September 03, 2015

Avaaz: Elections Canada, Media Party ignore left-wing U.S. group's interference in federal race

Rebel Staff

No surprise there: Most third party groups registered to campaign in the federal election are government unions, plus organizations like the Canadian Media Guild. (I told you about them, remember?)

The official list includes anti-oil sands lobbyists like Greenpeace, too,

(There's only one conservative group registered: The National Citizens Coalition.)

One of the anti-Harper groups is Avaaz -- whose head office is in New York City.

Lots of these third party organizations get money from the U.S., from Tides and the Rockefellers.

But at least they have a Canadian office to pretend they're Canadian!

And Elections Canada has no problem with that. Neither does our "watchdog media."

After all, Avaaz isn't the National Rifle Association, right? Remember what happened with that group, during another election...?

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commented 2015-09-11 22:39:24 -0400
Leadnow is another American group that was an offshoot of which was originally started by Gorge Soros who provides funding. There are several big foundations that funnel money to the treehugger outfits for hire, and one of the biggest is in Europe. The government should have put a stop to it long ago, and because they didn’t, its coming back to haunt them.
commented 2015-09-10 00:51:54 -0400
I still have not seen any report in the mainstream media about Avaaz being registered as a third party. Avaaz is an insidious US lobby group masquerading as a do-good populist social activism. They are worse than the NRA and should be called out on it.
commented 2015-09-09 01:12:15 -0400
Which one of the groups mentioned by Ezra is paying you Jimmy?
commented 2015-09-09 01:10:53 -0400
I think Jimmy works for the CBC, or is funded by some lefty group – aren’t you Jimmy? Isn’t that why you have the time and tenacity to keep it up – ‘cause you’re getting paid to do it? Are there others there at CBC that take over posting for you when you go to the bathroom Jimmy?
commented 2015-09-09 01:05:21 -0400
So Jimmy – since you love Sweden so much, and you idiots don’t believe in borders – why don’t you MOVE!?!?!
No seriously – why not? I mean, there are ppl moving all around the world every day. Every say we have about 950 coming to Canada. So why not simply GO?
It’s incredible you know, how have that lefty dogma memorized. I was going to ask you if you learn anything by coming here. I mean, I review several news sources daily, and learn a little from each. You come here every day – and you learn NOTHING!! Did you not see Ezra’s posts on the problems in Sweden?? Oh wait – Lies I tell you – all Lies!!! Is that it Jimmy? Did you do some research to prove Ezra was inaccurate about events in Sweden, or simply jumped to that conclusion? I for one, greatly appreciate you demonstrating your psychiatric problems for us to record, have analyzed and publish. Please keep it coming!!
commented 2015-09-07 05:43:58 -0400
Jimmy OHIP isn’t really socialism… is compulsory group insurance paid for by direct involuntary payroll deduction. Every other province pays for it through sales tax on consumption topped up with transfer payments. That’s more like socialism.
commented 2015-09-06 03:21:15 -0400
Very well stated Ezra. Notice how the anti-conservative propagandists here attack you with their typical arrogant vitriolic malice. The lefties screamed and yelled and complained when they thought the NRA was interfering with gun control here. But these same people welcome foreign political interference when it fits their agendas. The lefties here in Canada, the NDP and the Liberals and anarchists and others, are a totalitarian type of people who believe their way is the only way and that anyone who disagrees with them is unworthy and irrelevant and they dismiss them with prejudice and hatred. They have allowed idealism and extremism and hate to control them and they lash out and belittle anyone who disagrees with their point of view. It is these type of people who history has proven to be the most dangerous. They will not allow other points of view and as in North Korea, they will use extreme prejudice to silence their opponents. Luckily here in Canada we have a robust and effective justice system that keeps these people in check and from committing acts of violence against those they disagree with. But they do mount disinformation and smear campaigns against their opponents and their toxic and poisonous rhetoric gives them away. The internet and social media has allowed a type of mob mentality to take control and give them a certain measure of anonymity that they can hide behind.
They seem to have forgotten that Steven Harper and the Conservatives represent their fellow Canadians who support them and it is actually these people that they have directed their hatred against. In some ways, they have instigated a bloodless civil war. If the Conservatives lose in the next election, it will mean that hatred and prejudice and intolerance has triumphed. It will be a sad day for all Canadians.
commented 2015-09-06 01:16:27 -0400

Won’t you be kinda sad when Harper does get stopped? Is it considered a victory if he retires in 3 years after winning the next election?
commented 2015-09-05 16:25:54 -0400
Hey Levant, the STOP HARPER campaign will stop the day after Harper is STOPPED. Oct, 19th. There will NOT be another majority. He will be stopped.
commented 2015-09-05 13:36:12 -0400
By the way, the website says they are completely sold out.
commented 2015-09-05 09:06:11 -0400
BUSINESS Avaaz Avaaz Avaaz Avaaz Avaaz Avaaz IN CANADA Avaaz Avaaz Avaaz Avaaz Avaaz Avaaz
Left wing – Right Wing – or In Between – TRUTH IS WE NEED TO BLAME IT ALL ON CANADIANS!

LOOK IN THE MIRROR CANADA because Last time I checked in our history books it was the democratically elected Harper Government and the Mulroney Government we gave a MAJORITY to who then had a GARAGE SALE – Selling off Canada with thier Lucrative Free Trade Agreements with Washington and Mexico – So go ahead and bitch bitch bitch BECAUSE THE U.S. Avaaz is doing it’s business in Canada?

MOST Canadians all know the HISTORY and will never FORGET how we screwed ourselves by giving both the Conservative and Liberal Governments a MAJORITY GOVERNMENT who sold off our jobs, natural resources and SOVEREIGNTY to highest BIDDERS! Turning our PEACE LOVING NATION into Washington’s little war mongers…

I am not Charlie Hebdo
commented 2015-09-05 08:58:30 -0400
Jimmy is so off the wall, that it is actually breath taking. His screed about Sweden is so easily taken apart, brick by brick, that you begin to see just how brain washed he is over his beloved socialism. While trumpeting the triumphs of Swedish industry like Volvo ( who Ford bought and then sold at a huge loss to escape that black hole) and Nokia ( to whom the answer is ’Who"?) he fails to understand that any successes that Swedish companies like these and Ikea had, were attained in the evil, capitalist, free enterprise, wild – wild West.

Anyway, thanks for the laffs Jimmy, but you really should try to escape the indoctrination of your liberal education. And remember, Nazis were socialists too.
commented 2015-09-05 07:51:13 -0400
Jimmy, if the US is to catch up to Sweden they will have to import millions of Islamo-Nazi’s to get the rape rate up the to highest per capita. Have you heard of Malmo and what is occurring there? Also, the SD Party is now the most popular party and nothing is analogous in North American politics except for the Con.Blk.Cau. on the other side.
Sweden is a case study in the death of the West and those billionaire founders of Swedish companies pay taxes elsewhere. Volvo is Chinese owned, Nokia is long dead as well as SAAB. Quislings.
commented 2015-09-05 01:12:09 -0400
Bert, saying “Stop Harper” is not saying the Conservatives are evil people, just that it is a harmful party at this time and does not reflect conservative values.
commented 2015-09-05 00:32:49 -0400
We have to THWART this!!!!!! (> This sight is a propaganda to destroy our good country of Canada! What’s the INTENTIONS of this propaganda? Canada is a good and respected country right now. We, the believers in ‘God, Justice & Peace’ should act and defend our beloved Canada! We must not relax and let these evil people to destroy our Good Country of CANADA!
commented 2015-09-04 21:08:23 -0400
Um, who cares.

The Stop Harper campaign is a real movement across Canada and it will be over soon. It’s actually funny seeing people all over Canada tweeting Stop Harper stop sign photos and all the locations where they have appeared.
commented 2015-09-04 17:25:03 -0400
Jay, the answer is yes, I did. And I was about to comment on Ezra’s video when my attention was diverted by a comment by Vlad Johnson, which started me on a different track. But I try to watch all of Ezra’s comments and most others on TheRebel because it’s the only media outlet that I am aware of that is consistently speaking the truth about the media party in Canada, not to mention the other parties. As far as the “Stop Harper” banner is concerned, I am tempted to wish that a movement would start up to place “Mulcair” or “Justin” stickers over the “Harper” ones being illegally placed on STOP signs by Harper derangement syndrome sufferers, but since that would also be illegal, I would instead suggest contacting the civic authorities when a “Harper” sticker is notice on a STOP sign, and asking them to remove it asap.
commented 2015-09-04 09:01:43 -0400
Defacing highway traffic signs (Stop signs etc) with stickers or otherwise is illegal. Of course lefties don’t care as long as it suits their agenda!
commented 2015-09-04 01:21:06 -0400
Kenneth, you spake many words but you did not say what you think of the “Stop Harper” banner. Did you see Ezra Levant’s commentary at all?
commented 2015-09-04 01:14:33 -0400
Jimmy, I didn’t say there weren’t socialist elements in Canada’ economy; of course there are. Lots of them. But the backbone of the economy is still capitalist, while the socialist elements are parasitically draining the real capitalist economy. BTW, I believe I read somewhere last week that Sweden has the highest suicide rate in the western world. I guess you missed that. Now why would that be? Well, I think it relates to a saying of Jesus: “Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God.” As you say, Sweden has done a great job in the ‘bread’ department, but has, as a society and undoubtedly on an individual basis, forgotten God and become largely materially centered. All bread, so to speak, and no Word. And man doesn’t do well in that situation. Life becomes a meaningless chase after material goods that can never be satisfied. Emptiness sets in. Only God can fill that hole in the human heart. Try His Word made flesh, Jesus Christ, and the words He spoke as God’s human manifestation in the world, and see if they don’t satisfy that longing for something more than just the next lay or next year’s vacation or SUV. I have found solid ground in the words of Jesus. You can make do with the things the world offers for a while, but there will come a time when that just won’t be enough. When that time comes, remember what you read here and crack open a New Testament, and read what Jesus did and said. You will find that “never man spake as this man spake”, as the KJV relates it. You will find the words of eternal life there. KL
commented 2015-09-04 01:03:38 -0400
Thank you Ezra Levant to drawing our attention to this. Avaaz is a US based political lobby that uses feel-good petitions to draw people into its web—gathering supporters who think they are doing a good deed when in fact they are stooges for US Imperialism. Avaaz is more insidious than the NRA.
commented 2015-09-03 23:53:12 -0400
What a crock of shit this web site is at times. Both sides of the coin dancing around trying do their best to convince the other that their point of view is the correct one. Everyone fiddles while Rome burns.

Jimmy – Sweden is fucked. The neo nazi right is gaining ground and if things don’t change it will be one of the first pills to pop in Europe. This will be largely a result of the extreme left cultural Marxism that is plaguing much of the western world these days – from what I understand the average Swedish male is afraid to even play with his pecker anymore for fear of having some bull dyke commy feminist scream rape. Sounds like a workers paradise to me… too bad really – it really is a nice country. Or at least it was.

Kenny W – Canada is a socialist country with capitalist elements just like every other western ‘democracy’. Its called a parasitic relationship. It’s been like that since I was born and its getting worse. The Conservatives are actually socialists/statists too. They just happen to be less extreme than the NDP or the Liberals and by and large take most of their marching orders – financially and in foreign policy – from Washington. Think of Rome and Gaul. That’s us but more socialist. Fuck, at this stage I would wager that all of us are socialist to some degree or another. If not by choice then certainly by location and necessity.

All of you still talking about how corrupt the conservatives are – get over it. Doesn’t matter who you put in office – they will all be corrupt and they will all engage in cronyism. That’s a fact. The problem we have in the west in general is that all of our offices have become corrupted. We need a house cleaning but it is unlikely to happen because our countries are by and large populated by men who are pansy ass metrosexual piss ant wimps who are afraid to hold the door open for the woman in front of them for fear of being called a misogynist pig.

The west is finished because we can’t simply tell the progressives to go fuck themselves (as they should) and because the people who consider themselves ‘conservatives’ are afraid of being called names by same said shit heads. Until the other side of the coin in this country acknowledges the truth and grows some balls there is little to no point in arguing with people the likes of Jimmy because there is nothing to argue about. In fact that may be the point of him in the first place – see my original comment regarding fiddling – in which case I say to Jimmy and his kin – well played!
commented 2015-09-03 22:58:41 -0400
So OHIP for example isn’t socialism?
commented 2015-09-03 21:23:56 -0400
Did you make this available to the Conservative campaign ??
commented 2015-09-03 21:22:59 -0400
The left wing has a motto, do as we say not as we do
commented 2015-09-03 20:33:24 -0400
Kenneth, two excellent posts!
commented 2015-09-03 20:29:33 -0400
Quite a comical image here of our resident Troll running around like the little Dutch boy trying to keep the dyke from leaking by putting his fingers in the holes. Seems to be more holes on most posts that it decides to weigh in on than it can handle. Of course there are a couple of other Trolls that at times lend a finger or two but in the end, there is just too much volume coming their way than they can handle. Pretty good comic relief though.
commented 2015-09-03 19:48:54 -0400
This registered election intervenor group list reads like a who’s who of the parasites attached to the public purse.
Ezra -as for the indignant howls from the degenerate left over conservative special interest groups, but not the left-aligned ones – the answer is so obvious – leftist ideology has hypocrisy as its core function.
commented 2015-09-03 19:09:24 -0400
Jimmy, as to your point concerning why conservatives are really concerned now about a takeover of the federal government by progressives: Yes, that would hardly be the first time that has happened over the course of the last number of decades, but there has been a sea change in what constitutes a progressive today compared to several decades ago. I wouldn’t be concerned in the slightest if Lester Pearson or Tommy Douglas were running for election today, because they had about as much in common with today’s progressives as Justin Trudeau has in common with common sense, or Thomas Mulcair has in common with party loyalty, or Barack Obama has in common with the truth. No, the progressive mentality today is nothing like it was fifty years ago, or even twenty years ago. Consider, for example, that much less than that long ago, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were opposed to same-sex marriage. Liberal leader Jean Chretien led a government that embraced only heterosexual marriage less than fifteen years ago. Almost nobody on the left took man-made global warming seriously as recently as that. There has been a very rapid evolution of leftist thought over the last decade and a half. Suddenly half of what socialists and other leftists believed in Chretien’s era and even later than that is no longer considered acceptable by today’s progressives. We are dealing with an entirely new set of ideas and philosophies and people who hold them. And by and large, we are extremely alarmed by what the left has so rapidly evolved into. Not socialism as we knew it for decades, not even progressivism as we knew it for decades, but something so radical, so over the top even by the loose moral and academic standards of the left itself, that it is nothing short of lunacy as far as we are concerned. And here’s the irony: we can reach that conclusion based on the standards not of the right, but on the STANDARDS OF THE LEFT, only a few years ago. This tends to confirm in our minds that the left has undergone a journey into lunacy that makes Pol Pot seem almost sane by comparison. So why wouldn’t we fear the ascendancy of this lunatic fringe movement to power at the highest levels? Especially since the left has had its own kangaroo courts persecuting us across the country for a decade now? We are not dealing with Lester Pearson possibly being elected as PM; that we could handle. Even Jean Chretien. But I have to tell you: who we are seeing now wanting to lead this country from the new lunatic left is beyond our worst nightmares, as people who want the same basic freedoms that our ancestors and we had for many decades, and which we are now being deprived of, while the left outlaws conservative speech that they don’t like and leftist kangaroo courts punish us for exercising free speech, now called hate speech by them, that was acceptable to society all our lives, until the new lunatic left began to take over this country. And that’s on top of all the left’s other lunatic measures recently forced on us. That’s why we are so alarmed. KL