your point of view? Do you consider yourself one? What are your views ?
commented 2015-04-03 11:06:43 -0400
Before asking whether Al-Shabaab will target Canada (yeah right, VERY SLIM CHANCE), I recommend you focus your pitiful time and energy on a much worse terrorist. Our scumbag PM Stephen Harper. He’s got economic terrorism written all over his ugly face.

What is this garbage? Rebel Media? Are you kidding me? There is nothing rebellious about this garbage. It is quite the contrary. How about conservative bs** media, corporate paid and bought out media or disinfo crap media. Those names seem more applicable.

How many times has Ezra gotten into trouble spreading misinformation or making racist, derogatory comments before Sun News crashed? Too many to count.

This website is an infestation of islamophobic, Zionist, racist, homophobic, reactionary idiots. All of you are hateful bigots. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Put your heads down in shame. All of you right wing lunatics are the reason why good and compassionate people in this world can’t have nice things.

All of you are cancerous and parasitic to humanity.
commented 2015-04-03 11:03:51 -0400
Less than one in one thousand actually understand the depth of what we are dealing with. Two world ideologies are colliding and no peaceful solution is possible. This resource is the best I have found to date on the mindset we are at war with- http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/
commented 2015-04-03 00:52:06 -0400
I think Peter’s last comment is correct. A small force could do a lot to upset the terrorist agenda. In and out quick with no warning and often. It seems like this is a nation of pacifists now so not likely to ever happen.
commented 2015-04-02 23:36:23 -0400
Joan what I can find out about enhanced CSIS, powers , they would still have limits on days held, and it would all still have to go in front of a judge with in the time allowed held. It would mean they could take action without going through the police, not the courts. I don’t have a problem with that. Its not Harpers secret police as the liberals, and ndp would spout. And I think you are right Peter, except that the focus now is the middle east. Not that Africa and Al- Shabaab don’t need to be dealt with, same with Boko haram, but how does it all get covered?
commented 2015-04-02 23:23:26 -0400
Ron said, “Al-Shabaab would need to be dealt havoc in situ to prevent them from coming here”. All of these terrorist tribes would better dealt with insitu. And as Ron states, “we don’t have the military to do that”. Besides we are kind of late to the party, having spent all this precious time being so carefully politically correct.
commented 2015-04-02 23:23:21 -0400
@ Ron Zager – " We don’t have the military personnel who could do that. "

We may not need a large force. The JTF2 are some of the best trained forced in the world. Stealth infiltration ops might be successful, but you are right that there is no support in Canada for any ground operations be it elite or not. A large scale attack on Canadian soil might be the only thing that could motivate people.
commented 2015-04-02 23:13:34 -0400
Canada has good intelligence. Better than many other countries’. So let’s give CSIS the extra power of Bill C-51 and support them to take down any of these filthy criminals operating in Canada. That’s my solution. Short-term but see how it goes, then re-evaluate.
commented 2015-04-02 23:09:37 -0400
Cathy R you are right on the money there. Just look at my comment again I was quoting what I hear people say all the time.
commented 2015-04-02 22:30:51 -0400
Frreethinker, creative but no pass. Don’t let me count the ways.
Ron Z. you are onto something.
commented 2015-04-02 22:25:48 -0400
Wow free. That’s oppressive