January 05, 2017

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I've written my first book, "Barbarians: How The Baby Boomers, Immigration, and Islam Screwed my Generation."

The values that built the west have been forgotten. 

Instead, millennials have been raised to hold hedonism above all. Whatever feels good goes.

Freedoms and rights are things for legislators and judges to conjure out of thin air, not precious traditions forged in the crucible of history. 

Most millennials reject the nuclear family, and the religious values, that our culture was built on because they resemble some sort of “unenlightened” old world of responsibility and duty that millennials want no part in.BARBARIANS_BOOK.png

The world is on fire.

And my generation gets a lot of the blame for that.

We’re over sensitive, lazy, nihilistic, consumerist brats that have ruined the west and all it stood for.

While I agree with most of those criticisms, I can’t say we’re the ones who started the fire.

In fact, I’m quite confident we’re the generation who will have the chance to contain it - or even put it out.

But before we can do that, we have to expose the frauds, liars, idiots, and above all, Barbarians who threw gas on it.

And I get to naming those names in my new book Barbarians: How the Baby-Boomers, Immigrants and Islam Screwed my Generation.

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commented 2017-01-01 02:47:47 -0500
You are twisting what I have said. I did not say that white Canadians deserve to have Muslims flood the country. What I did say, is that it is hypocritical for white people to be against immigration, as white people are descendant of immigrants.

I can play your game of holding religion against people too. Being a Bible thumper does not make you morally superior to everybody else. It is with your type of thinking, that has oppressed many others. If you think the Muslims want to destroy culture, then look at what the bible did to the aboriginals. This is nothing but hypocrisy on your part.

It is incredible how you think that your religion makes you so much better than everybody else that is not of the same religion as you. This is what makes you a bigot. Perhaps we need bigots from a different culture to come here to keep bigots like you in line.

Happy new year, sicut miles christi.
commented 2017-01-01 02:46:27 -0500
LIZA— You are frigging deadly.
commented 2017-01-01 01:50:26 -0500
How’s yer Mom—-doing—— Tayyab KING ?
commented 2016-12-31 23:01:27 -0500
Anonymous… Go back on this post and read what I left for you by name.
commented 2016-12-31 17:13:12 -0500
Yes -Anon—- I do think the Koran -is full of Hate . Happy – New Year!
commented 2016-12-31 15:55:42 -0500
My bugaboo is the moral judgement they put on us meanies, with no attempt to read any ‘source’ information. If someone is going to try to tell me I am wrong about Islam they had better have made some attempt to read a few translations of the damn Koran first. Furthermore if they have no idea what verses Mohammad abrogated and the significance of that, then they simply do not have the information necessary to come to any conclusions regarding the benefits or lack thereof of bringing Islam to the west.

Anonymous’s arguments are weak and pathetic for sure. Good exercise for us though, so I thank him for that(sort of).

All the best to you in the New Year Peter, and to all Rebels.
commented 2016-12-31 14:42:48 -0500
Liza, you are correct, of course. The “Islam apologists” do need to be taken to task even though they themselves will never be convinced. At least others that read the conversation might be convinced of their hypocrisy. I get so frustrated at people like Anonymous, Jay Kelly, and other trolls because all they want to do is plant distention with their plainly ridiculous comments. For once I would like to find a socialist, SJW, or Leftie that can carry on an intelligent debate. Maybe the new year might present such a commie-wannabe. Oh, btw, happy new year!
commented 2016-12-31 13:31:41 -0500
You’re right Peter, but people who come on here spraying their judgment on those who question the ‘good’ sense in flooding the country with people from the third world of a ‘faith’ the complete antithesis of Christianity, need to be taken to the wood shed. If someone comes on here trying to guilt us ‘mean conservatives’ into accepting Islam, because they know a Muslim who is a ‘good guy’ yet has never done any real research into what Islam really is about, they need to be taken to task.
I know Anonymous knows nothing about Islam but a spun sound bite or two. I suggest he do some homework and read their ‘good book’. Until he does I am done with him. In addition his arguments accusing ‘those/us damn Europeans’ for displacing Indians (a term good enough for Clarence Louie to use when referring to himself so it;s good enough for me) and suggesting we should go back where we came from and it’s not ‘our’ country, are patently ridiculous. His white guilt or if he is indeed native, his hatred and chip are thick, heavy and cloud any common sense he may be capable of possessing. Anyone who says Canada deserves to be flooded with Islam because of what was ‘done’ to natives, is messed in the head. I feel sorry for the bugger, but he is becoming annoying, so yes I am done.
commented 2016-12-31 11:16:42 -0500
Liza Rosie, Anonymous is just an angry liar who believes all the crap he hears that support his hatred of Christianity.

Liza, there is no way to reach a person like that in this type of forum. His mind is completely closed off and the lies he has read of and come to believe fill his heart with an anger and hatred that can only be reached by one person.
commented 2016-12-31 03:24:26 -0500
All I said was read it. What ? are you too lazy? It takes more effort than just spouting off in a comment section. Moral masturbation with no content, no information. You got nuthin Anonymous. Read the damn Quran for yourself, learn about Mohammad’s abrogated verses. Go read and spare us your low info relativism.
commented 2016-12-31 01:51:59 -0500
Don’t act like the Muslim holy book is the only holy book to have bad shit in there. The bible is filled with unpleasant material as well. Moreover, there are a lot of nasty Christian fanatics out there. You know, the ones that crammed the natives into residential schools? Go and try to convert everybody? Never shut the hell up about their Christ? Or how about all those priests and nuns that sexually abuse children?

And for the record, I don’t watch all of the videos on the rebel. I tend to skip the videos that are done by the two clowns and the two bores.
commented 2016-12-30 23:10:35 -0500
Okay Anonymous, I understand now. You haven’t answered any questions or addressed anyone’s comments directly, but I you have just revealed enough for me to get where you are coming from (god love ya).

You really need to read Lauren’s book as well as educate yourself on Islam above what you get from your Muslim friends. Read their ‘holy’ book and Hadith’s for yourself, they are not that long and there are many translations out there. I recommend reading a translation FOR us ‘kafirs’ done by an Imam or other Islamic scholar, as well as a translation done BY ‘kafirs’ who know Arabic and can understand all the nuances. There are no lack of them online. Do that and come back and tell me Islam is good, a religion of peace and we would all be better off living under it. Understand what Islam demands, then and only then start asking your Muslim friends some questions.

I am glad you come back to the Rebel time and time again, and watch all the vids. Keep it up, however get some ‘source’ info on your own. It is the only way to form an opinion of you own. The operative word there is ‘source’.

Good luck, have a nice life and don’t squeal too loud when the sht hits the fan, because like I said before, you in all your ignorance, will be the first to be bent over the fence. Most importantly try to stay out of the way.
Happy New Year.
commented 2016-12-30 20:00:37 -0500
It turns out that I am in full agreement on things like how I do not want the government to give away my money to other countries. In fact, I am against Harpper giving away money to the Ukraine.

Where I disagree, is with many of you people thinking that Muslims are all evil, and that they will somehow destroy the country. I have had the privilege of getting to know many Muslimns, and they were all good to me. At no point did they cram their religion down my throat, call me a bigot or an infidel, or demand that I wear their clothing. Sure there are bad ones in every crowd. But if you watch nothing but the rebel for your news, then you will think that all Muslims are bad.

On the topic of watching the rebel, then why have you not paid attention to all the times that Brian has cautioned us to not mistake Trudeau for being stupid? God forbid when I am more attentive to the rebel than some of you.
commented 2016-12-30 14:11:39 -0500
Anonymous, for anyone to speak with such disregard for the future of their country,for their own future and the future of our children makes me believe that they are only visiting, have come here to change it or are childless and/or so selfish and shortsighted that they cannot see or do not care about the inherent problems in this path Justin is taking us down.

What’s Justin’s excuse? I believe him to be a stupid man, with visions of grandeur( it is what he has in common with Obambie, and why Soros and his band of Marxists know they can manipulate him). What is your excuse Anonymous? Why are you so hell bent in being a part of the problem ? Why don’t you care for Canada? Why do you seem to want to see the face of it changed so badly? If all you can come up with is—our ‘white privileged’ butts deserve some payback, then I have to assume that you are not from here and have first allegiance to some other country (or ideology). What is your real reason for wanting to see Canada as a nation fail, circle the toilet and go down.

Be honest Anonymous, we don’t know who you are. Stop beating around the bush and just tell us the real reason you have no allegiance or love for this country? I would really like to understand? Have you even thought of why or do you just sit smugly with the moral masturbaters? Do you understand what I mean when I use that term?
What is your modus operandi Anon?
commented 2016-12-30 05:18:08 -0500
Anonymous… It’s difficult to understand the emotional context when we correspond through texting… So sometimes we may have misconstrued what people have said, understanding the words but not the emotional capacity that they were spoken with.
The posting below this one to you were words all spoken with genuine interest and hopefully never offended to have you understand how this will play out in the long run in less your interest is a caliphate and sharia law.
If you take a really good look at what’s going on just through an economic perspective, regardless of anything else that this vast group of unvetted, unschooled and apparently unending mass of people and how it will affect established mainstream people in a negative capacity far beyond an economic perspective. This is a worldwide failed sociological experiment.!
I can’t understand why you can’t see how our present irresponsible unqualified and grossly incompetent Federal and provincial administrations are, and with the long term sociological ramifications of our current population doubling in 15 years.
This is isn’t cowboys and Indians anymore..!! This is a continental threat assisted and abetted with your tax dollars to do things that most people are missing the long-term vision of..!!
There has never been a society that has successfully borrowed its way to prosperity.. Ever..!!!!
However… mentioning all the other millions\billions that Justin gave to other countries around the world as well as The UN.. but speaking only to China and the $2.5 billion that Justin gave the the strongest manufacturing base in the world..
No matter what.. nobody can say anything that would justify morally or economically. Justin has been absolutely reckless with the hard-earned tax dollars of the middle class of this country.
$2.5 billion would’ve gone a long way to creating a gigantic safe space in Syria where these people could regroup in their own country and with the assistance of the west,
turn it into a democracy, a caliphate or anything that these people wanted.
Anonymous this country will soon be in ruin and I don’t blame anybody because we only know what we’ve been taught..!! what experiences people have lived through eventually becomes wisdom through acquired knowledge and that supersedes most of what we’ve been taught and definitely supersedes ideology..!!
Is it good to be born in “interesting times” .?? or is boring many multi generations of peace watching our children marry and living comfortable lives and raising families much the way that they were raised too much of our future with our own culture.
Why is saying our culture in North America to be more exact Canada,
a “dirty word”.??
commented 2016-12-30 04:35:07 -0500
Anonymous… If you’re young enough you may just live Long enough to see the evolution of our country and you may even be affected by it in a negative capacity, but by that time it’ll be too late. Enjoy the fruits of your efforts, And your labor, as in your physical contribution to society, don’t worry about that… maybe you’re one of them “Crusaders” that like working for free.!! Because your taxes will be so bloody high to support the “guests” that you welcomed unconditionally without thinking this whole thing through.!! you will be working for free to support those who don’t even speak your language in your country.!!
Ideology is no comparison to repeatable experiments, processed logic and some knowledge in history as well as medicine and hygiene probably wouldn’t be bad either because I’m sure that some of these unvetted “guests” are carrying something viral or bacteriallogical that that is as common as the flu in their own country but could be fatal to people who have no immunity or resistance to it, like our seniors as well as our infants and toddlers. And for a successful administration to the country one should also have a powerful understanding of economics so they can make all Canadians aware of how dangerous Fiat currency is and how to protect themselves from it’s gradual disintegration from government overspending to an unimaginable degree.
Ideologies have no place in a fair and just world beyond the home and the family.
Anonymous… In a free country one can live the way they want without having complex laws to explain their entitlement to those rights. What we really need is less government overreach that affects our personal and private lives as well as our professional ones.
As well as a government that would be willing to debate very important things.!!! I really could go on forever and write volumes and volumes for you to read but in all fairness if you don’t understand what’s going on by now you will be subject to suffer the consequences of it in the not so distant future.
commented 2016-12-30 04:24:32 -0500
Well of course the whole process of bringing over immigrants need to be done in a logistically sound manner.

You don’t know what I am. Don’t assume what my race is. But Regardless of what my race is, it does not make me wrong. Look at how the mass immigration of the europeans impacted the aboriginals.

Don’t like immigration? Then your ancestors shouldn’t have boarded that coffin ship. Look at you now. Bitching about immigration and quotas. Or worst of all, how you are going to lose your country.

Muslims can breed all they want. So can white people. There is no restriction of rights on this one.
commented 2016-12-30 04:02:04 -0500
I am saying we have our quota of Muslims in this country and don’t need any more. I doubt you are native so what right have you to use them as an argument. You are just using them. I am fully aware that not ‘all Muslims are bad’ as you say, but Islam is and I don’t want to see it take hold in MY country. I am talking about Islam.

Harper at least brought in decent amounts of Christians and Yazidis, women and children not unvetted Syrian, mostly men who aren’t properly assimilated with English lessons etc. as Justin has done. But the bottom line is the number has been more than reached. There is simply no good reason to bring in any more. They can be assisted in situ.

If you want to keep misconstruing comments and beating this dead horse, then keep it coming Anonymous, but it’s getting old and you offer nothing new.
commented 2016-12-30 01:53:08 -0500
If you assume that everybody of one group are all alike, then that makes you a bigot. You are asserting that all Muslims are bad, so therefore, don’t bring them in. Why should I move? I presume that your ancestors were Christian, so maybe they should have stayed in their home country instead of taking over native land.

And what do Gypsies have to do with all this? It all comes down to the painting of everybody with the same brush. You are painting all Muslims with the same brush. Ezra painted all the Gypsies with the same brush. And for that, he had to back peddle, and rightfully so. This is because painting everybody with the same brush is an ignorant thing to do.

And Harper did the right thing for wanting ten thousand Muslims into this country. Good to see he is not a bigot.
commented 2016-12-29 17:44:36 -0500
Anonymous posted "Secondly, do I need to remind you people that it was Harper himself that wanted to bring over ten thousand Syrian refugees? "

So what?

Anon posted, “Thirdly, you can not paint everybody by the same brush. There are good ones and bad ones. Take in the good ones, and keep out the bad. If you people recall, painting everybody with the same brush was what got Ezra in trouble at the sun, when he went on that big rant about the Gypsies.”

I say, what do Gypsies have to do with this conversation? Nothing so I won’t comment on it. However we are under no obligation to bring in people from anywhere, and since the number of migrants that have been brought in en mass, are almost entirely Muslim, we should start allowing Christians and Yazidis in instead if we do allow any more. Canada has allowed more than enough ‘refugees’ in. Help them in situ.

Anonymous, if you are so keen on Islam why don’t you move to an Islamic country instead of expecting us to want to turn Canada into one. We have imported more than enough Muslims. Canada doesn’t need even one more. Even as it now stands now, there will eventually be a demographic tip, since Muslims are having babies at break neck speed. No country has to accept this population jihad. Japan has the right idea, just say no.

Anonymous posted, "Learn to be critical of the news you watch. Take it with a grain of salt. Know when your own prejudices are clouding your perceptions. " I say, you are one of the complacent moral masturbaters who are responsible for exasperating the problem. Enabler’s such as yourself are a part of the problem. Which problem you might ask? The Islam problem. The Islam problem, the Islam problem.
commented 2016-12-29 13:37:41 -0500
Anonymous said, “Know when your own prejudices are clouding your perceptions.”

Listen to your own advice.
commented 2016-12-29 04:59:18 -0500
If the Muslims are Not good—- then don’t bring then in.
commented 2016-12-29 03:51:55 -0500
First of all, I would like to point out that I enjoy the humor in reading somebody re write my own words. I especially loved the re telling of my oil man and the sea doo by Canadian mongrel.

Secondly, do I need to remind you people that it was Harper himself that wanted to bring over ten thousand Syrian refugees?

Thirdly, you can not paint everybody by the same brush. There are good ones and bad ones. Take in the good ones, and keep out the bad. If you people recall, painting everybody with the same brush was what got Ezra in trouble at the sun, when he went on that big rant about the Gypsies.

Fourthly, on the topic of Ezra, he is fear mongering as usual. I decided to re watch his video on Yom Kippuur. He is trying to scare the masses into believing that there is going to be another genocide of mass scale. Or something along the lines of Detroitbeing brought to its ruins, somehow all due to Muslim immigration.

Learn to be critical of the news you watch. Take it with a grain of salt. Know when your own prejudices are clouding your perceptions.

If the Muslims are good, bring them in.
commented 2016-12-28 16:29:43 -0500
It is incredible how Anon is able to contort things into such a way where he portrays Muslim people as bigger victims than the Christians that they rape and kill. With this logic, it means that there is no blood on the hands of the Muslims.

While I have no ill will against the Muslims that don’t lie and cheat , I will speak out against those that Do want to destroy my Country and my Culture. In the present day, it is still hypocritical of Muslim people to want more immigration, when they themselves have failed to integrate and become Canadian.

When I read the comments here, I see nothing but the sense of Muslim superiority. It is this type of thinking that makes Muslim people think that they are entitled to taking over land and banning others from having a non Muslim culture.

Look at it this way. Muslim people are invading our Countries. Now the Muslim people are winning . They are Colonizing, raping,killing and destroying whatever Culture or Religion stands in their way. They should remember that What goes around comes around.
commented 2016-12-28 13:46:24 -0500
Good point Peter. Anonymous understands he just is doing what Marxists do. It’s right out of the play book. He thinks we should submit to the usual insults, that eventually if he calls us racist, supremacists and evil colonizers who should go back to Europe long enough, that some of it will stick. For some reason he thinks we should be shamed and retreat/submit. It only emboldens us now Anonymous.

Anon believes the country being flooded with third world conflict, is tit for tat and we should take our lumps, we deserve it. Only in your twisted mind Anon. Your tactic only works on weak minded fools. A sense of national pride, a respect for borders, and a revulsion over the prospect of our country being overtaken and our demographic tipped is the response of shepherds not sheep. You have us mixed up with sheep. Furthermore how brain dead would we have to be to roll over to mass immigration because some mixed up race baiters told us we deserved it? We are strong enough and smart enough to prevent the swamping of our homeland and so we will . It is as simple as that. It has nothing to do with anything more than that. You are a race baiter Anonymous, and you will be the first to be bent over the fence if the Islamists are allowed to grow here and infect us with their Sharia. Do you think you are going to enjoy that? I doubt it.
commented 2016-12-28 11:51:07 -0500
I love this… You are a slow learner as well as an SJW crusader. The Indians in this country are infinitely better off now than they were before we got here.
commented 2016-12-28 11:48:44 -0500
There is a huge difference between pioneering and settling to carve a nation from a wilderness to the mass migration policies of our governments today under the guise of “immigration”
commented 2016-12-28 08:20:42 -0500
Anonymous said, "In the present day, it is still hypocritical of white people to want an end to immigration, when they themselves were descendant of immigrants. "

Very few people here want the end to immigration altogether. A few do, but not all.

They just an end to the wholesale importation of those that do not and will not ever become part of our society but will intentionally change it from within.

I am certain, Anonymous, that you have the intellect to understand the difference between “throwing open the borders for any and all to pour in” verses a controlled border letting in those that hold the Canadian values of the rule of law, freedom or speech, religion, and association.

I know you understand that distinction. Yet you constantly accuse everyone here, and all conservatives (especially “white” conservatives) of wanting to close down the border entirely.
commented 2016-12-28 03:12:33 -0500
It is incredible how Bill is able to contort things into such a way where he portrays white people as bigger victims than aboriginals were. With this logic, it means that there is no blood on the hands of colonists.

While I have no ill will against the poor people that arrived on the coffin ships, I will speak out against those that did destroy the aboriginal culture. In the present day, it is still hypocritical of white people to want an end to immigration, when they themselves were descendant of immigrants.

When I read the comments here, I see nothing but the sense of white superiority. It is this type of thinking that makes white people think that they are entitled to taking over land and banning others from having a non white culture.

Look at it this way. White people invaded other countries. Now the white people are getting invaded. What goes around comes around.