June 15, 2017

Australia's solution to migrant crisis: "Stop the Boats"

Rebel Staff

On last night's show, Faith Goldy and Claire Lehmann discussed Australia's solution to the international migrant crisis. "Stop the Boats".

While leaders like Justin Trudeau and Angela Merkel open up their borders to mass Muslim migration, Australia is enforcing their laws and keeping the country safe.

WATCH our video to see Claire explain how Australia has a history of defying political correctness and taking a strong stance against illegal immigration. 

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commented 2017-06-16 16:22:03 -0400
When are we going to see some of the costs of this crazy immigration crap ?
What do you expect from a French potato from Quebec . Here is a novel idea for our 150th anniversary give them rest of Canada a vote to stay with Quebec or separate . That way there we can dump Trudeau and his band of nuts before 2019 . OH CANADA
commented 2017-06-15 23:09:11 -0400
The next thing you know, any invaders rejected by Australia will be invited to come to Canada by Trudie, because “Diversity is our Strength” and it’s 2017. We are the new dumping ground for the worlds Living Scum. We have been taking these invaders into our country by the hundreds of thousands per year for decades facilitating our loss of freedom, rights, way of life and Democracy. Now we take in every illegal border jumper that can get here. And more recently we have Mexicans also coming to Canada. We are allowing waves of Parasites to enter our once Pristine Nation which will soon be transformed into the first Western Hemisphere Third World Shit Hole and will look exactly like the Shit Stinking Country these Parasites came from. Just being logical, with all these Hostile Welfare Seekers coming to Canada, will that improve conditions here or make them worse. Will it make Canada safer, stronger, richer, cleaner, will there be any advantage for Canada in any way shape or form? My answer would be NO. To have the opinion, that taking in all these invaders is a good move for Canada defies logic.
commented 2017-06-15 20:17:43 -0400
This wouldn’t work here with 100s of miles of unguarded border on the 49’th it should be “stop the taxies”
commented 2017-06-15 18:58:05 -0400
Europe can learn from Australia on this one.
commented 2017-06-15 18:15:48 -0400
Justin is reading this and thinking-“I don’t get it??”
commented 2017-06-15 17:01:01 -0400
It seems to me we used to fight wars to protect ourselves. Now we are nothing more than doormats. (must be the soy beans).

While some Muslims are white, most are black,brown, or yellow, its just a fact. While some migrants are white, most are black,brown,or yellow. While some migrants are from non Muslim countries (Mexico, South America) most migrants these days are. So while I admit to an Islam problem, I am all for a little racial and cultural diversity but this is going to be eventual genocide. The result of this mass migration will result in the European white race being wiped out (mostly) by Muslims of colour from many countries around the world.

All of these people will always have their own country they left, full of their own people. If our country is assimilated by migrants of races and cultures that are mostly from Islamic countries it will mean we no longer have a country. Why would any people want to do that to themselves, or allow it? Truth be told the world is not white. We are actually the minority.

Jihad by population.
commented 2017-06-15 16:21:43 -0400
Australia has the right idea!
Canada’s government could implement many of the policies to protect our nation from all that comes with the illegal migrant who disregards the law.