Audit Suzuki: Tell Canada Revenue to investigate his political "charity"

Rebel Staff

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Did you know the David Suzuki Foundation has just set up a federal election campaign website? It's true: They're asking for donations, and promoting a platform that includes banning fossil fuels.

Look, I believe in free speech for all Canadian citizens, even an extremist partisan Liberal like David Suzuki.

But his Foundation isn't a citizen -- it's a corporation that takes in over $9M a year, including about $1M from foreign sources.

And in Canada, it's illegal for corporations or unions to make campaign contributions anymore.

People can still form "third party campaign groups," but the Suzuki Foundation hasn't done that yet.

But even if they were following election laws, they're not following Canadian charity laws either. The Suzuki Foundation is a registered charity -- but they're also registered lobbyists.

And the law is clear: Registered charities can't spend a penny on partisan activity. That makes the David Suzuki Foundation scofflaws.

Canada Revenue has known this for years and done nothing about it.

I'm sick of this.

If you are too, we're asking you to do two things. First:

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to audit the David Suzuki Foundation.

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Let's work together and force David Suzuki to obey the same tax laws the rest of us do.

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We demand the Canada Revenue Agency audit the David Suzuki Foundation’s status as a tax-free charity, given its excessive political activities.

Will you sign?