May 12, 2015

Arrested: Wife of "Britain’s most henpecked husband"

Rebel Staff

Her next door neighbours have fled their homes. Her husband spent last Christmas Eve in the hospital and now he's in a "safe house."

Her name is Julie Griffiths.

The 46-year-old of Fenton, Staffs has been dubbed "Nagsbo" -- after the Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) she's racked up for nagging at her husband, Norman, about "a bowl of cornflakes" and "trips to the newsagents to buy a lottery scratchcard."

According to the Daily Mirror, "the 46-year-old was detained by cops after an alleged assault, reported by Norman himself, 63, who was whisked away by police for his protection."

Mrs. Griffiths was questioned and released.

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commented 2015-05-13 10:48:35 -0400
“Despite previously being fined £750 and warned she faced up to five years in jail if she breached the order Griffiths escaped a prison sentence.

Magistrates instead imposed a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered her to pay just £85 costs."

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Abuse is abuse…however, there is clearly a state of mental disability here, possibly in both cases…and “the 46-year-old was detained by cops after an alleged assault, reported by Norman himself, 63, who was whisked away by police for his protection.”…so what is the issue? An alleged assault should have some evidence.

I know people who just can’t live without fighting…sometimes both are nuts. Poor neighbours! But imprisonment may be in her future…you have to feel sorry for both these people. Their lives are misery on misery.
commented 2015-05-12 21:37:04 -0400
Mark Borzel – the smiley face was assumed but just for you : :-)
commented 2015-05-12 14:06:22 -0400
Res ipse loquitor
commented 2015-05-12 14:00:00 -0400
To answer your first question, Joan, the response is “nothing major”. Just keeping you in character.
commented 2015-05-12 13:43:52 -0400
You forgot to put a smiley face after the end of your first line, Joan.
commented 2015-05-12 13:21:43 -0400
Mark Borzel, what is wrong with you? I know, you love me, right?

Listen, not much the law can do as no assault seems to have occurred. The incidents are, essentially, noise complaints. They all happen during the day.

I have a neighbour who goes off sometimes too, screams at the other neighbours. Bylaw can’t act unless it’s after 9:00 pm and police will rarely touch a loud spousal argument with a ten-foot pole unless some injury can be proven. That is hard to do if hubby has a pre-existing mental illness.

Sounds like the husband may have been in psychiatric care over the holiday and you know how easy it is for defense counsel to exploit that and claim he is crazy and just imagines things.

Counsel can’t say he’s on his period but in this case, counsel could claim he is demented.

I hope hubby gets away. I take Vlad’s point and observe that Julie may have a neurological and/or hormonal disorder. Maybe they could “get her” under mental health law. But the story is from Britain, after all. Don’t know what kind of mental health law they have there. Here, cops would do it if they had some political reason to want to silence the harpy. Otherwise, they’d blame hubby.
commented 2015-05-12 13:08:36 -0400
What, no defensive comment (comment in defense of) from Joan Abernathy?
commented 2015-05-12 11:08:29 -0400
I think I found her a job………. In the Middle East
commented 2015-05-12 10:29:03 -0400
If were the other way around he would have been arrested and facing charges.
commented 2015-05-12 10:15:10 -0400
WOWZERS!!! Who set her face on fire and put it out with a frying pan?