March 24, 2015

BC artist wants you to subsidize her anti-oil propaganda -- but that's only part of the story

Marissa SemkiwArchive

I’m not a fan of the government handing out cash for art. I’m especially not a fan of the government handing out cash for politically motivated art.

Franke James is a BC artist who feels she’s entitled to taxpayer dollars for a European art tour to attack one of Canada’s largest industries, the oil and gas industry.

But the story doesn't end there:

Wait until you hear about the thousands emails government bureaucrats  exchanged, talking about the $5000 arts grant James is angry she didn't receive.

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commented 2015-03-26 16:55:09 -0400
The spin on Global news last night was various ministries of the Harper gov’t conspiring to stiffle opposition to the oil sands and thus climate change in secret which she discovered under Freedom of Information requests. Pick and pay can’t come fast enough.
commented 2015-03-26 01:01:38 -0400
Subsidized art sucks.
commented 2015-03-25 16:16:10 -0400
Keep producing so called art nobody wants to buy Franke. Take that business model to a bank and see how far that gets you. Maybe you should talk to your lefty friends to subsidize your hobby.
commented 2015-03-25 11:24:43 -0400
Well said! Sick of “artists” needing my money to support their business. If it doesn’t make money it isn’t a business it is a hobby. Support your own hobbies.
commented 2015-03-25 09:40:21 -0400
Her over heated left wing politics aside, her alleged ‘art’ is laughable at best. I certainly don’t want it circulating anywhere representing me, let alone my Country. We in Canada have something called ‘taste’ which pretty much precludes referring to her product as art.

Having said that, I would like to announce my upcoming ( fall of 2015 to spring 2016) tour of Florida where I will be displaying my art in support of Canadian Beavers. I will expect the government to cough up a minimum of $10,000. in support of this important project. Here are just some of my pieces of art that will be seen by many Americans, hence raising their awareness of Canadian Beaver;





Thank you for your support.
commented 2015-03-25 04:25:43 -0400
Simply calling oneself “artist” does not make one so. From the examples of her “art”, it is nothing more than immature child art. Her political messages included in her “paintings” are, again, immature and child-like.

The image of her is interesting. Leather. Won’t she be worried that PETA will come after her for her politically incorrect attire.

She may be against the oil industry of Canada (I saw nothing regarding Saudi oil, Iranian oil, et cetera) but does she “paint” using oils, and if so, has she figured out why they are called “oil paint”?

If she was any good, had benefactors (other than the Canadian tax dollar), had clients and patrons, she wouldn’t be demanding a handout (aka a free paid trip to Europe). She would have been able to afford it herself and then take a tax write-off.

Its nice to have a hobby, but don’t come sniffing around my wallet or tax dollar to pay for it.
commented 2015-03-25 01:53:09 -0400
Right on, Marissa. Keep up the good work. We need someone like you telling us the truth to keep government stupidity at a minimum. You’re doing what real journalists used to do before the loony left took over most of the mainstream media outlets in Canada. Good job.
commented 2015-03-25 00:59:28 -0400
Nailed It !!!
commented 2015-03-24 23:15:10 -0400
Well if she had anything to offer like The Rebel, she could be fully funded and operational in no time. Maybe she should try to recruit Ezra to help her…oh…nevermind…he’s busy helping Conservative Canadians vice Liberal Leeches :)
commented 2015-03-24 22:47:20 -0400
A follow-up to my comment posted about two hours ago.
It appears that my letter to Franke has been censored from her website page, the page in which she puts forward her objections to censorship.
commented 2015-03-24 22:19:31 -0400
Cultural Marxism at it’s finest.
Only in Canada, eh?
commented 2015-03-24 22:15:08 -0400
This woman is so pathetic she doesn’t even know enough to be embarrassed by her own behaviour!! She’s so smug she has no idea she’s an idiot! What she does do extremely well however, is give us quite an inside glimpse as to what Lefty’s are like, from which we can extrapolate what this country would be like if the conservative folks didn’t save them from themselves!!
commented 2015-03-24 21:26:27 -0400
I love this country! I’m a Canadian patriot! But I’m ashamed to say, we are not suffering from any kind of shortage of stupid people! Especially stupid people who have an over-blown sense of their own importance.
commented 2015-03-24 20:44:52 -0400
If her, “art” is so valuable why does it need to be subsidized by the taxpayer?
commented 2015-03-24 20:31:01 -0400
I’ve just posted this letter to Franke on her website at
It “is awaiting moderation”.

Dear Franke,

I hadn’t heard of you until today, but thanks to the good folks at I now know a little bit about you.

I read that you hold our Prime Minister Stephen Harper responsible for censoring your artwork. Can this possibly be true? Or is it just that you’re miffed because our democratically elected government won’t hand over $5,000 of tax-payer’s money to enable you to take your art on a European tour with the intention of attacking one of our great country’s industries?

I just find it odd, that you would think that Stephen Harper would censure you, after all, among today’s so-called world leaders he (along with Benjamin Netanyahu) stands as one of the few remaining great statesmen that that our world has left. He puts the love of our country and the security of all Canadians before his own political career. I have good reason to believe that he would struggle, to his own last breath, to protect your God-given right (or basic human right, if you prefer) to freely express yourself.

I also note that someone else on your site “loves the idea of introducing your notion of censorship to young students”. We have some provincial politicians here in Ontario who also are infatuated with the idea of indoctrinating their twisted notions into the pliable young minds of our children. These politicians are on thin ice.

Franke, I’m not suggesting that you are quite as insidious as those politicians, I’m just suggesting; Why not just teach kids art and let their parents teach them morality? Or would you rather look those parents in the eye and tell them that they aren’t moral enough to teach their children such things?

commented 2015-03-24 20:09:58 -0400
Her art has no aesthetic and so really stretches the definition of art. Perhaps in the sense that propaganda can be called a craft but certainly if it evokes no aha! in anyone, and her work is neither beautiful nor original, then we certainly should not fund it. It’s not even good propaganda. It’s ugly and entirely overt. And boring. She won’t keep it up without funding because no one will buy it.
commented 2015-03-24 19:22:13 -0400
what a passion? Even wrote a book which probably complains about oil companies not buying her art, cause who else could afford it.
commented 2015-03-24 19:11:55 -0400
Canadian productivity at it’s best.
Rot in hell franke james – douche bag!!!
commented 2015-03-24 19:10:23 -0400
Maybe if she spent as much time working like the rest of us she wouldn’t need a grant….typical leech on society
commented 2015-03-24 18:31:41 -0400
Nicely done Marissa! Great report!
commented 2015-03-24 18:17:27 -0400
Another example of liberal socialist hypocrisy. Attack & criticize mostly everything the Conservative Gov’t does but run to them for a handout to befit themselves. If her art is so good, why does she have to beg for a grant. Has she not sold any of that trash, she calls art?? If you want to tour Europe with your so called art to
criticize the our oil industry which benefits tens of thousands of people & boosts our economy then lady, do it on your own dime or better yet like Marissa said why don’t you lobby Suzuki, Gore & even Trudeau who supposedly believe in your cause & see how far you get with that tune.
Good repot Marissa!
commented 2015-03-24 16:51:01 -0400
Kudos to the art work on the Rebel site. Very colourful.
commented 2015-03-24 16:39:16 -0400
My ten year old daughter has more talent than that. Seriously. If this so-called artist wants funding then perhaps she should try and crowdfunding thing as it seems to be popular these days.
commented 2015-03-24 16:35:09 -0400
I don’t know what’s more offensive: The fact this woman feels entitled to money she didn’t have to work for to produce propaganda art, or that the art is so abysmally awful.
I know 12-year-olds who produce better art.
commented 2015-03-24 16:34:53 -0400
Hahahahahahaha What art ? It looks like trash to me.
I wonder if she uses “oil” paint ? Does she plan to swim across the Atlantic to save jet fuel ? Surely she doesn’t use paper made from “trees” to paint on, right ? I could go on, but I’m laughing too hard.
commented 2015-03-24 16:22:16 -0400
The real “art” here, as in so many other instances of rent-seeking “artists”, is con-artistry, the art of squeezing out public funds to support “work” of dubious or negative value. This con-artist ranks among the lowest of low for seeking public funds for a political campaign aimed at damaging her country’s economy.
commented 2015-03-24 16:10:24 -0400
Great, just what Canada needs. Another dope smoking, vegetarian, hippy feminist who dabbles in bisexuality and votes for the green party.
commented 2015-03-24 15:42:57 -0400
Guy Fraser, government helping various homegrown industries by fostering a positive economic environment to facilitate smooth commerce in both national and international business and trade is one thing, paying for the advertising of highly profitable foreign owned companies is another.
commented 2015-03-24 15:32:27 -0400
Her sign should read “I HAVE NO TALENT! FEED ME” Because if she had true talent she would be on the short list to be hired by PIXAR.