July 05, 2016

ATIP docs reveal Veterans Affairs spent $300K to keep “bureaucrats’ rear ends cushy” with designer chairs

Andrew LawtonRebel Commentator

You might want to sit down for this one. Between November, 2015 and March of this year, the Veterans Affairs department spent nearly $300,000 on office chairs.

I calculated the figure based on repeated expenditures for chairs that appeared on a list of contracts, which I obtained under Access to Information. The total, for an undisclosed amount of chairs, was $291,555.19. Some individual chairs were purchased for as much as $1,365, with the department purchasing dozens of units of a designer "Leap" chair for $944 each.

Most of the chairs are ergonomic, which the department said in a statement is necessary for eligible employees on human rights grounds.

Spending a thousand a piece doesn't seem to be, however.

After a five-second Google search, I found ergonomic office chairs--from a Canadian supplier--for under $400.

A Veterans Affairs spokesperson said the department has been "aggressively hiring new staff" with 187 employees (net) hired in the time frame during which the chairs were purchased.

The department has 2,900 employees across 30 locations in Canada.

She said the purchase of the chairs was to "address different needs including for new employees, to upgrade employees' existing chairs due to maintenance, as well as to purchase stackable chairs to increase seating capacity in common areas, waiting areas and boardrooms."

Apparently this wasn't a priority until last year.

Next time you hear about a veteran being denied care by the government, remember the real priorities: cushioning bureaucrats' rear ends.

CLICK HERE to see the documents. 

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commented 2016-07-06 19:14:29 -0400
“……it would run contrary to the survival instincts of ANY Veterans Affairs employee to deny the application of a qualified new client. I burried at least one client each and every working day of my 25 year career. For a good many years we beat the bushes looking for clients…and when they ran out we extended benefits to their widows…”

Thanks GLENN CRAIG. As per my previous comment, there probably are a few small-minded stupid bastards in VA who really don’t get the “don’t diminish the empire” thing that is sacrosanct to all government agencies. But it beggars belief that the entire agency is in claim denial mode.
commented 2016-07-06 18:58:56 -0400
Now, when were the purchases made? I get the uneasy feeling this was made to clean off the account so that the balance would not reflect black ink in the books, and hinder the incoming funds for this year’s budget. Which makes me wonder what sort of vigilance is exercised over ALL of the Departments. I’ll betcha, when all levels of government are considered, the waste is ASTRONOMICAL !
commented 2016-07-06 18:41:13 -0400
Ok…where to begin….first of all …it would run contrary to the survival instincts of ANY Veterans Affairs employee to deny the application of a qualified new client. I burried at least one client each and every working day of my 25 year career. For a good many years we beat the bushes looking for clients…and when they ran out we extended benefits to their widows.

Yes Canadian Mongrel…there were people injured on duty after 1953…just not as many as you might think….which is a good thing. VAC even took on the RCMP disability pension system in order to keep the numbers up in our client rolls…again….not as many as you might think.

The chairs were a thank you from Trudeau for the splendid piece of election grandstanding that the union in concert with the CBC did for his benefit. Harper was winding the department down. The old hands like me were fine with that. It was an inevitable outcome prophesied by corporate planning nearly two decades ago.

As taxpayers you should all be more outraged by the re-opening of district offices…utterly pointless waste that gives no value added to the veterans.

The legend is that VAC was more compassionate when it was mostly veterans on staff….let me assure you that is not true. My first day on the job I was paired up with the last TAW veteran working in the department …he was showing me the ropes….He was a crusty banty rooster of the old school NCOs ……or as Chris McGauley would put it “an angry old fart”…he had enforced orders at gun point while under fire.

The phone rang…"Veterans Affairs…(redacted) here (no bilingual greeting in those days)….uh huh…ya….no…..YES I AM A VETERAN!!! AND IF YOU HAD OF BEEN OUT IN THE FIELD WITH ME I WOULD HAVE SHOT YOU…….YOU BELLYACHING MALINGERER!!!

Then he turned to me and said…“You better have some starch in your spine or they will eat you alive”.

That was my first day at Veteran’s Affairs…a lot of things changed over the years.
commented 2016-07-06 17:46:59 -0400
Well, I think there are probably as many useless bastards in VA as there are in any other federal department. And you won’t have a hard time convincing me that money is pissed away on over-priced things that aren’t really needed, or, that there are certainly some small-minded bastards in VA who think that their job is to deny, deny, deny.

However, there is another side to it. In the past few years VA has been deluged by a huge wave of PTSD claims out of all proportion to anything experienced by the Canadian Military in its entire history. It is quite obvious to anybody with a brain what is happening: a good portion of today’s PTSD claims have taken the place of the multitudes of “bad back” claims that plagued employers and pension boards from the mid-70s onwards.

Yet VA has taken nothing but abuse – from the public, the press, and politicians – for its efforts to even question PTSD claimants and ask for supporting evidence before assigning life-long benefits to the claimants. I can’t quite get my head around it.
commented 2016-07-06 13:42:17 -0400
Economic slavery. Taxes raised .government employees raises . Seperation gap between the common person and govt growing wider. Economic slavery
commented 2016-07-06 13:41:31 -0400
i would interested to find out about the purchasing process… what company, with what affiliation got the gravy?
commented 2016-07-06 12:04:58 -0400
Glenn Craig commented – “When I retired I was on the cusp of qualifying for disability as a result of being confined to the wrong kind of chair…which would have cost the taxpayer much more than the chair…my sister..who is a physiotherapist …restored my mobility.”

I had much the same issue in my career employment as a manager in the private sector – but I had no such recourse – I bought my own chair and since my back issue could have reoccurred any time as a result of crappy furniture destroying my posture, I took this chair with me to subsequent positions – reason being that ;
A) private contractors cannot demand these entitlements and
B) disability programs are nonexistent to private sector contract workers.

Public sector sinecure has its entitlements (probably unfairly so) while private sector does not. What makes this non value added public sector work so much more valuable?
commented 2016-07-06 11:16:49 -0400
Glenn Craig Please expose the waste and corruption it needs to be done. It will only get worse as the feeding frenzy at the public trough will be massive.
commented 2016-07-06 11:13:11 -0400
wonder how all the vets who trashed harper feel now that the great trudeau has taken office. Hired more useless paper pushers to eat up any budget increase, less to those who need it, more to the public service gov employees. Its the liberal way.
commented 2016-07-06 10:20:34 -0400
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commented 2016-07-06 02:33:30 -0400
ROy you got that right, suddenly buying expensive furniture is somehow helping the vets. Of course we both know damn well that the left does not give a damn about vets and the concern was phony.
commented 2016-07-05 23:16:13 -0400
Sure didn’t take them long to start spending our money on their sorry ass. Preposterous to say the least, while our veterans who risk their lives for their sorry ass go without. This angers me to no end.
commented 2016-07-05 22:04:11 -0400
Trudoop’s campaign ran on putting down Stephen Harper’s record for our veterans and hope these stupid left winged idiots are happy with trudoop’s stealing, cheating, lying and treating our veterans no different probably even worse than before. Ah, when will these liberals and ndpees wake up and begin to vote with their brains and not their big toe. Trudoop lies on everything he says, don’t believe a word he says, he is a sub-human ass.
commented 2016-07-05 20:39:46 -0400
Glenn, first part of your response, fine. The final little add in really is a tell on what an angry old fart you are. Too bad, I usually enjoy most of your comments.
commented 2016-07-05 19:39:49 -0400
Also, sorry Glenn. As a Boomer, I am the father of a millennial Vet. And there were Vets between my father and him. It needs to end, this concept that Vets do not exist after 1945.
commented 2016-07-05 19:39:16 -0400
@chris McGauley…..Sorry Chris…you work in the private sector…you have no way of relating to how overbearingly control obsessed a work culture that has been commandeered by feminists and peacapons like Justin Trudeau is…..now take your ritalin like a good boy and sit down…….:-)
commented 2016-07-05 19:32:14 -0400
Sorry Glenn, not to belittle your contribution but there are alternatives. I’m at a computer screen most of the day, comfy chair, maybe 300 bucks. The corporate computer has an add in that forces you to take a keyboard break, get up, walk or stretch, even just stand up. Sorry, that kind of cash for a chair, dunno.
commented 2016-07-05 19:21:36 -0400
Newsflash people…there are not enough veterans remaining in Canada to actually justify the continued existence of Veteran’s Affairs.

Most of Veterans Affairs clients are widows of veterans and just about all veterans and widows of everything prior to the 1960’s are residents of old folks homes….they have already received ALL of the benefits Veterans Affairs is lawfully mandated to give.

The claimants of contemporary conflicts are actually outnumbered by the bureaucrats who handle their cases.

@andrew Lawton….if you want to really turn over a rock with ATIPP ask about the fiasco surrounding the hot potatoe of turning over Saint Anne de Bellvue to the province of Quebec…those “negotiations” have been going on for over thirty years…there have been times when the staff outnumbered the patients…

Mr Lawton….and all commenters on this thread…you really don’t know the half of it….chairs are chickenfeed.
commented 2016-07-05 19:15:28 -0400
Its what you call Fiberal infrastructure spending…spend spend spend with zero return
commented 2016-07-05 18:58:35 -0400
I take from this they sit too much! It is also an excellent pointer as to where Lieberals priorities lie. Certainly not with Veterans whom the Lieberals despise having been associated with the despised military!
commented 2016-07-05 18:24:57 -0400
That is what our veterans fought for and their comrades died or were severely wounded for…the God given right of government bureaucrat asses to park their asses.
commented 2016-07-05 17:57:07 -0400
the govt of the day will do whatever it wants to do. Be it Left or right they care only about their needs. And you all should know by now they dont give a damn about the outside world
commented 2016-07-05 17:46:45 -0400
Thanks ANDREW for keeping an eye on the regressive leftard bureaucratic mandarins in our Marxist federal government

Next time we get in can’t we just clean house
commented 2016-07-05 17:42:01 -0400
Well as long as the privileged public sector has comfy sinecure, public policy id delivered to its intended targets. Vet’s can just go eat dog food – it’s about accommodating bureaucratic entitlement first and the plebs get the crumbs.
commented 2016-07-05 17:37:19 -0400
Andrew, If you would like I would be more than willing to help you with a follow up to this article. I am a Veteran’s Affairs retiree. When I retired I was on the cusp of qualifying for disability as a result of being confined to the wrong kind of chair…which would have cost the taxpayer much more than the chair…my sister..who is a physiotherapist …restored my mobility.

TheREBEL has my contacy information…anyone who wishes to insult me for this post can kiss my ass ….which was subjected to something akin to Chinese foot binding.

And if you think you can play “shame on me” for the service I rendered to veterans while in those poorly designed chairs….you saw what I did to the other trolls.

I will grant you that the people who got the threefigure chairs were mostly Liberal Party appointees…a few were assigned to squeeky wheels who threatened to sue.
commented 2016-07-05 17:33:35 -0400
Apparently the newly hired Veterans Affairs staff need the ergonomic chairs so they do not get any body strains when denying Veterans’ claims