December 14, 2018

Axworthy moves UN Migration Pact from “non-binding” to “obligation” in less than 48 hours

David MenziesMission Specialist

The UN conference in Marrakesh had barely wrapped when Lloyd Axworthy, former Liberal cabinet minister and current chair of the World Refugee Council, delivered an impassioned plea in the Globe & Mail for Canada to allow those in the Central American migrant caravan to immigrate into our Great Dominion.

This Liberal dinosaur dates back to the days of the first Prime Minister Trudeau, and states in his column:

“Those volunteering in the Tijuana refugee camps reported that there is a significant number of single women with children in the caravan and the overt discrimination against them is a source of personal trauma for those denied any alternative.”

I’d like to hear Axworthy’s definition of “significant number.” We covered the caravan early last month in southern Mexico when it numbered about 5,000 migrants, and about 10 per cent were women and children while the other 90 per cent were young, able-bodied males.

He must be getting his talking points from the CBC. They reported that about 2,300 caravan members were women and children, which should win them the award for biggest fake news item of 2018!

The critical point though is that Axworthy notes Canada’s “obligations” to the migrants of the world now that we’ve signed on to the UN Compact on Migration.

Remember being told ad nauseum that the compact is “non-binding”?

And there’s the rub. The UN compact doesn’t have to be binding for virtue-signalling leaders like Trudeau, Merkel and Macron.

These compact-friendly leaders are already champing at the bit to resettle the world’s 258 million migrants and are only too happy to use this “non-binding” agreement as the “foundation” for domestic immigration policy.

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commented 2018-12-15 07:32:48 -0500
At one time it was PINK LLOYD now its RED LLOYD.
commented 2018-12-15 03:03:26 -0500
Isn’t there something at the UN called Plan 21 or similar? One world government with the UN running it. Control of people, redistribution of wealth, no borders, no oil, no expansion into rural areas, control of all weapons by making it only for the state, reduced population… All the things our idiot PM believes.

The conservative population of Canada is quickly becoming fed up. But will we demonstrate in the streets? Civil revolt? Civil disobedience? Hopefully, an opposition party that has a backbone.

A party that will promise to stop the flow of illegals, withdraw from the Compact on immigration, no subsidy for the CBC, no terrorist allowed to return or be put up in Canada, open the oil patch, approve all pipelines, and reverse a lot of Dumb Dumb Trudeau legislation such as language laws and M-103 would get a lot of votes, especially if it also means scrapping the carbon tax.
commented 2018-12-15 01:58:58 -0500
Liza most of the times..and I’m with you on your comment below..I’m feeling the same way..
commented 2018-12-15 01:00:33 -0500
Seriously, what is the difference between 350,000 and 250,000. who are ANY of the contenders kidding. We have allowed really bad things to take hold in our country and now we are kind of far down the road. I don’t know what or who is going to be able to make a difference. Breaking the country up and defending our corner is looking more appealing all the time, and possibly the only option. Oh I forgot Canadians are too polite and moderate to go down that path. Well look at what your chicken livered yellow bellied, inclusivity has brought you/us. Maybe its too late to save this stupid country. Politicians and new parties be damned. None of them are in it for the win. We are on our own. They don’t show up. I don’t want to hear their excuses. That goes for the blow hard advocates who are representatives who also use excuses for not showing up. Personal reasons, my daughters birthday, the anniversary of my fathers death. Please!

Bernier might have an excuse for not showing up in Ottawa after he was scheduled to speak, but he at the very least he should have given his explanation in his own words. I am losing patience.
commented 2018-12-15 00:32:33 -0500
Conspiracy theory…all coming true. Dictate’s coming down from above, whilst they sit behind security fences with armed guards toting weapons we are not even allowed to own. No better feeling than a Perrier and two guards with MP5’s. Well we had freedom for a while folks. It was a good run.
commented 2018-12-15 00:24:53 -0500
And so the surge of shit begins to flow into our country. You rat Fck Trudeau,Butts you better hope angry Canadians don’t get a hold of you filthy commies!!!
commented 2018-12-14 22:01:44 -0500
First the lawyers and then the media.
commented 2018-12-14 21:43:15 -0500
My local editor doesn’t think this will be a problem for his rural readership. It will be when we’re ordered to take in migrants because the compact has now become law. And this is how most laws happen. The government first puts forth a motion and enough elitists agree with it so it becomes law.
commented 2018-12-14 21:32:37 -0500
‘Erasing National Patriotism & Tearing down our Historic Statuary. Soon we’ll be’ 3rd World Status. In a Finer Time, there would be a Revolution’.
commented 2018-12-14 21:18:01 -0500
Lloyd has dementia. He should be parked… Honduras.
commented 2018-12-14 20:43:06 -0500
The first thing to do to save Alberta is get the hell out of this traitorous country they call Canada.
commented 2018-12-14 20:02:54 -0500
I have a very good suggestion. I suggest that Axworthy and every Liberal member of the Trudeau government take in 2-3 families each. Then and only then maybe ordinary hard working families will thinl about it.
commented 2018-12-14 19:47:19 -0500
In Bundestag Plenary Session, Angela Merkel recently stated that when two thirds of the UN General Assembly shortly vote to " approve" the Compact, it becomes legally binding “even on those who did not sign it – that’s how a majority vote system works”. Everyone involved in this knows exactly how the UNGA rules work, and anticipated this.
commented 2018-12-14 19:44:13 -0500
Carefull Lloyd…Charles the first of England was deemed “axe worthy”…….:-)
commented 2018-12-14 19:36:15 -0500
HARLEY MCCARTNEY commented 3 mins ago
Canadians Men do not leave their woman and children behind.
commented 2018-12-14 19:30:43 -0500
Trudeau,you and your cabinet full of rats better run the Yellow Jackets are coming for ya you scumbag
commented 2018-12-14 19:21:57 -0500
see my first post
commented 2018-12-14 19:18:20 -0500
What is with all these Liberal losers and their mantra about out obligation to the UN? We have NO OBLIGATION TO THE UN. NONE. We didn’t elect them ergo we have no obligation to them. I have no intention of obeying anything they request/demand.

Will Scheer the Steer run on a program of withdrawing from the UN? They contribute nothing to us. They are a huge net draw on our nation.
commented 2018-12-14 19:18:11 -0500
We all knew this UN doctrine was going to be implemented in Canada. Trudeau basically said that in the House.
What the gov’t should do is modernize our LEGAL immigration system to allow timelier access for necessary and qualified applicants (pre-screened) into Canada. This “open-borders-to-everyone” will be extremely costly and create non-English speaking and cultural ghettos.
F**K Trudeau.
I’ve got my yellow jacket ready.
commented 2018-12-14 19:14:57 -0500
I am all in favour of letting the caravan migrants into Canada on one condition: the entirely of them shack up with members of the Liberal cabinet and the Libs pay the entire freight themselves- not the taxpayers.

Put your money and your home where your big, fat, Liberal mouth is, Lloyd.
commented 2018-12-14 19:01:34 -0500
Where is our gutless-wonder Opposition Leader Scheer on this?
Remember Trudeau’s brain Gerald Butts tweeted that Scheer was an out and out liar when Scheer said that the Migration Pact wasn’t optional.
commented 2018-12-14 18:52:27 -0500
Roads are made with oil and gravel. Through out Canada.
commented 2018-12-14 18:31:29 -0500
Treason comes from those who have not worked for a living. Money means nothing because they already have more than they can spend.