March 30, 2016

Back from $2000/night vacation, Trudeau snubs Edmonton’s unemployed during Alberta visit

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Prime Minister Trudeau came back to Alberta to talk about changes to the employment insurance program. 

In the Liberal budget, Trudeau extended employment insurance benefits in 12 regions across Canada that are hardest hit by the recession. Calgary was one of these 12 places. Edmonton was not.

Where did Trudeau go to talk about his government being the EI superheroes of Confederation? It was Calgary.

Trudeau did not come to Edmonton to explain to the unemployed in the Capital region why they got the shaft instead of an EI extension. We all know now that Rachel Notley’s public sector hiring spree skewed the unemployment numbers down in Edmonton, but that doesn't reflect the reality of job losses in areas just outside the City of Edmonton government bubble.

Trudeau, fresh off a $2,000 per night Easter vacation at the exclusive Fogo Island Inn, was in Calgary to listen to broke and struggling Albertans. He hears you. He can relate to you, even though he’s never had a real job until now. He’s got your back.

But, if you live in the incredibly broad Edmonton EI region, Trudeau doesn’t have the stomach to face you for anything other than a photo-op.

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commented 2016-04-29 08:09:40 -0400
Most of Edmonton and surrounding areas voted NDP in the last election. I hardly have much sympathy for them now. Perhaps they can grovel for some assistance from Notley.
commented 2016-04-02 20:47:41 -0400
So what is God doing in this? If you know Him you will know that His thoughts are not our thoughts and our thoughts are not His thoughts. His ways are higher than our ways. So what is He doing? The actions of Trudeau seem literally stupid on every side. There is no better word for it. God sets up kings and He brings them down. Is it possible that judgement is coming to Canada? Why? Maybe the reason lies in the sins of the land. A drive through any town on Friday night would reveal that Canada is like Sodom and Gomorrah. Is this true? TV has become the teacher of the way we should live. Like the US Canada has gone so far down spiritually that demons rule in every corner. The heartless multitudes just follow along ignorant of their masters. So what is coming? Is it civil war as many realize Trudeau is selling the country to Islam? Will Trudeau change the laws as Obama has to allow the UN to come in and martial law, or is this already set up?
We need to wake up to God and read our bibles and pray for discernment of what God is doing.
commented 2016-03-31 18:56:09 -0400
Jay, for one that was just yesterday. For two: All of Alberta was included, except the Edmonton region, where the jobless rate of 6.8 per cent is still better than the national average. So please don’t use selective information. I don’t think Sheila does that ever. I don’t think the Rebel does it half as much as the main stream media. Just go away troll, probably paid troll.
commented 2016-03-31 15:23:01 -0400
Wait a minute… doesn’t the headline and story above say that Trudeau went to Calgary but snubbed Edmonton? Why did other media outlets in Edmonton report on his visit to that city and include pictures?
commented 2016-03-31 14:41:53 -0400
he should have been booed and egged out of the province
commented 2016-03-31 13:34:38 -0400
I was thinking that Junior’s nickname should be “the Poser PM!”
commented 2016-03-31 13:06:54 -0400
I certainly hope that he didn’t break a finger nail while he was posing for this shot.
commented 2016-03-31 12:21:16 -0400
Tommy . . . drama teacher at a private school in West Van for a short period is pretty low on the “Real Job” scale.
You and Frank need to understand . . . Trudough is a Puppet led by dangerous loons, not a very bright person and the world is laughing at Canada today. We traded Substance and Competence for STYLE and endless DEBT ! ! !
commented 2016-03-31 12:14:00 -0400
I disagree with your comment about Trudeau not having " a real job". Sorry, but being a teacher is definitely a real job, and an extremely important one at that.
commented 2016-03-31 12:01:00 -0400
Doesn’t your ROE stipulate your previous employment and the time you spent at the job? Wouldn’t EI be based on your ROE if you are let go? Why is this a regional issue? Shouldn’t this be on an individual basis?
commented 2016-03-31 11:12:02 -0400
To further my last comment, I listened to his Edmonton visit … I guess he decided to go there after Sheila did her commentary … and believe me listening to his was painful, but during that short speech and longer Q & A he blamed “the previous government” three times in about 8 minutes.

Whimpy, whiney, “ah, ah, ah” nitwit.
commented 2016-03-31 11:08:28 -0400
Acuuna said to Justin, “don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything, just smile for the cameras…”

To further that…

as a matter of fact, just smile, *don’t*say anything because we cannot stand the whiny “it’s all Harper’s fault” crying whimper you get in your voice every you speak.
commented 2016-03-31 11:05:07 -0400
@ Frank Mann Re: “If the PM is as incompetent as you suggest, prove it.”

TheRebel has been giving real evidence that the PM is incompetent, but there is too much for one news clip. If you follow the reports (both news and commentary) from when Justin took office you will find a very compelling case with plenty of facts to back up what they say. I recommend you go back review chronologically all the news and commentary articles on the PM starting in about October 2015.
commented 2016-03-31 10:35:17 -0400
It never fails to amaze me how Liberal supporters never learn. The Liberal party is full of statements about how they are going to help the poor and homeless during a campaign. But after they have assumed their rightful place as the right hand of God, they completely ignore the very constituency that got them elected. You see, Liberals know that the poor and homeless have no power other than their vote, so once that vote has been given, these people have no further use. Liberals know that the poor and homeless will always respond to promises of free stuff and then believe the excuses given explaining why they didn’t get it ( it was Harper’s fault!!). I hate to trot out that tired definition of insanity that says doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome . .. . . .. . . . . .
commented 2016-03-31 09:50:29 -0400
Andrew, SARAH TEAMEDWARDJACE is the reason kids think that co2 is a pollutant
commented 2016-03-31 09:21:15 -0400
I think Don Braid is on Notley’s payroll. From the articles I’ve read it sure seems that he is Notley’s MSM groupie.
commented 2016-03-31 07:09:24 -0400
Junior is Alberta’s friend message from National Post:

“Is it just barely possible that a prime minister who talks like a friend, acts like a friend and visits in hard times like a friend, might just be a friend?
The unemployed people who met Trudeau seemed to think so. They felt pretty good about it all, even as they walked out to a Calgary street frequented by people who don’t worry about becoming homeless, because they already are.”

Gag, I expected this type of rainbow and lollipops reporting only from CBC but its starting with all sources just like it did with daddy. (Present a façade to protect and to hide the truth – Trudeaumania 2.0)
commented 2016-03-31 05:37:53 -0400
photo shoot…holiday…photo shoot…holiday…photo shoot…holiday.
life is hell being a supermodel.
how’s the renovations going on your new place Justin?
can we get you some more perks and entitlements?
don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything, just smile for the cameras…
commented 2016-03-31 02:41:48 -0400
Roy Jeanine

Further to your comment, add in nut jobs like Notley and Wynne and that is an out of control train wreck. Legally, what can the Canadian citizens or anybody do to stop this madness? Nothing short of civil war. Europe is now teetering on the edge of financial collapse and rioting. I think Obama can trigger an economic collapse any time he wants and in fact will do this, some time this summer. That will give him the reason to declare martial law and postpone the election.
commented 2016-03-31 02:17:27 -0400
commented 2016-03-31 01:22:01 -0400
Frank Mann

Why did Trudeau fly out to Alberta? To tell them what exactly? The message that I see is that he wants to tell Alberta you are in trouble and I will do minimum or nothing to help you. I call that incompetence. What do you call his visit Frank, another never ending campaign visit in the style of Obama? Funded by tax payers of course.

Perhaps you have more incite Frank Mann. Why don’t your share your professional incite Frankie. Come on buddy, let the hate out and you will feel better.
commented 2016-03-31 01:03:05 -0400
Frank they are proving it, he avoided Edmonton for a reason.
Hey Justin how about you take your tie over there and demonstrate how some of that equipment that spins at a rapid pace works.
commented 2016-03-31 00:53:17 -0400
Where is the news?
Opinions are fine but pulling things out of the air just to fill space is amateurish.
Incidentally, as a hard hitting news organization, why not dig deeper?
If the PM is as incompetent as you suggest, prove it.
commented 2016-03-31 00:30:06 -0400
Hope and Hard Work. Hope you can find Work. He doesn’t really care. It just sounds good and he’s all about the superficiality of any slogan that seems to trend on Twitter.
commented 2016-03-30 23:16:14 -0400
There has been few countries and few empires that stood the test of time after being affected by trials and tribulations in its time and Canada is no different. The idea of Western separation was a kernel planted after Trudeau Sr. larcenous NEP program decimated Alberta. This time that kernel will be further cultivated aided by Trudeau Jr.’s refusal to support any pipeline coming out of Alberta. Added to the mix is the nonsensical immigrating of a culture of people who refuse to integrate anywhere in the western world.

( Incidentally , these Middle East refugees are brought in and sponsored by the Federal Govt and private sponsors. The duty of the sponsors is to be responsible financially for these people however according to a friend of mine who works in Alberta Housing , the sponsors are inundating the department with demands for subsidized housing for the refugees . "Subsidized ’ means tax payer assisted and the sponsors are supposed to look after their housing , not the Alberta taxpayer --but that’s a story for another time )
commented 2016-03-30 23:00:15 -0400
Time for the west to break free.
commented 2016-03-30 22:58:38 -0400
Canada’s white islamic Obama shows up for a photo op. Surprise!
commented 2016-03-30 22:20:26 -0400
@ NDP Sucks – I will have to think about it. I am always a little bit cautious about joining groups.
commented 2016-03-30 22:08:59 -0400
Dave Grohn said, “at least i finally got a job again and don’t have to be on unemployment insurance anymore, i start next week.”

Hey, congratz, Dave. I’m still looking. 228 resumes and counting.
commented 2016-03-30 22:05:08 -0400
@ NDP Sucks – “Check facebook. There is a message for you.”

I will check out the link. Thanks.