August 15, 2018

Are “woke” leftist mobs killing comedy? (Guest: Vancouver based Comedian, Richard Thompson)

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show


Will 2018 be the year that progressives finally kill comedy?

Last week, British Conservative MP, Boris Johnson, told an off-colour joke about the burqa, likening the appearance of women who don the garment to black letterboxes. For this, reporters camped-out at the end of his driveway but instead of the mea culpa they hoped to wring out of him, they got a cup of tea!

Comedian Chris Rock drew the ire of an internet mob for Tweeting out a Federalist article arguing that Jerry Seinfeld is a reprieve from the insufferable “wokeness” of modern comedy. The mobsters, devoid of self-awareness, inadvertently proved his point.

Jerry Seinfeld himself proclaimed that he won't perform his routine on college campuses because he doesn't want to deal with the hassle of the campus culture of the perpetually and professionally offended.

So, what's to be done about the joy sucking fun burglars on the radical left?

Or have they already won the battle to make comedy as politically correct and bland as possible?

To help find the answer to these questions and more, I asked a Canadian stand-up comedian who is an equal-opportunity offender. He pokes fun at left and right alike, and feels that nothing should be off limits when it comes to jokes and mockery.

Joining me tonight is Vancouver-based comic Richard Thompson.

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commented 2018-08-16 14:53:42 -0400
High-five to Richard. Good reminder that people who matter don’t care, and people who care don’t matter. Peace and love, Sheila, you sweet-talker, you.
commented 2018-08-16 13:48:46 -0400
Are “woke” leftist mobs killing comedy? Is fire hot? They continue to drive more moderate leftists to the right. The left is becoming a collection of humorless, angry, disgusting perverts.
commented 2018-08-16 10:32:56 -0400
Good show. I enjoyed the interview with Richard Thompson, I have never heard of him before but will keep an eye on him. So refreshing to hear some push back to the pc fun squelchers. Its hard, but I’ll forgive him for voting for mr socks, if he makes sure he and all his friends don’t vote for him this time around. Richard is dead on when he says Justin is dangerous.
Looking forward to checking out his channel when he puts it together. Gawd knows we could use a few good laughs these days. Good on ya Richard Thompson. You are not alone. Welcome to the sane side of the street.
commented 2018-08-16 00:01:32 -0400
I think the terms Alt-right, white supremist and racist are the lefts modern day term for “witch”.
commented 2018-08-15 22:52:47 -0400
Great show Sheila. I can remember Boris Johnson calling Burqa wearers Letterboxes but I was not aware that he had said Black Letterboxes, though it dose not surprise me. Most of my information from the UK comes from Red Sky News who are so far left that they probably censored the ‘Black’ out.
Many people laugh at Johnson but having obtained the position of Class Leader when attending Eton he could well become the next PM after May resigns at the end of the summer break. ( Wish I could say the same about Trudeau).
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