September 24, 2017

Baloch Activist tells Tommy Robinson: “The West must rise” against Pakistan’s influence on terror

Tommy RobinsonShillman Fellow

When Rebel UK visited Geneva, we met the people of Balochistan. They protested outside the United Nations building, calling for governments to recognise the atrocities committed by the Pakistani government. I spoke with Ahmar Mustikhan, a Baloch activist and journalist, who warned us against Pakistani influence in the West.

Ahmar has deep knowledge of the terrible things committed by the Pakistani government. He told me off camera that he left a life of journalism so that he could dedicate his efforts to holding Pakistan to account.

He also told us that the West must rise, and that the British people must reject any Pakistani influence over our politics. 

Ahmar's insight into international politics and the future of the West was really fascinating to hear - and his love for the British people was warmly welcomed!

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commented 2017-09-25 11:25:03 -0400
IQRA KHALID—-See Iqra, not all of us are racist, as I like Ahmar the Pakistani Muslim. He is educated and trying to help out the West, where as you and your Muslim Brotherhood are trying to change this Country to be like the Sewer that you came from.
commented 2017-09-25 10:53:07 -0400
Jay Kelly—-Drew never comes back to see what people think of his posts, so I don’t try to correct him. He is too busy commenting on the new stories, some which he knows a lot and others he doesn’t have a clue.
commented 2017-09-25 01:08:24 -0400
What do you wonder about Islam Jay Kelly?
commented 2017-09-25 01:06:53 -0400
Jews and Muslims have done worse things before.

Probably a time to forgive.
commented 2017-09-25 01:03:26 -0400
One wonders about Islam. the dominant religion in Pakistan,. Drew Wakariuk seems to think they are doing alright. Most Rebel readers agree with Drew. Comments?
commented 2017-09-24 20:56:18 -0400
Paul Wood they are not innocent but Islam has been doing worse for many more years. It makes no sense for them to love ISIS due to the past because the past has more of Islam doing wrong than the British. Many of those countries were subjugated by Islam, there is little reason to embrace them over the British. But then again we are not dealing with smart people.
commented 2017-09-24 20:20:10 -0400
PAUL WOOD 7 hr ago—-You are correct in saying that the British were cruel bastards for centuries, killing, tortures, starvation on the Africans, Chinese, and Indians. (This is probably why they like Isis so much) I am ashamed that they are our Mother Country.
You say “maybe they should go”. Although they are the weakest British Generation in Centuries ,submitting to Islam like Sweden, I don’t feel that they should have to pay for the sins of their fathers.
We must take into consideration that the world was viewed differently then. Should we hold different Western Religions responsible for burning thousands of people at the stake because they had a different view of how the Planet was formed? Same with the Germans; all the Nazi’s that played a bad part in History are dead.
Everyone should have a clean start until they do something wrong.
commented 2017-09-24 18:39:01 -0400
@KeithBarnes….there are eyes on theREBEL who give daily briefings to the liberal government, don’t you doubt that for one minute.
commented 2017-09-24 18:11:41 -0400
Liza Rosie, I feel the same way.
commented 2017-09-24 15:38:57 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 34,091 Attacks, 219,756 Killed, 300,875 Injured that we know of

“Christians are the worst part of Canadian Society”, Justin Trudeau, Debate Post, March 28, 2017
commented 2017-09-24 15:21:31 -0400
I don’t want to have anything to do with any of these wars. Batten down the hatches and only bring in who you think are the ‘good’ guys. When ever the west plays white knight they pay for it in spades. Safe haven for those who deserve it and won’t bring their warring with them into our country. That is all I want to offer.
commented 2017-09-24 15:01:16 -0400
“Left and right should untie against islamofascism”. Yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh.

If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we’d all have a Merry Christmas.
commented 2017-09-24 14:58:58 -0400
Lots of luck waiting for the Western nations to ride to your rescue. They can’t even close the garden gate to keep the riff raft out.
commented 2017-09-24 13:09:44 -0400
What is happening in Britain is truly very sad. The land of my ancestors, of my family of my heritage is slowly sinking into the filthy toilet of Islam. My Father, Grandfathers, family fought for England during two world wars and other smaller skirmishes. They bled for and some died for the freedom of the British people, and in fact for the free world, now Britain is being overrun by an enemy far worse than the Germans and Japanese of the world wars. Britain is actually being occupied by this evil called Islam.
The sickening part of all of this is that Liberals are actively bringing this filthy cult of Islam into the country and encouraging it to flourish. Islam has successfully inserted itself into the British government – invited to do so by LIBERALS.
Canada is now actively letting the Canadian Liberals do the same here in Canada and it wont be long before we will be indistinguishable from England or the rest of Europe.
Justin Trudeau and the Liberals must be removed from all power before it is too late. This Insidious creep of Islam to occupy all of the Western world will not stop unless we the people rise up and first remove all trace of Liberal government and then actively stop Islam in its tracks.
I pray for this to happen soon.
commented 2017-09-24 13:07:50 -0400
this man being interviewed doesn’t seem to get it.. The West will NOT help him and those terrorized. For sure the West Left governments favor what ISIS is doing to help them rid the world of white, of Judeo-Christian civilization, which is by far the most far -reaching, and gave us all we have today. What will Europe be without it? .. Sharia Law .. they will love that! lol. replacing Christianity with sharia law,, nice move, Brits! The news coming from there is psychotic, like Left stuff there.. they heed NO warnings, deny any truth from Trump, deny any Truth at all.. and they get bombed and bombed and their leaders do nothing. INcredible. Britain is lost, gone!.. maybe they had it coming to them.. they were cruel bastards, they hid their horrors done to the Irish, the Chinese, The Africans and the Indians for centuries.. camps, tortures, starvations, racist thinking to the deepest level. So maybe they should go, but not the rest of us.. .we’re going nowhere.
commented 2017-09-24 12:44:04 -0400
Good interview Tommy. It is rare to see a Muslim who is not afraid to tell the truth.

Perhaps if the Rebel were to forward this video to the PMO, Justin might even view it, especially if someone were to explain to him what good advice it is.

Yea I know, I’m dreaming. Trudeau just wants to eliminate all White men.