Help send Avi Yemini to London to cover Tommy Robinson's trial

Avi YeminiGuest Contributor


Avi Yemini was one of a handful of real reporters who have been to London to cover Tommy Robinson’s court appearances. As you know, the British media are so hostile to Tommy, they can’t even be trusted to accurately report the facts of the case.

It’s hard to believe, but Tommy Robinson was on trial again. This was the big one. A two-day trial.

It started on Thursday, July 4. But by Friday afternoon, Tommy Robinson was found to be in contempt of court.

And Tommy has no voice. Tommy has been silenced. And the mainstream media, who normally would be shocked that a journalist was imprisoned and given such abusive treatment in prison — well, they’re cheering for him to go back. 

We know for a fact that if real reporters don’t go to London to report from the court itself, the only thing we’ll hear about it will be from the Tommy-haters in the mainstream media.

Believe it or not, they’re actually worse in the UK than they are in Australia!

That’s why Avi wants to report on Tommy’s trial, from an Australian point of view, because what happens today in the United Kingdom may well happen tomorrow in Australia.

You can watch Avi’s video reports on this page.

But Avi needs your help.

Everyone’s against Tommy, except the people.

If you think Avi’s videos are important, please CLICK HERE TO DONATE to cover Avi’s economy-class flight from Australia. Avi travels as cheaply as he can because he relies on crowdfunding to pay his expenses.

It sounds crazy to fly all the way in from Australia, but otherwise, we’re at the mercy of the Tommy-haters in the British media! Please donate below to help. Thank you!

*This is a joint project between The Rebel and Avi Yemini 


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