April 18, 2016

Asking Trudeau all the wrong questions about #QuantumGate

Brian LilleyArchive

The media in this country are a little too chummy with Trudeau and crew, which may explain why they do so many stories on his socks or quantum computing but won't ask about big union money backing his election.

Brian speaks to JJ McCollough about #quantumgate and then reveals the big donation the fire fighters union made to help put Trudeau in office. Oh, and yes, Trudeau was speaking to that union today. Also spanking, street hockey and saying farewell to Spirit of the West.

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commented 2016-04-22 12:55:08 -0400
The PM is a drop out, and a failure at everything he’s done in life. What a crime that he was placed in our parliament, to carry out the evil plans for the UN.
commented 2016-04-22 12:05:29 -0400
Sicily John . . . “At least, Trudeau did engineering” ? ? ?
Signed up for Environmental Engineering . . . FAILED and came out with a teaching cert.
Harper had a degree in Economics . . . he was the best PM in the last 50 years.
Justin is a J O K E !
commented 2016-04-19 21:09:01 -0400
Even his own party don’t want The Idiot in the legislature to answer question because they know he say something inane.
commented 2016-04-19 16:37:10 -0400
John SIC.get back on your meds fast.
commented 2016-04-19 15:36:25 -0400
All politicians go in front of cameras to showcase things they know nothing about.

Harper going into a manufacturing plant showcasing mechanical tools, even though he was in politics his entire adult life. That sums up Harper. At least, Trudeau did engineering, teaching and other things. Harper was addicted to politics and he is silent in parliament.

People should know the truth. I do not see this as a scandal and the Trudeau government is way more accountable than the Harper regime which did not care very much about democracy and openness and transparency which it campaigned about in 2006.

The Senate scandal was the last straw for Canadians.

This was a pattern which Canadians could not take any longer. Harper never even became an economist. This proves that Conservatives are all show and no substance. Many want the easy life of politics than going into the private sector.
commented 2016-04-19 12:39:24 -0400
We have a moron for a PM . . . the world is laughing !
The idiot talks in pre-scripted sound bites . . . and the Media Party laps it up . . . lol
commented 2016-04-19 10:17:38 -0400
no media in this country will ask him any hard questions,they know that most people other than the kool-aid drinkers hate this goof,so it is all about trying to show the international press how impressive [ not ] he is , they don’t come any dumber than this joke of a politican
commented 2016-04-19 09:17:44 -0400
There isn’t a day that goes by now that I’m not ashamed of this liberal government, and the immature shallow PM, who should be back in drama class, practicing his lines, not representing our country. I would never allow the government, or their henchmen, the MSM, to dictate my beliefs. Let them print their lies and deceive the public, as per God’s plan. In the end, God has a plan for liars and deceivers like this turnip in our parliament, and all those who turned their tricks, so that this empty suit could steal Canada, and destroy its wealth and prosperity, for an evil ideology.
commented 2016-04-19 09:02:23 -0400
Hey….like asking Trudope what shampoo he uses is an important question. Right?
commented 2016-04-19 07:22:04 -0400
OReilly’s rant is a pretty good one.


The “gimme society” – Canada’s real expertise, will drive us into financial default – and then the real hell begins.

And with Stupid Fk Trudeau as the helm, it will be every person for themselves – and you can take those libranos policies repackaged by the MSM as Canadian values and shove them up your ass – they are worthless and create deception.
commented 2016-04-19 02:01:53 -0400
So when is Rebel going to ask Trudeau hard questions on camera, been a year and still waiting.

Hell, when are you guys going to get the balls to ask McCallum how much he’s had to drink
when he’s clearly half-cocked during media interviews.
commented 2016-04-19 01:14:07 -0400
If Justin can answer then it is the wrong question. The right questions tend to be answered by him with lots of “UHHHH”.
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