November 17, 2016

At Marrakech UN climate conference, “fancy people” enjoy wasted water, non-stop air conditioning

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

We caught up with our intrepid correspondent Sheila Gunn Reid last night, as she continues her investigation into the UN climate change conference in Marrakech, Morocco. 

She says they go to great lengths to ensure that the elite delegates never have to remember that they are meeting in a desert...

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commented 2016-12-07 11:47:35 -0500
In 1984 did the people rise up and hang the perpetrators? now that would be a good ending, i would pay to see that movie.
commented 2016-11-18 02:22:20 -0500
Once again, Bill, you nailed it. I remember reading 1984 in high school and people saying that we would never allow that kind of control over our lives. Now we not only allow it we welcome it and embrace it. Slavery is freedom, I suppose.
commented 2016-11-17 22:12:21 -0500
Sheila Gunn Reid sheepishly does not include herself when she talks about “the fancy people.” She looks good. Her hair is not overdone and her light jacket adds to her professional appearance. I wish she had never called herself frumpy. She has a lot of class.
commented 2016-11-17 20:13:05 -0500
This reminds me of a faint memory from the book “Dune” by Herbert. Something about when the ruling family was done their meal they’d allow the dirty dishwater from the cleaning their slaves had to perform would be given to beggars, as water was so short. And something about a number of palm trees at the palace, they represented so many people who die of thirst every day because of the water they use.
commented 2016-11-17 18:55:37 -0500
Orwell called it “double think” Sheila

Doublethink is the act of simultaneously accepting two mutually contradictory beliefs as acceptably correct, often in distinct social and ideological contexts (such as pouring water on desert sand while preaching sustainability. Doublethink is related to cognitive dissonance, in which contradictory beliefs cause conflict in one’s mind. But doublethink is notably different due to a lack of cognitive dissonance — the person is completely unaware of any conflict or contradiction. This explains the Climate protest students you interviewed who saw nothing wrong with flying 1000s of miles to protest the use of carbon based fuels.

George Orwell created the word doublethink in his dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four after he had witnessed psychological mind control experiments create conflicting attitudes in subjects through passive coercive persuasion.

Most of these climate alarmists who unknowing accept double think have other displayed characteristics of psychological conditioning – their reflexive climate ideology seems programmed rather than the result of a critical thought process.

Keep your eyes open Sheila you can play “spot the doublethink zombie” at this Confab – let us know what your final tally is. Have fun.