June 03, 2016

BANNED: One day after Facebook agreed to the EU's new “hate speech” rules, THIS happened

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On Tuesday we told you about the European Union’s secret left-wing “anti-hate speech” deal with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Microsoft.

And on Wednesday, our friend Ingrid Carlqvist uploaded a video to her Facebook page, a video co-produced by us and the Gatestone Institute. 

Because the rape perpetrators in this case are Muslim migrants, Facebook and the European Union shut down Ingrid’s Facebook page...

Watch to see what happened next...

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commented 2016-06-03 23:06:42 -0400
There is no “European Union’s secret left-wing “anti-hate speech” deal with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Microsoft.”

Grow up.

Little Ezra Levant is not such a small man.
commented 2016-06-03 21:07:01 -0400
Time to switch to vimeo.com or tagtele.com from youtube.com The Rebel. Or somewhere else.
commented 2016-06-03 19:25:48 -0400
Stop bitching about the obvious intellectual ghetto FB has become and use an alternative or create a new competing site with no degenerate marxists at the helm.
commented 2016-06-03 19:24:59 -0400
Must have been an awfully short ban because the page has been available since the day this was first reported.

If people are seeing it locked, then it must be a regional thing because I see it just fine.
commented 2016-06-03 15:16:53 -0400
They will likely attack the other platforms, once their share prices plummet. Maybe this secret deal has compensation factored in for any loss of business.
commented 2016-06-03 14:43:22 -0400
FB and Twitter have been institutionalized and are on their way to become more abandoned amusement parks on the Internets. New services are appearing that are outside the control of censorship bodies. FB and Twitter shareholders are getting out now before they are stuck holding the next Myspace.
commented 2016-06-03 14:35:21 -0400
Snapchat just surpassed Twitter.

Facefuck is next.